Network marketers are quick to spout off the famous quote by Zig Ziglar:

“You can have anything you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want”

However, over the years at numerous training seminars, I have asked these distributors to write down the name of their top 3 team members.  After they have completed this task, I ask them to write down the specific TOP 3 REASONS these people are building a business.

The response is always the same… they look like a deer starring into headlights!

Everyone understands the truth in Mr. Ziglar’s quote, but very few actually take the quote to heart and live and work daily with the goal to help others get what they want.  Those that do take this task to heart become sought after, recognized leaders within their particular companies.

Why don’t more network marketers experience what I call the Leadership Paradigm shift?  Because when you join a network market company everything about you is put to the test:

*  Your Persistence
*  Your Self Image
*  Your ability to Handle Rejection
*  Your time Management Skills
*  Your ability to Focus
*  Your Leadership Abilities
*  Your communication Skills
*  Your ability to put your pride away and  seek help
*  Your ability to maintain relationships with family and friends

And the list goes on and on, and on and on some more!

Network Marketing requires more personal growth than perhaps any profession you can choose.  However, it also offers more personal freedom and wealth than any other profession as well.

When you join a Network Marketing organization, everything about you is tested.  These constant tests create an unusual focus on yourself and your personal growth.  This is just a natural progression of your thought processes.  Does this make sense?

As you begin to grow as person, learn new skills, and develop new attitudes the business ultimately becomes easier as you start to create systems that maximize your performance.

After you develop an organization of a couple of hundred of people, you must realize that you have accomplished more at this point than 90% of the people that ever join a network marketing organization.  You should congratulate yourself!  The fact that you have made it to this point proves that you have the internal make up to build a huge organization, and the residual income lifestyle you are working for.

However, at this point something must happen.  The Leadership Paradigm must occur.  You must learn how to take the concentration and focus off of yourself, and place it on the development of your team members.  You probably don’t realize it at this point, but you really are over the hump.  Your income and lifestyle may not outwardly show this with a group of a couple of hundred people, but the fact is YOU HAVE MADE IT OVER THE HUMP.

The bad news is very few potential MLM Leaders have the ability to change focus from their self and onto helping their team learn, grow, and develop the skills and attitudes necessary for success.

At this point, if you can focus on Zig Ziglar’s quote and develop a heart for helping people, you will have a great future in this industry. Without the MLM Leadership paradigm shift, you will probably still achieve financial success but you will miss the 2 greatest benefits of the business.

  1. The friendships and Relationships you develop, and
  2. The true leadership and growth within yourself.

Don’t get me wrong.  Without the MLM Leadership Paradigm shift, you will still experience personal growth but not leadership growth. True leaders focus 100% on helping others.

There is a Bible verse that says, “He who wishes to be great, let them become the SERVANT of many…”

Where is your focus right now?  Be honest with yourself when you answer this question.  Are you focused on the growth of your organization, or are you totally focused on helping your team achieve what they want?

My hope for you is that you will experience the MLM Leadership Paradigm Shift!


Dale Calvert is a self made MLM Millionaire and CEO of Calvert Marketing Group: a training, consulting, and seminar company within the Network Marketing Industry.

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