After 35 years in the network marketing industry, the last 15 as a full-time key not speaker, trainer,and teacher I have come to this conclusion.

We call a person with a title in a comp plan a leader. The truth is title’s don’t = leadership.

I believe that most network marketing leaders understand the path to personal development and traditional business success and how to do things like “Win Friends and Influence People” however they don’t quite connect with the fact that what it takes to create traditional business success and what it takes to create LONG TERM NETWORK MARKETING SUCCESS IS DIFFERENT. It really honestly is. If you disagree, or think I am crazy I respect that but the number or lack their of of lifetime earners in this industry are not debatable.

Something is wrong, and to ignore that fact does nothing to help improve THE REAL, TRUE, CHALLENGES of this profession. I feel because I had the opportunity to listen to the Success stories from people in many of the founding companies when I first started,( 8 hours a day over 7,500 hours my first 3 years) if gave me a different awareness and understanding than most people have the opportunity to receive.

Today, I feel obligated to do everything I possible can do get this message in the market. Like it, don’t like it, agree, disagree, the facts speak for themselves even if we emotionally don’t like hearing them. We all have two choices. Stick our heads in the sand and hope to preserve our income, or make the necessary changes that insure, long term residual income and a business we can be proud of.

SIDENOTE: Your pride should never be built around person income, only the number of people you helped along the way.

PLEASE OPEN YOU MIND, and Don’t just listen, but HEAR this webinar and if you are one of the lucky ones, who get the paradigm shift, share it with those team members you care about the most. IF you decide to take action on what you hear, I CAN HELP.

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This is probably the one training webinar I wish every network marketer leader could see and then come to their own personal decision on what to do with the information.


PS Doing nothing, is still a decision.



Confessions of a Network Marketing Millionaire

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