It’s noon and Dawn & I just got back from voting.



So tomorrow either Romney or Obama will be president
for the next 4 years.  After months of political ads, publicity,
and social media arguments, thankfully it all ends tonight.



Whoever wins, I hope the country and politicians can come together to
improve our dysfunctional US government and change things for the
better. The best quote I have heard during all the noise was during
the vice president debate when  Paul Ryan  said,   there are democrats
and republicans that both love America.   We have to stop worrying
about who is going to win the next election and focus on making the
decisions that will move the country forward, now!





All the campaigning definitely didn’t unite us. Both candidates
used a marketing strategy that focused on ‘us versus them’ and
‘it’s not your fault.’ It’s a very powerful marketing approach to
take because people want to be part of a group that throws rocks at
their enemies and blames others for their woes.


You see it all the time with online marketing campaigns.

– “The gurus are telling you lies, I’ll show you what really works”
– “The push button software they’re selling you is a scam, buy my
– “Your boss doesn’t appreciate you and you’re not getting what
you’re worth, I’ll show you how to work for yourself”


It is sad, but taking a side and rallying supporters against the
enemy and telling people, it is not their fault works like crazy.

People don’t want to take responsibility for their own mediocrity
and failure.


For example, if you’re inspiring people to lose weight, the enemy
might be the drug companies, the restaurants, or the gimmick diets.

If you’re teaching people how to invest their money, the enemy
might be corrupt Wall street insiders or Uncle Sam’s tax policies,


So no matter who wins, learn a lesson from what they’re doing and
use it for a good cause by marketing products and services
that really helps people


Figure about who the enemy is in your niche and use it to your
but tell the truth!  You must believe your product
or opportunity can help people, but the truth is a person’s
success ultimately depends on the person staring them back
in the mirror!


As a consumer, learn to take responsibility for where you are in
your life.  Success starts with taking responsibility.  As long as you
feel factors outside of yourself & control determine your destiny, you can
never fulfill your potential in any aspect of your life.



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