I understand that talking politics and religion is considered a No-No in business. I have been accused of a lot of things over the years, being politically correct has never been one of them. So this week I have released a couple of pieces of content that may be perceived by some as No-No’s or politically incorrect. I just hope you will find them valuable.


The first is an important message to Christian Network Marketers, you can access here:







You can Access it Here: http://mlmsuccess.com/podcast



So the second is this article.










Yes, a few years ago Trump bought a network marketing company and was the owner. It played out exactly as many of us knew it would;. Article Here.


Today after the presidential election in the USA I find it interesting that all the political science professors and top media people are trying to figure out what happened. All the smart people knew Trump could never get the republican nomination, and if he did Hillary would win in a landslide. That is what they have been telling us for months.


The possibility that they aren’t as smart as they thought they were never enters their minds. They are trying to blame something other than the fact their own polls and opinions weren’t accurate, and they really didn’t have a pulse on the American population.


The bottom line is as it relates to politics in the USA & around the World in my opinion can be summed up in one simple acronym that can can fix most everything.
T ogether
E veryone
A chieves
M ore
All problems & challenges come when people put their own self interest and personal agenda’s before the greater good of all.


A quick example: Regardless of what your personal religious beliefs are or aren’t …….. do you want your grandchildren in a school where they can read the 10 Commandments daily?  Will thoughts behind the 10 commandments have a positive or negative impact on children and schools?










This is common sense, isn’t it?

How is it possible that special interest groups were able to get The 10 Commandments removed from schools, the pledge of allegiance to the Flag, and on and on ?

A “What’s in it for me” mentality, rarely leads to what is the greatest good for all. When personal interest override common sense, it is very hard for us to move forward in life, business, or government.

My feeling is that it really makes no sense to label ourselves as a Republican, Democrat, or Libertarian. Our loyalty should be based upon decisions that are in the best interest of all based upon the track record of leaders we support I once told my grandmother that if Satan himself was running on the Democratic ticket you would vote for him. Over the years I have voted for both Republicans and Democrats.

There is no doubt that the two main political candidates in the USA this year are flawed human beings, as we all are.  Surveys I have seen indicate that 60% of Americans feel Hillary is a liar and her and Bill where more concerned about building their own power and wealth than serving the American population.





I am not going to get into all the facts regarding the sell of uranium, pay-to-play with the Clinton Foundation, etc. etc.  When a person has a personal agenda that is more important to you, Track Record is something that is rarely considered by many of us.

This is why so many network marketers buy into the fake it till you make it philosophy that has deeply penetrated the network marketing market place. They enjoy believing they can just blog daily, and do a You Tube video every week and be perceived as a leader. My question is always, by who?


Most people feel Trump is a pitch man, a promoter, a very egotistical, out spoken, human being. So how did he win the US election?


#1 A perceived track record of success.  #2 People respond to those that don’t calculate their words and just say what they believe and let the chips fall where they may. People are tired of those that tell them what they want to hear, over promise and under deliver. Those who talk the talk, but have no plan to help people move forward. There is no question that for many people it wasn’t the support for Trump as much as it was a lack of trust regarding the Clintons.


There is no political party that will “take care” of us. As individuals we all have to make the decision to take responsibility for our life or blame others or worse depend upon on them to take care of us. Those who are consumed with self interest & personal agendas don’t seem to have the ability to see much outside of those walls.

Somehow we have become a world that believes if you are not an old white male the world is stacked against you. I believe that those who believe in the greater good of all, don’t buy into that philosophy, no matter their age, race or sex. Success in any area of life can never happen without personal responsibility.


Greed, ego, personal agendas and special interest really do prevent all progress in business, life and government. Allowing yourself to see yourself or the social group you identify with as victims is simply a mentality that will never move a family, a person, a country, or a business forward. You either take responsibility for your life, or you don’t. You are either a giver, or a taker.


Your religion, education, race, political party, disability, age, etc. has nothing to do with being a giver or taker.


John F Kennedy’s words should be programmed in every American’s mind.
“Ask not what your Country can do for you,
but what you can do for your Country”


The ability to view USA as a Team & what is in the best interest of all is ultimately in our own best interest. Creating a culture that expects handouts and the government to take care of them is simply not healthy and emotionally intelligent people understand this.  The elites think people don’t have the ability take care of themselves.


I keep hearing political scientist and those in the media that like to hear themselves talk keep saying how America is divided. I find that very hard to accept.

I just feel like people were saying, enough is enough.

This election was not about personal agenda’s or political parties!
Black –White
Trade Imbalance
Religion – Atheist
Marriage Equality
Women President
etc. etc. etc.


Of course, I have personal attitudes and beliefs about all of the above important issues, and many more. However it is not about me, and your know what, it is not about you either!

None of these singular issues should be the reason we choose to vote for one person over another. It is not about our personal beliefs or special interest it always must be about TEAM.


I think it simply came down to the Track Record of the Clintons & of the United States political Elite and the current successful track record of Trumps companies to make a profit, create jobs,  and work within budgets.


This entire political process was a constant reminder for me of what the network marketing business model has become.  Track record is something than cannot be ignored.  Network Marketing Support Services, and this website has been in operation since the mid nineties. The reason I made the decision to focus on Network Marketing Support Services in August of 2015 was the continuous conversations with people who had drank the Kool Aide and bought into training systems and programs that have been produced by those that have no track record of ever developing full time leaders on their personal teams.

I have watched too many good people over the past 15 years, join the profession, receive the wrong direction from the wrong people and leave the industry.  I came to the conclusion that the profession must return to its foundation and wisdom of the ages success principles and systems. I realized, I can be part of the solution, or part of the problem.  That is why we started weekly webinars open to all distributors in all companies (www.MLMSuccessWebinar.com) along with 3 Podcast.

The 27%er movement has started, and I sincerely appreciate all of you that are on board who want to build it right and believe as I do, If you build people, people will build the business.

My advice to you in business, is the same as it would be in life.

Be a giver, not a taker and understand. 

T ogether
E veryone
A chieve More
M ore

Always make decisions that are based upon the best interest of the majority of people on your team.


Another point – Wisdom of the Ages is a term that I use quite often.  I am talking about principles from some of the greatest thought leaders in history from books like Think & Grow Rich,  How to Win Friends and Influence People, The Magic of Thinking Big,  The Power of Positive Thinking etc.

One Final Point – At the end of the day, one of these will probably happen
with the Trump Presidency.

1. He does a lot of good and actually helps the country.

2. He does a BAD job and makes things worse.

3. He does an OK job and things pretty much stay the same.

Yes, that’s a simplified projection …but don’t you think we’ve kind
of covered all the bases?

Me too.

So with that said, here’s something you can take to the bank:

No matter WHAT he does (or fails to do), the growth of your team and your business, ultimately depends upon you. Yes the right Success Principle mentors can cut your learning curve, but ultimate when you make it is going to be because of the ACTION, YOU took.

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