For the last year or so I have been urging my subscribers to stay in front of marketing trends. We have talked about Mobile Marketing, Kindle, and domain and website flipping. We are making good money in 2 of the 3 niches, but we have spent a ton of time in the education mode.

I had a friend and customer send me the email below today and I have received these questions off and on over the past year, so I thought I would share these questions and my answers with you in hopes that I could help a lot of my subscribers at the same time. Remember you are only 5 courses or books away from being an expert in almost any market you choose. (Yes, network marketing is the exception) The way to become successful in network marketing is to follow the free info I share in the book at



Dale, I have learned so much from you over the years. I have couple of personal/business questions I would like to ask you when you get a minute I would appreciate a reply.


QUESTION: You hear so much about multiple streams of income, when should network marketers attempt to diversify their income ?

ANSWER Debbie, this depends on the person. In general this is my opinion. Most network marketers who are talking about multiple streams of income and attempting to work multiple companies, have never made Big income anywhere. They really don't understand the difference between network marketing and affiliate marketing.

In 30 years I cannot name 1 person I have ever met who was making $10,000+ a month in two different companies working them at the same time!  You should never attempt to create multiple streams of income from multiple MLM programs under any circumstance. Network marketing is about residual wealth building. It is not about creating multiple $100 checks, that is affiliate marketing. Network marketing is the most challenging, but most rewarding business model. Leaders must be focused and dedicated to their opportunity, their company and their team. If they can't find a company they can dedicate themselves to then they need to find a new one.

My advice to all network marketers is to don't even think about trying to create another income stream until you have mastered the skill sets and mindsets it takes in network marketing and you get your income to a full-time level.

QUESTION: As you know I am at a full-time income and the business has become easy and systematic for me now (As you said it would). I am ready to diversify my income and spend an hour or so a day learning a new business model. What do you recommend and is there a training program I should start with?

ANSWER That depends really on what your ultimate goal is, remember begin with the end in mind. If you are looking for some quick, extra cash I recommend Ebay, but I think you already sell some items on Ebay don't you? If not this will help:

An addition would be buying and flipping domains and websites. I have some really good info here: We have been doing this off and on for several years, but now there are some great tools in the market that make this a breeze if you get a little education. If you are looking for another long term residual income stream, then I definitely recommend you learn everything you can on Kindle Publishing. Dawn and I started a Kindle publishing division of our business about a year ago and it has really gained momentum in the last few months. There are several good courses on kindle publishing, these are the ones we recommend:

UPDATE 8/28  We have removed the courses that appeared in this article originally.  We have invested and gone through nearly a dozen courses, and some of the information is out dated, and will even get your Kindle account terminated.  This is the new course on Kndle, awesome, and the only one we recommend at this time. KINDLE TRAINING

And finally Mobile Marketing. This is going to be huge and growing. We have spent a lot of time and money on this, but still haven't quite figured it out, but we will! We have had some campaigns that have done awesome and some that have totally bombed. The best course we have found out their some fare is here: Deb, this should put you on the right track. If you have any more questions let me know. Dale JUST REMEMBER …….. In 30 years I cannot name 1 person I have ever met who was making $10,000+ a month in two different companies working them at the same time!

Multiple Streams of Income is a great idea, but focus on business models that create income and leads for your network marketing opportunity.


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