Building a Successful Network Marketing Team doesn’t happen by luck.  I know what it is like to start with only yourself and then to systematically, sequentially, monotonously, build an organization to over 60,000 members and 100 million dollars in wholesale product sales.

There are multiple skill sets and mindsets that you must developed if you really want to maximize your upside potential with the network marketing business model.

There is a misconception in the entrepreneurial market place, in multiple niches people teach that if you do what you’re passionate about a business or career path then  eventually you’re going to have success. Just follow your passion.

I just want to tell you that is not always true.   It’s not true because it doesn’t just take passion. It also takes some talent and also the ability to find the right mentor and be teachable. You also must have the RIGHT mentor-ship.  Not just someone who will tell you what you want to hear so you continue to pay for your singing or piano lessons.   Or in the case of our industry, stay on autoship … one more month!

Here’s a perfect example, the TV Show, American idol.


If you don’t watch it regularly, you’ve probably seen it. You’ve seen episodes and you’ve seen these kids come on American idol. They have all the passion in the world, but they don’t have talent enough to fill a little thimble.



They are never ever going to make it in the music business. It’s not going to happen, at least not as a singer or performer.  On the TV show Shark tank, you see a lot of passionate people come on Shark Tank and they have hair brain, no marketable ideas & products right? So, it takes more than a passion to become successful.

Now I’ve shared all that to say this, I cannot tell you how many events I’ve spoke at over the years and somebody comes up to me and they asking really odd, off the wall questions that have nothing to do with anything. I always try to treat people with respect, but my initial thought is who in the world sponsored this person because they should be reprimanded. Who sponsored this person?

Here’s why, your team is a direct reflection of your leadership ability, but also of your values.  Ladies and gentleman, we all know that some people just don’t need to be involved in network marketing. There time would be much better spent in a small groups at their local church.

Now, some of you are probably thinking well Dale I have heard you say it’s not who they are, it’s who they know.That’s true and I believe you should give everybody a chance. But here’s what I did it for years when I was building to not waste the time with the wrong people.  I used the Magic of Thinking Big Book to pre-qualify people.  I will explain in a minute.

Here’s how most people approach network marketing recruiting. They have these little compact mirrors , they want to try to get under somebody’s nose if there’s two little dots there when they pull the mirror away, then they think they should be sponsored.  As a profession we have developed an “If they are breathing, they should be sponsored”.   R E A L L Y ??

Some of you think if there’s just one dot there, they should be sponsored. Here’s the reality. You’re building a network marketing team. Does this person have the potential to be a manager/ leader on your team? Does this person have zero people skills, no emotion, no conviction, no reasons?  Are they just blah?  Some of you have network marketing teams full of people who are not only blah and maybe their elevator doesn’t go all the way up.   

There’s a lot of people out there, they’re just not the sharpest tool in the shed. Look at me, I wasn’t either, I am still not!  I’m not saying they have to be super intelligent. What I love about this industry is you can have below average intellect and still make it if you have the drive, the determination, the passion, the work ethic. Sometimes we’re talking to people on the phone and we know from the conversation, they wouldn’t be a future leader on our network marketing team.



You guys know exactly what I’m saying, WHY do we do that? We waste time, energy, and effort trying to convince somebody or get them on a webinar when the bottom line is if they join, they’re going to be more time consuming and trouble than they’re worth. Why do we do that?

If you were running a company in corporate America, would you do that? Would you chase people that you really don’t want? Why do we do that in this industry? Then we start wondering why the real world thinks network marketing is not a real business.  One of the reasons is because many times our actions are the exact opposite of what they should be, even worse many “network marketing gurus” teach people to close and convince people. 

Closing people, has no place when it comes to building a team.  I don’t care how many mlm gurus are teaching you to do that!  If someone is teaching you how to close people on your network marketing team that is a major clue.

It is an indication, that they have a shallow understanding of what real team building is about.

You are looking for the RIGHT PERSON at the RIGHT TIME, in their life.  If you have to close them into joining you than there is almost 100% certainty they will do NOTHING after they join!


All you have really accomplished is a waste of everyone’s time.

That’s not the way to do business. So I just wanted to share this with you just because we don’t want everybody!  We don’t want everyone we talk to, to join our team!  It took me a while to get to this point but once I did and I talked to somebody on the phone and I’m thinking, you know what? Can you tell me a little bit about yourself and what you’re currently doing to make a living?

Then they start down this rabbit trail.   

Well, I used to have a job here but the boss did this to me and then before that I worked there and those people didn’t treat me very well and y’all have heard it. I could go on and on and on.  People who think the world is out to Screw them.  


Why would you want to add that type of person to your team? They have no talent. They had no natural abilities.


Can it be developed?


People are always telling me Dale,  I just don’t think you should treat people that way. Do you really believe that or are you just trying to make some kind of flamboyant point? Do you really believe that?

Absolutely, when I learned how to treat my business and team with the respect it deserved, and stopped  trying to convince losers they should be on my team, everything changed.

Dale, you shouldn’t call people losers.  Save the emails, I never claimed to be or cared to be politically correct.  In my mind that translates to you shouldn’t make fun of kids that can’t carry a tune in a bucket and come on American Idol thinking they are going to be the next Garth Brooks.

The number of people walking around the in the world think they are entitled to whatever is astounding.   Life is about understanding your talents and skills that you have and don’t have.   There are a lot of topics I know absolutely nothing about, and I am fine with that.

Understand I am the most compassionate, but REAL person I know.  When I was recruiting non-stop every week it seemed like I ran into a lot of people who just were dominated with a “the world is against me attitude”  I used to order the book, The Magic of Thinking Big by the cases.

When I’m recruiting and following up with people. I knew I was going to run across people like that all the time, as you do. When you do, this is what I did. I would say, Joe, listen, I appreciate you responding to our advertising but honestly, I really don’t think this program is for you.

So what I would like to do is I’m going to send you a book. It’s called The Magic of Thinking Big and what I liked for you to do is I’m going to mail this to you, no charge. I’m going to send it to you free and I liked for you to read it and after you read that book, give me a call back. After you give me a call back, then maybe we can meet at a coffee shop or somewhere and we can take it to the next step. They would all say, oh yeah, that sounds great and they would give me their address and their books would go out in the mail. I’ve sent out hundreds of those books, hundreds. You know how many people ever called me back? TWO

Two joined me.  One never got her business launched,  the other went on to create a $4,400 + monthly income and quit her job.

So you just have to treat your business and what you’re doing with the respect and seriousness to a new level. I’m going to share one more story with you and I’ll let you go.



A lot of you have probably heard of Phyllis Diller, famous hilarious comedian. I think she’s passed now. Phyllis Diller was a single mom of four or five kids cleaning out office buildings at night. That was her job. She was a cleaning lady and one night she was cleaning out the office building. She dumped out half the trash can in an executive’s office  into a  big 30 Gallon container & out landed a book. She picks the book up. It was titled The Magic of Thinking Big and she took it home and she read it.

The books asks what are you talented at? Talent is important. She thought to herself, in high school I used to make people laugh so she started going to these open mic nights at comedy clubs and the rest is history. Phyllis Diller became one of the most iconic comedians in history and never started until she was in her early fifties.   I have often thought, I wonder what ever happened to the dude that threw the book away?

You see ladies and gentleman that’s what building a network marketing team is about. It’s not about convincing somebody to come in and place a $200 order so you can make a $30 commission. You’re building a team and we’ve got to take care of our industry. It is time to take our thoughts about what we’re doing to a higher level.  You are looking for the right people, those with talent, that are teachable and have the ability to grow into a leadership position on your team.

Thankfully Phyllis Diller could make people laugh.  We could have missed one of the funniest comedians in history if she thought she could sing!   Know your own talent, maximize it and learn to recognize the talent in others if you want to build a successful network marketing team.

This video on how to Build a Successful Network Marketing team is worth your time seeing!


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