Yes, I believe that most people do business with those they know, like, and trust, but knowledgeable entrepreneur’s know better! 

Yes, I purchase insurance,  get my dry cleaning done,  eat at some local Mom & Pop Restaurants,  have my lawn work done  by someone I know like and trust.  However when it comes to learning business models or marketing ideas, knowing, liking, and even trusting people is really not something that enters my mind.  I believe knowledgeable entrepreneur’s have the ability to separate business and day-to-day living.  Joining somebody’s business ONLY because you know them, like them, and trust them really doesn’t make sense.

We are talking about business, we are talking about YOUR financial future!

When it comes to business,  knowledgeable entrepreneur’s just want three questions answered.

#1  Who is this person or organization and why should I be listening to them?

#2  Have they actually become successful with the business model or marketing idea they are teaching?

#3  Have they taught anyone else how to be successful with the business model?

Asking these three questions helps eliminate 70% of the marketers immediately.

This is why the entire concept of attraction marketing in Network Marketing is flawed.   Yes, you may attract a few newbies who don’t know any better, however all serious entrepreneur’s are repelled by those that have bought into the “Fake it till you Make it
HOME BUSINESS  “C O A C H E S”  &  “C O N S U L T A N T S” plastered all over the Internet.


You can do it,  so do it, then talk about it! 

A great question to ask yourself is do you want to attract a constant stream of “followers” who will fall off autoship when they haven’t made $10,000 in their first 90 days, or do you want to “attract” serious minded entrepreneur’s who are sincerely looking for an opportunity?

Personally I understood a long time ago, that I am not looking for the masses.  I am NOT trying to develop followers, I am looking for leaders!   I am not interested in working with people that don’t understand success requires personal education and work.   The market is full of people that are looing for a company or product to make them successful instead of the person staring them back in the mirror!

Unfortunately the market is full of unscrupulous marketers that are willing to tell  people what they want to hear and how lazy and rich they are.  It is the same story over and over and I for one am sick of it.    The number of people that are willing to buy into this story is staggering, however they are a revolving door that takes a tremendous amount of your time and energy.

I would rather find 3-5 business minded people a year than having a constant flow  of get rich quick newbies coming and going all the time  what about you?









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