The email below prompted this post.

Network Marketers have been taken a play
out of the Internet Marketers Product Launch
playbook. That is well and good, but the real
question is, how do you lead guide, direct and
train people after the launch?

It appears that people seem to be jumping
from this launch, to the next and on and on,
instead of getting involved with the right company
at THE RIGHT TIME, and planting themselves!



Dear Mr. Calvert

I want to thank you for your newsletter article about six
months ago titled “What happens after the Big Launch?”.

That information saved me from buying into all the Bellamora
crap a few months ago.

I didn’t know if you had seen this are not, so I thought I would
send you the latest.

Robert Jayney

If you are one of the thousands that fell victim to the company, Bellamora International Group, you may be entitled to a COMPLETE refund or settlement.[FONT=’Verdana’,’sans-serif’]

I am collecting the names of people that are interested in a class action lawsuit. Please email me your contact info and your experience with Bellamora to

Who am I? I am one of the many people that actually went to Florida to look into the eyes of Dr. Miller and be told that Bellamora would last and was well funded. At the time I felt good about it, but I now know he is a fake. It has come to my attention that he is no longer a doctor. He actually had his license taken away (I would rather not get into how or why) from the authorities. I also found out he was not some guru MD like it sounded, rather a chiropractor. He did not retire to Costa Rica, he was run out of town because of bad business deals and because he had taken advantage of so many people in fear for his safety, he fled the states. It was not hard to find people in the Tampa area to share what they knew about Bruce Miller.

Over the past 45 days, the facts surrounding what is really happening at Bellamora’s corporate office is not completely clear. What IS clear, is that Bellamora has not delivered on most of its promises. Even more disturbing is that Dr. Miller has not delivered on ANY of the promises he made publicly on conference calls.

Has any of this happened to you: [/font][FONT=’Verdana’,’sans-serif’][/font]
[FONT=’Verdana’,’sans-serif’]- Overcharged on your credit card?

– Product never received?

– No answer or return phone call from customer service?

– Website not working?

– Leads and contact management system disappeared?

– Commission checks not delivered?

– Product caused a rash or breakout?

– Product was empty or leaked when received?

– Autoship over a month behind? [/font]

All you ever hear from founder Dr. Bruce Miller is BS about how nothing is his fault?[FONT=’Verdana’,’sans-serif’]
It appears EVERYTHING is Dr Miller’s fault. We have all heard the former executive management team is to blame for all our problems.. that is ridiculous. I can tell you that Brian McLane and Allison LaMarr returned every phone call and email I put into them. Dr Miller has not returned one of my calls, neither has Bellamora. When I asked the former management team for details of what happened, I was told they would prefer to not comment on it. Even though they did not know who I was, I found that to be a classy move. Dr Miller on the other hand, has called the former management team of crooks, thieves, criminals and hackers. That by itself tells me what kind of guy he is. Everyone on the former management team has had a very successful career in network marketing. You can actually see their history of what they have done and that speaks for itself. Dr Miller is a ghost. No experience at all, yet he has all the answers? I am offended that those individuals are being accused of illegal activity and blamed for the problems that Bellamora is facing and no facts have been presented for that case. I never had most of these problems when the previous team was in place.

Where is this burn cream we have heard so much about? People have requested a sample of it for months and Dr Miller has never been able to show that even exists! I would love to hear from ANYONE, including owners, investors and the previous management team that have ever seen the actual burn cream, or talked with anyone who has.

What about the donation they made to hospitals in other countries? How tough is it to provide the name and contact of the person at ANY hospital in the world that the donation was made? How can Dr Miller actually say something that is an absolute lie? It seems he is doing a lot of that these days..

WHERE ARE THE NEW SAMPLES?? It has been over 45 days since we heard new samples were going out! What about everyone that purchased the product before the prelaunch on 1/15/2011 that was promised 20 samples for every kit they bought? On several calls, Dr Miller and Kelley Foote announced that the new samples were on their way in customs in the warehouse. How is it possible that they can continue to lie like that? BLATANTLY LIE!! [/font][FONT=’Verdana’,’sans-serif’][/font]

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH![FONT=’Verdana’,’sans-serif’]
Here are some questions that have been asked of the corporate office, but no return email or phone call ever came:

Where are the clinical studies on the product? Is there any documentation to support all the incredible claims? Is there any reputable source that can support the product? Is the product safe? How do we know that? How many reactions, rashes and breakouts were reported to the company? We hear about a supposed burn cream that was developed several years ago, but what about the skin care? How did it really come about? It has been asked multiple times, but Bellamora has NEVER given us a history on the skin care. All smoke and mirrors.

There is NO patent on the skin care line! They baited us with the burn cream, then switched all the focus to the skin care line.

How is it that a company brings in so much money yet can’t hire more people to answer the phone? There are people that submitted support tickets 3 months ago and have STILL not heard back. The only people that are sticking up for the company are those with no MLM experience and those that do not have a team! Those of us that built a team and worked out butts off are the ones that are really suffering.

Isn’t it illegal to only sell product to reps? Isn’t that a pyramid? How is it possible that the company does not allow potential customers to order product from the associates website? The Attorney Generals are not going to be happy about that.

What happened to the investors? Everyone was excited that one of the top investors, Tom Shannon, was from Outback Steakhouse and was ******* this project? I actually met him at one of the events in Tampa. He seemed like a successful guy and assured me that Bellamora was going to be successful, at all costs. Isn’t his son Tommy Shannon still working there? Where is he? Why isn’t he on any calls talking about the financial stability of the company? Based on everything that has happened, it appears that the money ran out and the investors have left all the reps holding the bag. Just look at this lawsuit that the investor is involved in:

Being sued for MILLIONS!

It was just published in a trade magazine that Bellamora has not paid their vendors!! How is it that Kelley Foote, the COO of the company, has time to participate in an article on how the company has no money and is not meeting their financial obligation, but does not have time to get on a conference call with all of the associates and tell them what is going on? No wonder things are not working, they have not paid their vendors!!

What happened to all the benefits of the “Founders package”….. T Shirts… Leads…… VIP access to events…… Lapel pins……. Logo on biz cards and websites? Where is all that? BOGUS promises………… They should be ashamed of themselves.

How is it possible that the company is signing up “….. hundreds of new reps per day?” per founder Dr Bruce Miller on the corporate call on 4/3/2011? All everyone sees in their back office are numbers going backwards and the number of non active associates increasing!!! That is a BLATANT LIE! “Things are great….. everything is turning around…….. we got rid of the bad apples…….” What planet is Dr Miller from? Things are HORRIBLE!! Product not received, websites down or not working, associates charged multiple times, no communication from corporate, ZERO leadership since the CEO was fired, not able to enroll new reps, all recognized leaders have left and are taking their teams with them, ZERO customer service, ZERO experience on the corporate team? Team members that are owed commissions from over a month ago? Now they have taken down their facebook page? A voicemail at their office that says they are not taking calls? [/font][FONT=’Verdana’,’sans-serif’][/font]


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