We tend to see people WHERE THEY ARE, and sometimes neglect the road that lead them there.

When we were building teams and had future leaders going through business and personal challenges, I would usually tell them, “I am glad you are going through this.” They would look at me with rage in their eyes. Then I would say, “I know you are going to make it, and the fact that you are going through the challenges you are going through right now will make your story that much more inspiring when you get where you are going.”

We live in a world where everyone is looking for their 15 minutes of fame. Is that really what it is all about? Nobody just lands on top. Everyone travels a road. When it is all said and done all that really matters is how many people did we encourage, inspire, and point in the right direction along our journey.

To make it to the top in network marketing and stay there your focus must be on truly, wisely, helping people. I have always felt that the best way to accomplish this is not from sharing my opinions, but by passing on Wisdom of the Ages principles that will always stand the test of time.

We have too many people sharing too many theories, and not enough documented systems. Yes, life is easier when you tell people what they want to hear especially if you are a marketer. However, any success built upon hype and theory will ultimately fall.  Network marketing is not about what works for you!  It is about what can be duplicated by majority of people as I explain in detail in the booklet “WHY THE MASSES OF NETWORK MARKETERS ARE CONFUSED AND FRUSTRATED” booklet I wrote several years ago.

Network marketers need to have a different level of understanding and wisdom because you are dealing with the lives of other people.

Many times we do see people where they are. Understanding the path they took will give you a good indication how long they will stay where they are, and why so many fall as fast as they rise.

Without question the number one mistake newbies make is comparing themselves with other new people that have joined their company.  We have to understand that just because they are new to your company, doesn’t mean they are newbies.  Many times they have years experience in the industry.

I understand that people are looking for the Fu Fu dust, short cuts to success in network marketing.  I always like to ask clients are you trying to make money or build a business?  If you want to build a network marketing team, you have to have a 3-5 year game plan. You cannot be concerned about your check next month!  If you want to make a few hundred bucks a month,  buy hammers from a wholesaler and sell them at your local flea market.  Network marketing is about building teams, and well trained teams create long-term residual income.

I hope this video drives this point home for you.


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