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I understand that most network marketers are not looking for Mindset
Training they are looking for techniques and methods.  Developing
the skill sets to become a lead generation expert is different
from the mindsets required to maximize your success as a
network marketing recruiter.

The internet is full of gurus that are more than willing to teach you their
secret recruiting method that that will instantly have prospects ringing
your phone off the hook screaming their credit card numbers at you and
demanding to join your team.  At least that is what they are trying… Continue reading »

I ran across yet another "training" article this week, with someone  who was trying to teach people how to F. O. R. M. prospects on the phone so they will like you and be attracted to you.   (Talk about  F  amily    O  ccupation   R  eacreation    your  M  essage)

Every time I see anyone teaching network marketers this concept I throw up a little in my mouth!

The question is simple.   Do you want people to join you because they like you and don't have the guts to tell you or anyone else no, or are you looking for people that are sick and tired of being sick and tired and ready to change their life?

If someone teaches you to waste 15 – 20 minutes on the phone with every Prospect, trying to FORM them ……….. run !!!    I don't… Continue reading »

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