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Quick Message From Dale


I hope you have had a great week, and enjoyed your Easter Holiday.  We had a great weekend, and this week has been busier than ever.


There is not a week that goes by when someone I don't know sends me an article that they want me to publish on  I have never excepted articles from outside writers on  As I have said many times, writing is the least favorite activity I do in my business, but I want someone to know if they visit what they see has been personally written by me.

As many of you know, we operate multiple websites in various niches.  Virtually 99% of the content on I write or curate myself.  However we have guest writers featured on many of our other web properties.   Being a guest writer can help you get your name out there and provide links back to your website.

If you are interested, send me an email  Dale @  DaleCalvert  .com  we are looking for volunteers who can write articles for various websites and topics.  MLM Moms,  Website Flipping,  Publishing on Kindle, Selling on Ebay,  etc. etc.  If you are interest send me a sample article with the link you want pointing back to your website and I will be contacting you.  I am not necessarily looking for wonderful writers, just good people who want to provide value for readers, so if you are interested send me an article on any of the topics above.  We are also hiring ebook writers on various topics every month.

We can easily find articles, but I thought I should give the readers of our Friday newsletter the chance to participate first, but I need to hear from you this weekend.




Thankfully, it is suppose to warm up this weekend, and I am ready for Spring. The spring season at Keenland race track opens today in Kentucky would love to be there but it is hard to be at two places at the same time, and we have comitments here this weekend.

Enjoy your week!

I appreciate your support!




PS  For those of you that are not interested in writing,   If you would like to send me a picture with a testimony on any of our training programs I will be happy to publish it one of our websites with a link back to whatever website you would like to promote.



How to Choose the Right Network Marketing  Opportunity for You?


I get messages like the one's below every week.  It seems that I write the same email over and over, so I thought this is a topic I should cover today in the Friday"No Fluff" Marketing newsletter.  I hope it gives you something to think about this weekend for those of you, that are in between opportunities.



First, thank you so much for the knowledge you freely share with everyone. I have greatly appreciated the articles, videos and messages along the way.
Second, I am now looking at an MLM company after a few years of being out of the industry. I want this venture to be better and more calculated than the last.

Here are my questions:

Should I look for the fastest growing team within the business or the upline with the longest experience… or something else all together?

Since the business I'm considering is a start up w/in the last 9 months, should I ask them which upline they would suggest?

Is it bad manners to ask the corporate leaders about leading uplines or who is leading and their style?…

When evaluating a company, what are the top 3 or so questions YOU would ask the corporate management about product/ stability/ upline etc.?

When evaluating a product line, is there any way to know when a government agency may disapprove and shut down operation?

I truly appreciate any help you are willing to give, especially not even knowing me.

Have a prosperous day!

Hi Dale,

I am not currently involved in a network marketing opportunity, but I am a member of your MLM Training Club.  I would give anything, if the MLM Training Club was available to me when I first started in the industry 10 years ago.  You training has helped me to really see MLM as a long-term business and not just a short term income generator.  With that said, what are the 3 most important things I should look at when choosing a mlm company to work with?


I know you are very busy,but a response when you have time, would really help me.


JT Hampton


PS  If you need a video testimony for MLM Training Program, I would be honored to do that for you.



If people would honestly ask and answer the 4 questions below, they could quickly eliminate 90% of the opportunities, mlm or otherwise within the market place. 

When I am looking at a business model, the main question I want answered is number two.  Years ago I read an article in Success Magazine that said "If people WANT what your selling, you'll get Rich!"   I have never forgotten that statement, and it has been one of the foundational principals on which I evaluate any business model.   Until that time in my career I had marketed products and service that I believed in, that people really NEEDED, but they didn't W A N T !  


You must honestly be able to distinquish the difference for yourself!   I see too many people promoting products and services that do not have mass appeal.  There is a delicate balance, on the flip side, some people decide coffee, most of the world drinks coffee that is a great network marketing product, then you run into the challenge of brand loyalty that is talked about here.   The same challenges can occur even in the Wellness market.   Let's face it at this point in history, most people either believe and take nutritional supplements, or they don't. If they don't the odds you are going to get them to start is not real good, if they do take supplements you may have to deal with brand loyalty.   All of these factors need to be considered when evaluating any product or business model.


In general, the trend is your friend, as long as the trend will make sense to the masses.  I know that is kind of confusing, but if you asked me to explain what I am trying to communicate in one sentence that would be it.  I want to get in front of a trend, but the trend (product or service) needs to make sense for the masses, and not a small select group of people who wouldn't be buying the product or service if there was not a comp plan attached. 



1)  What kind of Income are your looking for?

The first thing you have to ask yourself is, What is your ultimate goal?

I have personally believed that network marketing is about "Creating Wealth" … period.   I believe if you want to make a few hundred extra dollars a month, there are better business models.  

If your goal is to create a full-time income and fire your boss, my advice would be to THINK BIGGER.   Think Wealth Creation!


2)  What is the TRUE market potential for the product or service?


Quite frankly, this is where many people miss it.  They get involved in products or services that they personally percieve to be cool or trendy, but they never ask themself  does this product have a real market with people that are not going to actively participate in the business.   Who is going to buy the product?   This is a very important question you need to ask, and honestly answer yourself.   A recent example of this is the ILivingAp program that swept through the internet for about a month, and now is basically over.  This is a good example of people not asking the guestion, who is going to buy this product?  Read more here


I had a corporate guy from ILivingAp trying to argue with me a few months ago, and wanted to know what I had against their opportunity.   I told him, IT IS NOT PERSONAL, it is my honest opinion, and I am not a hired gun that will say what you want to say if you pay me!   My readers expect me to not sugar coat things and to express my real feelings and that's what I do.   Here is a training video I did way back in 2011 before ILiving Ap was started.









 Click Here to Watch Now








3) What does it take to get my initial invesstment back?

People need to recoup their initial investment as quickly as possible.  If it takes enrolling more than 3 customers/members to recoup your initial investment, you need to proceed cautiously.



4) What does it take to make $1,000 a month?


If people that are willing to work can get to $1,000 a month, within 90 days or so, then leaders can create wealth.  It is all about getting people into profit as quickly as possible.   There are many good companies, with great people involved in them, but the math simply doesn't make sense.



As I stated previously,  If people would honestly ask and answer the 4 questions above, they could quickly eliminate 90% of the opportunities, mlm or otherwise within the market place.  However if it is a go on the product or service and upside income potential then you need to do some research.

5) Find a Pinnacle Leader and Plug 100% into their System

In network marketing you are looking for the Pinnacle leader in that company.  If you are not familar with the term "Pinnacle Leader" you can download a free pdf here.   This is the team you want to work with.  Get in, and plug in, and the leaders will find you!  Yes, most people do business with those they know, like, and trust, but in network marketing, or any business model that can be a recipe for disaster!   I only do business with those that have already done, what I am trying to accomplish.


If you are looking at a business model outside of network marketing, then find the best teacher, and plug into whatever training they offer. The challenge with this is if you are in front of a trend,  there may not be a  clear teacher to follow.  That has been the case for Dawn and I over the past couple of years as we have been developing our Kindle publishing company.   We have spent thousands of dollars on training programs and hundreds of hours.  Unfortunately there is no clear leader/teacher in the industry and the business model is still so new, that it is constantly changeing.   Most of the courses and programs we purchased a couple of years ago are obsolete today and not applicable to the current Kindle market place which is always a challenge when you are dealing with technology.


After you find the right team to associate with, plug 100% into their world.  Don't miss a conference call, webinar or event, especially within your first 90 days.  Follow the recruiting systems and direction they give you, work your business consistently, put your hand to the plow and go for it!   The bottom line, if there systems have taught other 27%ers to be successful then you can expect be able to duplicate their success.




PS  I can anticipate the questions.  Number one being, Dale, I am already in a company I love with products I love, and people I love, however there is not a Pinnacle leader in my upline, what should I do?


The simple answer is …… decide to become a Pinnacle Leader!   The truth is I offer all the training resources and programs you need, but I can't internalize them for you.  Start with The MLM Trainingclub, and your path will become clear.


 People need to recoup






VIDEO of the WEEK:


As most of you know, baseball season started this week,
so I wanted to share with you this video.  In my opinion
this is one of the Top 5 YouTube Videos we have ever
done, I know you will enjoy it!


 MLM Mindset





WE ALL KNOW  "The Money is in the List"


 "10 Hours of Training to Show You How We Build Ours"









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