Let me ask you a question, and please answer
this honestly.

If you are trying to learn anything ….. you name it.

  • How to Change the Oil in Your Car
  • How  to play a musical instrument
  • How to speed read
  • How to expand your memory
  • How to cure a ham
  • How to drive a stick

YOU NAME IT …………………

Do you want to learn from someone who has
actually DONE what you are trying to learn,
or someone who is trying to position themselves
as an authority
in a particular niche????

You can see through the BS ………. Can’t You?

I look at some of the concepts and methods that
self proclaimed gurus are openly teaching and
I just can’t wrap my mind around it.

“How to Position Yourself as an Authority in
Network Marketing”   R U N !!!!!!!!!!

Intelligent, business minded people (those you
want on your team)
will see right through this

Frankly it bothers me that I even have to
express this.  As my granddad once said,
“Common sense isn’t very common

In my opinion, this attraction marketing, call
yourself a marketing consultant, guru or home
business expert philosophy is the #1 Reason
the network marketing industry is NOT leading
the charge in the worldwide entrepreneurial
awakening happening around the world right

I understand it is easier to tell people what they
want to hear than it is the truth, but quite
frankly this flawed philosophy is why most
business minded entrepreneurs run for the
hills when they see the initials MLM.

Quite frankly, I don’t blame them.  For the
past 15 years all the industry has really done
is recruit each other while teaching our new
members to act like something they’re not
and the rest of the business world looks at
these flawed principles and ask what are
they thinking?

If you have not read the article by Len Clements
HITTERS, it is one of the many awesome article
you can find in the free PDF  ———-
The Top 24 Articles in Network Marketing History.
I talk much more about this concept in this
recent article:

The Best Way to become a network marketing
authority is to DO IT, then talk about it!


Look I am not trying to be a Negative Nancy.

I believe the flow of illogical business building
propaganda that has perceived substance, is the
number one reason many people with great upside
potential find themselves constantly spinning
their wheels and not developing any traction in
their business.

They are willing to grind, to work hard, but still
haven’t quite understood. IT IS NOT ABOUT THEM!
It is about helping their new people launch their
business correctly. Success building a network
marketing team is not about your willingness to
GRIND. That kinda goes without saying. If you are
not willing to GRIND, this is not the business model
for you.

However look around you there are good people, all
over the profession that have been grinding for years,
with no traction?


They are trying to get tips and nuggets of wisdom
from too many voices. The have never had what I call

Grinding will never get you to the top and keep you there, only systems can do that! Click To Tweet

Call me Negative Nancy, but sometimes the
truth must piss you off before it sets you free!


Negative Nancy








Honestly, I believe there is more upside potential
today than at anytime in history for those that
take the time to learn solid foundational team
building and leadership concepts and wisdom
of the ages success principles.

I really believe that, however the propaganda
that has been spread throughout this industry
over the past 15 years will ultimately take
the greatest business model in the world
and continue to do nothing but repel people
unless we all take a minute and try to see
past our business volume for next month.

With that said, below is the article I wrote
a few years ago on the subject and I hope
you get value from it.




Before I get started, let me say that in principal
I believe we can all learn from each other, even
if it is what “not to do”.

I also believe you can and should respect people as
human beings. There are many people I sincerely
respect as people, but totally disagree with what they
are teaching and or their motives behind what they

In general anyone who is willing to speak their
mind with passion and conviction is someone
that I respect even if everyone in the world knows
they are wrong.


With that said, I was speaking last week at a very
high end event. Most of the people in attendance
were very accomplished network marketers.

A lady, who is at the top of her company asked me
about a specific trainer and what he taught. My
response was simple, he is one of the Top 5
to avoid.

My normal answer is I don’t have any personal experience
with that person unless they ask me about a specific
concept or method.

However with this person, I have had personal experience,
at one time he was a distributor for the company I owned
Nu Creations.

After paying him nearly $25,000 in commissions he charged
us back over $1,000 on his credit card for products he
received after we were forced to terminate his
distributorship for cross-recruiting.

He has been thrown out of at least 5 companies I am aware
of and it notorious for attending company conferences for
the sole purpose of recruiting distributors into his
“new deal”.

He purchased a personality type  training from us at
www.MLMHelp.com memorized it, then started teaching it as
his own. I could go on and on, but there is a reason his
“Mentoring is for Free” It is worthless and he is a
classic example of someone who is only interested in developing
a following. Like many trainers he may have helped a few, but
taken many down at dead end path leading nowhere.

Later on during the conference the lady came back and asked
me, who are the other 4 trainers to avoid?

I avoided the question. I normally don’t express my opinion
on this subject unless I am asked a specific question like:

How do you feel about what _________ __________ teaches
about how to close prospects or ________ ___________
about developing rapport?

However, I have thought about this, and I think it is a
subject that could benefit our readers so let me give
you 4 general types of trainers to avoid without naming

#2 Anyone who is trying to teach you “how to do” that
which they have never done. Always ask yourself, who
is this person, what have they ever accomplished and
why am I listening to them?

There are some awesome public speakers with great
stories who have decided they are going to teach network
marketers how to build their business.  Many of these
big names, never developed a team on their own.  Even
worse, they built their teams after they penetrated the
network marketing crowd. Re-read that sentence. Yes
I said AFTER.

They are very entertaining, but what they teach is fluff
or principles they have read in a book.

One of my first coaching clients back in 1999 after we
released the Confessions of a Network Marketing Millionaire training
was David Ledoux.  David went on to be voted Network Marketing
of the year in 2002, but I love what he says about
“regurgitated crab”.















With all the “Attraction Marketing BS” being taught as THE
SECRET to grow your business. The internet is full of “self
proclaimed gurus” who are trying to “fake it till they make it”.

A trained eye can see right through this, we all know in our
gut, if someone has actually lived what they are teaching, don’t we.

While Social Media experts encourage people to build their brands
and authority, honest, ethical, decent, businesses minded people have
a problem with this philosophy.

The opportunity from wealth creation in network marketing comes from
building teams, not just from becoming the best salesperson in your
company. To build teams it requires people. Good people want to work
with those that are authentic. Newbies jumping on periscope or Facebook
live calling themselves an authority or life coach will never attract the people
you want to build your future with. Is it just me, or when you really
think through this, isn’t this common sense?















#3 Anyone that was raised up and taught by Bill Gould
of Equinox. They simply have a warped perception of
what network marketing is, and focused on  making money
from training
their downline and not into making income
from the development of new leaders on their team.

Their entire training model is based upon developing
followers and milking their followers with seminar fees.

It wouldn’t be that terrible if the training in the seminars
had any real world value. Unfortunately they are
designed to create a “worship mentality within the
attendees”, I could really spend some time here, but I

It is the closest thing to a “cult culture” that has ever
existed in network marketing. Just do an internet
search for Equinox & Bill Gould and you can read all
the horror stories.

This book gives the inside story, it is a disturbing, yet
fascinating read.

Bill Gould Equinox

On a personal note, I have some old Bill Gould training
on VHS that I think are fantastic. However greed and ego
eventually over came his genius.

I have met a few trainers that were raised in this
environment, that are value focused and really do have
the best interest of their team in mind, but unfortunately
they are the minority. The apple doesn’t fall too far
from the tree.

SIDE BAR since I first wrote this article
I know one of Gould’s proteges Buck Reed is serving time
in prison himself at the time of this writing.

I got to know Buck fairly well a few years ago when I was
hired as a training consultant and VP of Marketing for a
company he was with. I was at his home in Michigan, and
did a couple of company events with him.

In my opinion he was as very good hearted man, who bought
the wrong philosophy. How many times on the 11 o’clock
news do you see mommas interviewed whose son’s were just
arrested and momma always says something like, “He was a
good boy, with a good heart”.

A good heart with a bad business
philosophy is a recipe
for disaster.

Buck was taught. Money and Toys were the signs of success
& the way to accomplish this is to pull as many high dollar
seminar fees from your own downline members as possible.

We still see this mentality throughout the network marketing
world as “MLM Leaders” pitch Worthless Blogging Platforms and
Lead Programs convincing themselves it is in the best interest
of other people. Everybody knows they should be focused on
building their team and income in their chosen company.


I can say, I tried to confront him and his business partner
about this. His ego could not let him hear what I was saying
but his heart, knew I was right.

Looking back now, I wish there was more I could have done or
said, but when people don’t have ears to hear, you ultimately
created barriers, walls, and accomplish nothing. An ego with
a wall built around it is hard to penetrate.

Good guy, he just drank the Bill Gould Koolaide.

#4 Anyone who teaches you how to “close” your prospects.
Network marketing is about developing leadership, sales is
about closing. I have written a lot about this in the past,
but anyone who is teaching closing skills to network marketers,
really has a limited vision of what this industry & developing
a team is all about. If you are only concerned about the
1 time commission you earn from sponsoring a new member, you
don’t understand duplication or leadership development and
the wealth creation potential of the industry.

There is only ONE closing question you need to teach your
team. After someone has seen the entire story via webinar,
conference call or online video. (Accomplishing this is
another training).  But after this happens you ask them to
call you.

We have coaching clients around the world that have
their phone ringing every Tuesday, Thursday or whenever
their company overview webinar is over with people that
have just seen the entire story.  Yes you can do this when
you have a clear game plan and system for making this

They answer the phone and simply ask 1 closing question.

Keep in mind these people have just seen the ENTIRE
STORY.  Company, products, and comp plan.  That
questions is, are you ready?  Memorize it!

“What questions do I need to get answered for you
before we get you started tonight?”


#5 Anyone who teaches you to buy leads and pound the
phones “dialing for dollars”. This is the fastest way to burn
out a new person. The best lead you can generate is always
a local prospect who contacts you!


As with everything, there are exceptions to the above,
but very few. I am sure to get some negative feedback
regarding this post, but that has never bothered me much.

I know what I know and always welcome debate.

My focus always has been and always will be to make a
difference in the business of hard working, dedicated,
honest, network marketers.

You can leave your comments and questions below if you want.

If any of what I have said resignates with you, check out our
podcast listed below where we get deep into the skill sets and
mindset that ultimately will help you move forward and duplicate.



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