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The longer I am involved in network marketing, the more I am convinced as a business model we make it ten times harder to build a team than it needs to be. Make no mistake about it, I think building a large duplicating organization of people is one of the most challenging undertakings a person can tackle. It is challenging enough, even when you are not continuously shooting yourself in the foot.








The essence of building a team really comes down to this –

You are simply looking for the RIGHT PERSON at the RIGHT TIME in THEIR LifeClick To Tweet

You need to make certain that along the path you refine your skill sets so when you do find that person you can clearly communicate how your products, service, or opportunity can make a positive impact on THEIR life. It is not about you, other than your ability to recognize who you are looking for and communicate to them clearly.

People do things for their reasons, not ours. If they join you because they know you, like you and trust you, or because you CLOSED them, the odds are they will DO NOTHING after they join and all you have accomplished is wasting your valuable time.

Listen, I GET IT! Yes I do business with dozens of people because I know them, like them, and trust them. That is how you find your real estate agent, your insurance agent, your bakery, etc. etc.  However building a network marketing TEAM is not about developing followers. It has nothing to do with that, except for the self proclaimed gurus whose sole purpose is to convince you that their new training course will have people ringing your phone off the hook with prospects screaming their credit card numbers over the phone demanding to join your team with the highest buy-in package available.

In my opinion, the industry has become so warped with this false mindset of making people know you, like you, and trust you, that smart people think it is reality and ladies and gentleman, they are wrong!

Let me try to expand, please don’t drink the Kool-Aid or buy the FuFu Dust!

God gave us two ears and one mouth so we could listen more than we talk. I am not sure who said that, but that is the essence of communication. I understood early in my life that communication is not about what you say as much as it is how you say it. I also understood it is never about what you are saying, but more about what a person is hearing. I think this mindset was developed in me when I took up being a magician as a serious hobby at age 7. (Yes rabbit out of hat, floating girls, etc.) Performing magic was never about what people were seeing it was about what they thought they were seeing.

Sound complicated?

It ‘s really not, but there are some solid principles that once you internalize them, it makes not only finding the right people for your products and opportunity much easier, but life in general. So many network marketers are concerned about WHAT they should be saying, and yes that is important, it is very important, but not for the reason you think it is.


It is important because when you do find THE RIGHT PERSON at the RIGHT TIME in their life, you want to make certain that you communicate how your product, service, or opportunity can make a positive impact on them.

If you frequent this blog or are plugged into our free generic training webinars, you have heard me communicate many times; the last thing I ever want to do or teach is how to “close people” on buying products or joining a team.

Yes, there was a time in my career when I went down that road. I read every book and implemented every closing technique ever taught. Honestly when it comes to building teams and creating loyal customers, this was a colossal waste of time, energy and effort. Over the long term this does nothing but waste everyone’s time. I am begging you to think through this process.

Would you agree that ultimately your income and lifestyle in network marketing is based upon the number of leaders you have on your team?

Distributors come and go; it’s like a revolving door, DEVELOPED leaders stay. How do you develop leaders? By sharing wisdom of the ages principles, mindsets and systems that have stood the test of time.

No part of the network marketing success equation has anything to do with closing people to join your team, or buy your products. Simply put, CLOSING and DEVELOPING LEADERS don’t even belong in the same room. However this is very common and incorrect mindset in this business model. I understand how this mindset is developed as previously mentioned, at one time I was there myself.

If you want to be a closer, and there is nothing wrong with that, then go sell yachts. Get involved in some high commission sales opportunity. Network marketing is about developing teams of people. You are building a VOLUNTEER ARMY of people. If you closed them, they will desert….the first opportunity they have.

Isn’t that common sense?

If you have been around awhile, how many times do you have to see this happen before you say, “Maybe I should stop pointing this gun at my foot?”











Network marketing is about creating loyal customers and team members.Click To Tweet

If you have to convince them to buy or join, you will have to convince them to buy again or do something after they join. Quite frankly you don’t have time for that in today’s marketing world.

As I have said many times, I believe your ultimate goal is to find 3-5 people a year that are serious and want to go after it as bad as you do. You do that for 3 years and you will be a super star not just in your company, but everyone in the industry will know your story. Your contemporaries will be wasting hours every week trying to keep those they closed on autoship, while you are building a team of people that are serious about making an impact on other people’s life.

So how do you refine your skills to make certain that your communication around your products, service and or opportunity is the best it can be?

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