I am going to be perfectly honest because the past 15 years has shown me that the right clients will appreciate it.


When what you teach works, you let the results and track record speak for themselves. I know this sounds like an excuse, or a cop out, but truthfully I never had a desire or set a goal to become a motivational speaker, trainer, or consultant it just kinda happened, and I am counting my blessings daily.

I semi-retired 15 years ago and now I earn a great income every year doing what I love to do, when I want to do it and with people that share the same value systems as I do.   90% of my speaking and consulting business comes from referrals so a fancy website making me look like Zig Ziglar has never been a priority.

I produced my first generic MLM Training program “Confessions of a Network Marketing Millionaire” AFTER I BUILT MY TEAM OF OVER 60,000  ACTIVE distributors.  It was not some ploy to attract a following of people I could backend to my program. It was a sincere effort to give back to the industry that changed my life.

MLM Confessions

In 2000 I decided to sell all my interest in my network marketing company & distributorships because I wanted to provide value and service to home business entrepreneurs teaching new business models outside of the network marketing industry.  However as soon as I was no longer  associated with a company my phone started ringing. Old team members and contacts some of which were now company owners and corporate officers started asking me to speak at events and share the systems and programs I used to build my 100 Million dollar team.

This started an entirely new business that I had no intentions of ever doing, but that I love and am very passionate about. Opportunities opened up for me to speak all over the world and work with some great people in great companies. That was never my desire, my phone just started ringing and it hasn’t stopped.

The bottom line is I UNDERSTAND exactly how I developed an organization that paid me over 3 million dollars a year. I understand it because it took me 5 years of focus and dedication just to be able to go full time. I will go as far to as to say this, I understand the challenges, concerns, fears, and uncertainties 97% of the distributors in your company feel every day. I think I understand it and can help them more than any speaker or trainer on the planet because I was one of them. When I entered the industry I was a twenty year old snot nose kid, with none of the skill sets or mindsets necessary to create success in the industry.

Because of that I can inspire and encourage them and give them practical tools that will give them the hope and confidence they need to develop into the leaders your company needs. Now here I am 15 years later counting my blessings. In the near future I will be revamping this website but the truth is, if you want me to come and speak to your organization because I have a pretty website, we probably wouldn’t be a good match anyway. I am about touching lives and developing leaders.

I think the #1 asset in your company is not your product, it is your people. I work with company leaders and owners who want to expose their people to Wisdom of the Ages Success principles and proven recruiting systems that will make a long-term, measurable impact on their life and their business. If you are more concerned about next months BV than you are the development of your people, DON’T call me it won’t be a good fit. There are plenty of RAH RAH YOUR COMPANY IS THE BEST motivational speakers in the market who are willing to teach your people how to do something they have never done!

If you are a company owner or meeting planner that want your people to leave your next event not just motivated, but equipped with mindsets and methods they can immediately put into action an see results,  I AM YOUR GUY!

If you get what I am saying, call me and introduce yourself today, if you don’t we both lose!






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