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Quick Message from Dale


I hope you have had a good week.

March madness is officially here.  I am in Kentucky at what they call "The Greatest Show on Earth"  the Boys High School Sweet 16 Tournament. If you have seen the movie Hooisers, that is what it is like.

There are no divisions, so you may have a small mountain school with an enrollment of 200-300 kids playing against a huge Louisville or Lexington school.  My dad, brother and I go every year, and watch every game and we love it.

Sports is the perfect reality show!

I guess it is human nature to pull for the under dog.  Over the years we have watched several kids who play in the state tournament go on to have great college careers and a few are playing in the NBA today.

Honestly March is one of those months that I usually am totally out of the business loop and focus on basketball. However this year there is a chance that the defending National Champions, the University of Kentucky may not make the tournament this year.  Hard to believe, but life and sports is full of ups and downs.

I have been getting questions about outsourceing and finding outsourcers for your business, so I wanted to let you know about a webinar that Matt Loyld has coming up this week.  You can learn more here.

This week I am sharing some thoughts with you guys about Blogging. I know it is the big buzz right now.  Quite frankly I believe all of this buzz is just another example of the wool being pulled over good people's eyes.





Have a great Weekend


Enjoy March Madness!

Dedicated to Your Success!


Dale Calvert 






Blogging The Hottest – Hardest Business Model



I have spent 3 months blogging at least 30 minutes every other day and I haven't received one prospect for my business or made one red cent, where should I go from here?






There are much better ways to create income
and leads for your business.

Check out the blog at if you
want to create leads online this recorded webinar is a good
place to start:



There is more buzz in the market about blogging than I can believe. Many marketers have been convinced that if they don't have a blog, they really aren't in business. I understand that the Empower Network charlatans have everyone worked up into a frenzy about getting rich with a blog. 

Those of us that look behind the scenes understand what is really going on with this deal .…  it's a money game attached to a blogging platform whose main purpose is to have the nieve masses promote their affiliate program.  I am getting a ton of questions  about blogging and I have never suggested that blogging is a good use of time or great way to produce leads for your business!! 

They say they pay 100% comissions, but anyone who owns a calculator knows that is not true.  The truth is, blogging is a total waste of time for 95% of marketers.  When you see someone spouting the value of blogging simply ask yourself, are they saying this because they really believe it is a valuable use of time, or are they really just trying to pitch you on the Empower Network? Asking this question will save you a lot of time and frustration.  If you want the real story on Empower Network
click here.

With that said at last count I personally have about 20 blogs in a dozen niches.  The only one I consistently, personally post on is at .  The rest of the blogs I work with outsourcers, or use blog curation software.  Most of these blogs I will build up, then sell, because I like the Flipping Website Business Model.

Before I get more hate mail than I care to read, let me say… I understand many of the readers of this ezine are involved with Empower Network.  I am not calling all Empower Network distributors charlatans, just the guys at the top.  There are many people that got involved simply because they didn't know any better.  Fundamentally, I have no problem with the program, just the way it is promoted.  In my advance training I talk about the fact that I believe there is a time and place in every marketers career for money games and or HYIP.  I have a problem when people try to promote businesses models of any kind as something other than what they really are.

The truth, according to the latest numbers I have seen from, 81% of blogs don't even earn $100.00 a year!



 Who Blogs?

 60% are men, 40% women

Which Platform do they use?

 * WordPress 43%

 * Blogger      35%

 *  Tumbler, TypePad & Posterous 16%

 *  Other  6%

Do people make money with Blogs?

 81% make less than $100 a year.

With all that said if you enjoy writing, and you are good at it, then blogging may be a smart business move for you.  Personally, writing is the least favorite activity I do in my business. I have a problem with sentence structure, trouble spelling, and my mind is always moving faster than my ability to type.  However, I started writing my NO FLUFF Newsletter in 1996 & I cannot make myself stop at this point.

If you are going to blog, I recommend that you learn from the best.  Whatever business model you are trying to learn find out who is the best in the market and learn from them.

One of the best people in the market teaching inside secrets to blogging is John Chow.  John is known throughout the marketing world for taking a blog from zero sales to $40,000 in record time.

At the time of this writing, John's course is the one I recommend for people that are serious about creating a profitable blogs and if memory serves me correctly I invested less than 40 dollars in his course.  John Chow Course.

John Chow
Click here to watch John Chow Video



You have heard me say dozens of times, that our time is the most valuable assett any of us have!  I hate to see part-timers wasting their time with business models, opportunities, or promotional activities that don't make sense for them!

If you want to learn how to blog, then learn how to do it correctly from people that are actually making money blogging, not from those who are just interested in selling you a blogging platform.




“Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself"  Eleanor Roosevelt


VIDEO of the WEEK:

It Don't Come Easy 
Ringo Starr



One of the Best Songs of all time.  You have to
be willing to pay your dues!



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