I am always amazed at the number of good
people who get involved in bad business ideas.

It is sad.

You just have to stop sometime and wonder, WHAT

Watching traditional businesses opening and closing
constantly is sad. Many times people create a business
around a hobby or activity because they enjoy it, but
never ask themself what percent of the population
will want my product or service?

This goes for online businesses and network
marketing companies as well.

This week I say a website that is selling an
Ebook called

“How to Make Your Own Dog Treats”


How much of a market is there really for this

You may be thinking Dale, there are a lot of
dog owners. Yes, but the real question is how
many of them really have the time and
energy to invest in making their own dog treats
when they could be buying them for 99 cents a
pound at Pet Smart ?

Likewise I am fascinated with the people that get
involved in companies that have very customized,
small niche markets.

Medical Marijuana Are you kidding? This one
kind of gives a new meaning to MLM Burnout!

Pet Products 40% of the US Population do
not own pets.

Healthy Chocolate
I am sure, I am not the only one. If I want chocolate,
I am not looking for healthy chocolate, give me a
Snickers Bar!

Coffee Club International
1/3 of the population doesn’t drink coffee and the
other 2/3 are VERY LOYAL to their Brand. This is
probably the most difficult consumable product to
convince people to change brands.

Listen, every company is either comp plan drive, or
product driven if they are moving forward. The truth
is many companies are stagnate because nothing is
moving them forward.

As a general rule, the potential customer base drives
any company long term. Let’s face it a large percent
of the market are not prospects for many products
and services being sold through mlm companies today!

To the market “The Next Nutritional Break Though”
translates as Blah Blah, Blah, Blah.

The larger your potential customer base, the greater
your opportunity.

Don’t fool yourself. I cannot tell you how many times I
have heard “Everybody needs this product”. My
response is so?!? It is not about “need” it is about

As success magazine said years ago, “If people want
what you are selling, you’ll get Rich”

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