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I wanted you to know that I am making changes to the Thursday night NO Fluff Webinars in 2017.

Your time is the most valuable asset you have.

I believe in the concept of Just In Time Learning.

I believe that at any point in your business there should be a specific skill set you are 100% focused on Mastering.  Sometimes the Thursday Night webinar training will help you now, and sometimes the info will be very valuable for you in the future.  My challenge has always been that each week we have newbies who are on their first NO FLUFF webinar as well as millionaire network marketing leaders we have worked with for years. 

It is challenging to provide value to both groups and everyone in between.  My goal from day one has been to repel those that are more interested in just making money than they are building real businesses with real teams of people.  That should be more than obvious to the right people when they read the post on this blog.  I have never been accused of telling people what they want to hear so I can sell them something they don’t need!

My time commitments have expanded in 2017 and I am working more one-on-one with individuals and groups of people, network marketing leaders and companies than ever before.

We are expanding our support team at Network Marketing Support Services Inc., and in general we have a lot going on.

So a weekly open to the public webinar may happen once or twice a month instead of weekly in 2017.  All replays are probably going to end up at so if you have not registered there, you should.


The time is right, for the right people!



2017 is going to be a very interesting year throughout the network marketing profession.

Distributors are sick and tired of the Fu Fu dust.

Leaders like you who are willing to speak up, speak out and provide wisdom of the ages success principles and proven, duplicatable systems are going to increase in demand over the next 5 years. 

5 years from now and into the future you will be hunted down and sought out not because you provide fu fu dust, but because you provide a track record of success and wisdom of the ages principles and systems.

Self proclaimed Fu Fu Dust gurus and corporate officials will become extinct…  

Common sense and practicality must return to the profession.  Future leaders will accept the emotional challenges, and numbers of this business head on and not tolerate those who are simply attempting to build followings by telling newbies what they want to hear.

There will be a backlash and companies that provide Fu Fu Training and promote Fu Fu Dust trainers, and new little red wagons (products) for distributors to play with as a substitute for developing home grown leaders will not be tolerated.  Distributors are taking their blinders off they are becoming smarter and more value focused.  The game is changing. 

2017 is the best of times, but also the worst of times.  It is the tale of two network marketing business models.  In 2017 you have to choose your side, and do it carefully.  Those who drank the Kool Aide have a second chance to build a business they can be proud of, but there won’t be a third!

I hope you can be with us Thursday night!


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