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Quick Message from Dale


I hope you have had a good week.

We have had a very busy week. The launch of our new book “The 7 Lies of Attraction Marketing” has been very successful. The book is flying off the virtual shelves and the best part is affiliates like you are loving the message, promoting the book and keeping 100% commissions deposited directly into their paypal accounts.  My email box is full of network marketing leaders from all over the world saying “I am glad someone finally said it” messages.



We had a full house for our “MLM List Building Workshop” Webinar on Thursday.  The response has been greater than anything I have ever done. I am not sure whey other than the “Money is in the List” messages has been pounded into the market place for over 10 years and I think people are finally starting to get it!

The webinar was full and we crashed the web server yesterday for the replay.   Everything appears to be fixed this morning and is running smooth.

You can watch the replay this weekend if you want, just make sure you have 90 minutes to focus and take notes. Here is the link for the replay:

March madness is almost here.  I am heading to Kentucky next week for the Kentucky Boys Sweet 16 Tournament. My dad, brother and I go every year, and I love it.

Speaking of sports, I was talking to one of my website outsourcers yesterday when our server crashed. He was in 25 degree weather watching his daughter’s college softball game.  Some of my fondest memories are freezing my rear end off in center field playing early in the year baseball games in high school.  The best memory?

Looking in the stands and seeing two or three people there all bundled up and my dad was always one of them.

Support your kids, they will remember the sacrifices you made when they grow older.

As many of you know, my dad is the CFO of our company and there is a good chance that if you have called our office over the years you have spoke with him over the phone or met him at one of our seminars. I am blessed to have awesome parents!

I love you dad!

There is more opportunity for entrepreneurs now than any time in history.  You just have to learn the skill sets and mindsets required to make these new, exciting business models work and figure out how to use websites like Pinterest, Facebook & Amazon to support your enterprise and create leads for you.

I sent out an email yesterday about a business model I have been keeping an eye on and one that is definitely worth evaluating.  You can watch the video by clicking here. it is awesome!

For now… We hope you have a great weekend.

I appreciate your support.

Dedicated to Your Success,

Dale Calvert


 The Best Kept Secret of the Rich


“Time Management is the Best Kept Secret of the Rich”
Jim Rohn




Back in the day, we had two corporate limousines and a private plane that flew me to events all over the country.

A Dodge dealer in Kentucky told me that there were only two Vipers sold in the state and yes, I owned both of them.

So the small Kentucky town really didn’t know how to respond to Bright Yellow Buildings taking up a block of downtown, limousines, and Dodge Vipers.

I’ll admit it, the Vipers were Toys (Some of you have heard the story about me totaling two cars when I was 16)  However the private plane gave me a lot more time.  When we did fly commercial we normally flew out of Cincinnati (3 hours round trip) because the fares were so much cheaper than flying out of Lexington.   Those 3 hours I could spend on the phone or my laptop getting a ton of work done or take a nap if needed to. 

They really were a time management investment.  Our time really is the most important asset any of us have.  Many weeks I was doing two and three events a week,  so the limousines and private plain helped me to maximize my time.

In my advanced leadership training CD of the MLM Training Club, I talk about going through a toys stage and get it out of  your system.  The mistake many networmarketers make is they never get out of the toys stage.

They live most of their life on $40,000 a year they start making $10,000 a month and spending $13,000.  I can name dozens of one time six figue earners who aren’t even in the industry today because they never learned how to teach the masses to duplicate, or couldn’t get out of the toys stage.

After your toys stage focus on investing your money in things like real estate and tax lien certificates.  In other words, follow the steps in “Rich Dad-Poor Dad”and put your money in income generating assets.  In my opinion, one of the best places to invest your money in today’s market is in “virtual real estate” websites and domain names.

I have already progressed through the toys stage and got that out of my system years ago.   I told Dawn when we got married I spend money on 3 things.  Personal Education, Memories, and Income Producing Assets. When it is all said and done the thing that is going to matter most is did you make a difference in other people’s life and did those you Love, know it?

However anythng that can give you more time is always a good investment. A couple of weeks ago in this Friday newsletter, we talked abuot using ourtsourcers for some of your marketing projects.

Today I want to share with you 8 time management/production secrets that if you will implement immediately will pay you great dividends OVER Time as talked about in the great book,  Slight EdgePrinciple.

1)   Work from a To Do List Daily   I keep a running
to do list and I scratching off and adding projects

2)     Learn to say no.   One of the most powerful quotes
I have heard is “You have to say no to a lot of good
ideas, so you have time for the great ones”.  That
can become a big challenge when the good ideas come
from your own mind.  LOL some of you know
exactly what I am talking about.  I enjoy donating my
time to church activities, and Dawn and I support the
school by working at the concession stand during ball
games or whatever, but sometimes you just have to say
No.  If you have a problem telling people NO, you have
to decide to work through that emotionally and mentally
and get past that.

3)     Mind Map Large Projects and make sure everyone who
needs to be in the loop is in the loop.

4)     Outsource   Work towards outsourcing every aspect of
your business that can be done by someone else.

5)     Read Your Email Twice a Day   I have staff that check
our email constantly, they leave for me what I need to
answer.  I check my email twice a day.

6)     Take and Return Phone Calls at Specific Times  If
I answered my phone daily when it rang I wouldn’t get
anything done.  My phone rings pretty much non stop daily.

      Unless it is a family member or corporate client that is paying me big money, I CAN’T ANSWER IT!  I return phone calls at specific times every day.  Again, I have staff members that answer our office phones daily and can handle most of the situations and questions that people have.

7)     Schedule time to D A I L Y Promote Your Business
Once you learn a few basic skills and lead generation
methods, promoting your business in no big deal as we
talked about in the MLM List Building Webinar. 

      However the discipline to promote daily is where most people miss it.   I promote my websites 30-60 minutes every day 6 days a week, or have outsourcers doing it.  It gets done every day.  My clients who have mastered this daily discipline are moving forward, the ones that haven’t aren’t. Marketing success is just Math!

8)     Schedule time to D A I L Y  Feed Your Brain  Turn your car into a University on Wheels.  I have had multiple
conversations with six figure earners in various companies over the last month, and this continues to come up over and over.  I think you are going to see a movement in top organizations that go back to teaching people to turn off 
sports radio and pop in a CD that will motivate you and direct your in how to accomplish your business goals. 

Think about this.  95% of the existing leaders in every company will tell you they learned the business by listening to cassette tapes.  Since the attraction marketers have taken over the industry distributors or more worried about lead generation than they are Success Mindsets and this is just ONE of the many reasons the number of millionaires the industry has produced in the last 15 years has drastically decreased.

      Not to mention that many of those that do start making significant income get trapped in the toys stage.

      Read that again!  This is a major missing ingredient in today’s companies. I tell the corporate people I consult with, the biggest mistake you can make is making all of your training available online. That is one of the main reasons we rolled out THE MLM TRAINING CLUB a few months ago.  The response in the market place to this monthly CD program has been great it is what distributors want and NEED!

The network marketing industry is full of people that have been programmed their entire life for mediocrity.

Their expectations of Success is too low to ever create any significant momentum in their business.  A good question to ask people on your team is what do you really expect to accomplish with this opportunity?  If they don’t have strong reason and desire we both know if they don’t change that mindset nothing is  significant is going to happen for them.

As a leader what 3 Tools do you recommend to those with low expectations? What tools do your recommend to those who need help with their time management issues?

Ladies and gentleman this is what leadership is!!!!

Leaders recognize the hurdles their people are having and understand the tools that can help them get past their hurdles.

Remember, if you say it they doubt it, if someone else says it they believe it.

I guess this is a topic for another time.

Follow the Eight Steps above and you will see yourselfbecome more productive, almost overnight!

Again, I appreciate your Support
Dedicated to Your Success,





Is what I’m doing or about to do getting us  closer to our objective?
– Robert Townsend

People always make time to do the things  they really want to do.
– Anonymous


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 The Best Kept Secret of the Rich

 Secret of the Rich


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