Before we even start, let me say that I understand the headline “New Technology Guaranteed to Grow Your Marketing Team” sounds like a total fluffy, BS Spiel that the network marketing profession has been bombarded with over the past 15-20 years.

The odds are high, that if you are reading this you know me, or know of me. You may have heard one of our podcasts or perhaps you are a regular reader of our articles here at MLM Help.   If you are familiar with the content we provide then you know that no one has a higher disdain for the hype and false information that has taken over this profession over the past fifteen or twenty years.

What I am going to share with you on this page TAKES MONEY OUT OF MY POCKET.  However I know in my heart and soul this is the answer (at this time and place in history) to pull this profession out of the state of dissipation it has fallen in and return organizations and companies to a state of growth.

When I say it takes money out of my pocket I mean there are other courses and products we offer through Network Marketing Support Services Inc. that make us much more profit.  Yes I am involved with the Network Marketing Magazine and the software developers on this project and have a very small financial interest.  When I say this project has been a labor of love for the industry, it has been.  Yes, I believe it will quickly become the recognized platform that all serious teams engage with. Many of our members believe  it is inevitable.  However if that never happens, the impact this platform has already had for so many distributors from multiple companies around the world has made the time, research, and countless hours  I have personally put into the 27% Success System, one of the most gratifying experiences in my business career.

If you are a newbie that is more interested in making money now than building a long-term solid business and legacy income, don’t read another word on this page.   I think you would find the podcast episode here:  TRIPPING OVER FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE TO GET TO DOLLARS  more valuable and thought provoking.

The information on this page is for:

1) Serious, career minded, distributors that want to maximize the time and personal efforts of their team members and in so doing, their personal income.

2) Newbies that are willing to work and understand to maximize your upside potential with the network marketing business model, NEW SKILL SETS & MINDSETS are REQUIRED(I realize people don’t like to hear this, but it the truth)

3)  Those who still have the possibilities of building a duplicating team and creating the residual income stream that the network marketing business model offers, running in their blood, but have never been able to quite get over the hump and move their business forward.  The information on this page, is for you, IF you are willing to erase much of the false philosophies and unproductive habits you have become comfortable with. You cannot approach this business as you always have, and must be willing to expand your comfort zone.











4) Company owners and corporate officers who understand that maybe there is a reason Fortune 500 corporations are using this platform?  Possibly this is not just another spiel, and maybe this gamification platform is the future & best way on the planet to support our entrepreneur minded team members right now.


The only way possible to get a real understanding of the power of this platform is to experience it for yourself.
Let me say that again, because you can’t miss this statement.  THE ONLY WAY TO GET A REAL UNDERSTANDING OF THE POWER OF THIS PLATFORM IS TO EXPERIENCE IT FOR YOURSELF.  I understand you are busy, we all are, but there is nothing you can do over the next few minutes that will have a more positive impact on growth of your network marketing business than take the 97 cent test drive YOURSELF.




If you are a company owner, or team leader, imagine if all of these people expressing their unsolicited, heart felt feelings about this platform were on your team.



It is hard do explain the power of this platform.  We try to relate this to something we are familiar with, and this type of Gamification platform has never been available to the network marketing business model until NOW! The best way to attempt to explain it is that we “Cultivate the Environment for Success” with the Engagement platform that focuses on Wisdom of the Ages Success Mindsets and ALSO the proven sequential development of the skill sets that are required for team members to maximize their success with the network marketing business model.


Thank you for taking the time review this material.  Now it is time that you receive your payout for the time you have invested.  Please don’t procrastinate, you can access this system right now for only 97 cents the first month.

Just click here.   


The 27% Success System is now included with your membership to the Network Marketing Magazine. You will also receive free access to my Network Marketing A-Z course which currently sells for $497.00 at The Network Marketing Magazine.  You also receive Full access to every edition of The Network Marketing Magazine, with 13 years of monthly editions which includes countless articles and videos. This content is not from a bunch of guru wannabe’s but from the top thought leaders of the past decade in the personal development and network marketing industry. 


The Network Marketing Magazine is a wealth of information unparalleled in any other online magazine dedicated to the Network Marketing industry.  An unheard of 91% of the distributors who take the 97 cent test drive remain members.  These serious, career minded distributors will tell you it is THE BEST INVESTMENT they have made in their career, that is moving them forward and making them money.   If for some reason you don’t feel the same way, let me know!  Send an email to Dale  @ MLM and let me know!  I will personally send you a $5.00 bill just for giving us a chance to make THE DIFFERENCE in the growth of this business.

Is that fair?

Ask any of our members who engage with this platform and they will tell you the future of network marketing training is The Network Marketing Magazines 27% Success Club.  IT IS INEVITABLE!  The time has come, the history of this profession has led all of us to this point and time, please make the best business decision you have ever made and click here now to access the platform.

Dedicated to Your Success,




PS  I warned you in the beginning this was going to sound like
Marketing Spiel.

* 97 Cent Trial
* Free $497 A-Z Course
* 5X Your Money Back Guarantee  etc. etc.

The truth is, when I say being involved with this platform has been
one of the most gratifying experiences of my 35+ year network
marketing career, I mean it.   The leaders that now have a clear
path to grow their team, the people that have been around this
industry a couple of years and are now for the first time sponsoring
new team members and creating customers has been emotionally
overwhelming for me.  If you are a company owner, or a newbie,
this a platform that you simply MUST EXPERIENCE!

PSS  I have been surprised at the number of people who have joined
the 27% Success System who are in between companies, or not currently
building a team.  I have heard dozens of times, “I know network marketing
is the way for me to accomplish my dreams.”  When the right opportunity
presents itself, I want to have the right mindsets and proven game plan
to take advantage of it.


UPDATE  I am not going to get into a lot of details other than to say unfortunately
this platform is not currently available.   The technology was sound, those who
where member will tell you it absolutely made a positive impact on their business.
However there were too many chiefs and not enough Indians.  Some did not deliver
on what they committed to do.  There is nothing more for me to say.













































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