Here is the Evolution in MLM Prospecting I have witnessed over the past 25+ Years.


When I started in the industry there were less than 10 active network marketing companies.  With the evolution of PC’s, UPS for shipping etc, etc.  it is estimated that their are over 2,000 MLM Companies operating worldwide with 200 new ones starting and 200 going out of business every month.

Everyone was taught the same basic system back then.

Buy a spiral notebook and right down the name of everyone you know, (a minimum of 500 people) and share the business and products with them.  Either a 1 on 1 presentation or hotel meeting.


Newspaper Ads, Bulletin Board Flyers, Door Hangers, Drop Cards, Direct Mail, etc. etc.  (All methods which are still work today, but are neglected by the majority of network marketers)


The first lead company that I am aware of  was PRO STEP.  In the beginning when you joined you would receive a large envelope each month with 100 or more name, address and phone numbers of people who had requested info about a home based business.  Notice, there was no such thing as email addresses at the time.


My friend Joe Schroder popularized this technology with his Quick Link System in the mid eighties.  Today with anti faxing laws, and peoples impatience with voice mail messages, this is not as productive as it once was.


This was touted by many “Self Proclaimed” gurus as the answer.  Wave 3 Network Marketing was finally here!  With the inconsistency of email delivery, the leads themselves and spam laws, this method still works, but not nearly at the level it once did.


This seems to be all the buzz in today’s market.  However, for the most part a network marketer who attempts to build their business by these methods only is a recipe for disaster!


True internet marketing with a MLM is a backend which is becoming more and more popular and works well with those  that already have a list of subscribers, if you don’t…again a recipe for disaster.

SO WHAT IS THE ANSWER?  I believe you are going to see a return to the basics within this industry.  There is an entire segment of MLM distributors who wouldn’t have a clue how to develop a lead without a computer, that is a crime!

To become a professional marketer in today’s world, you need to study marketing, all marketing.  Direct mail and postcards will make a come back, along with many other local lead generation methods…..mark my words!  It simply must happen.

Every week I have people that call and want to hire me to coach them who have followed a “self proclaimed” gurus advise for throwing away their warm market list, forget local prospecting and DO IT ALL ON THE INTERNET.  These people have invested thousands of dollars in online promotions and many times have very little, if anything to show for it!


Learn everything you can about lead capture pages, funded proposals, working MLM Leads, BUT NOT UNTIL YOU HAVE MASTERED HOW TO RECRUIT IN YOUR LOCAL MARKET!

Far too many network marketers are trying to learn how to do Algebra, and they don’t know how to ADD yet!

Learn your business in a Sequential, logical order!

That is why they don’t allow freshmen in college to take advance classes!  THINK ABOUT THAT!

HERE IS A CONFERENCE CALL I RECENTLY DID ON LOCAL MLM LEAD GENERATION.  You can listen to it now, while you are surfing the web, or checking your email

Listen closely, I know it will help you and it just makes logical sense!


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