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After I got involved in network marketing back in 1980, it didn’t take me too long to realize this business model could offer me much more than I originally thought. As many of you know from about 9 years old till my early twenties I was a semi-professional magician. Yes doves, scarfs, floating girls,etc.

I was looking for some type of side gig income to supplement my company Calvert’s Modern Magic Creations. What I was really looking for was an escape from the 9 – 5 rat race. I was looking for freedom to do my own thing. I soon realized that network marketing offered average people the opportunity to create generational wealth. Not in a year, two or even five,but over time by doing the right activities with the right mindsets CONSISTENTLY.

I am sad that we have become an industry that is more about developing followers than real leaders on our team. It bothers me, that people are taught how to get 3 so yours is free, instead of replacing your full time income and over time creating wealth.

If you are not afraid to dream big dreams, I believe that they are possible with the network marketing business model. The goal of network marketing support services inc. is to support career minded business people with proper changes and direction.

Dream big dreams and get the proper direction, and develop the proper work ethic to back them up! As Helen Keller said. “Life is to be lived as a Magnificent Adventure, or not at all”   At  Network Marketing Support Services one of our goals is developing a community of good people, who are big dreamers, who have a vision for returning the professions to its roots of personal development and personal growth.  People who understand the truth, “If you Build People, People will Build the Business”.  If that sounds like you we would invite you to become a member of The MLM Training Club, you can get the details on this unique community of people by CLICKING HERE.

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