Dale was featured in this book in 1998 below is his interviews.


Age: 38 Family: Married for sixteen years to Stephanie. Three daughters, Brittanie, 15; Channing, 13; and Allie, 7.

Highest Education:He attended night classes at a local business college while working at IBM, until he got involved in network marketing. He believes that formal education will make you a living, self-education will make you a fortune.  Jim Rohn

Year started business: 1980; Full-time for the last 15 years.

Type of business:  New Image International specializes in diet and weight loss products.

Market: He believe that in network marketing the real product is the people, the distributors. The market for weight loss product is obviously huge, 33+ BILLION $$! However, the real market is the frustrated men & women who are tired of trading time for dollars.

Number of employees: 4

Best month (gross revenues): You wouldn't believe me if I told you! The network marketing industry and the New Image International opportunity has made me a millionaire.


Hours worked per week during start-up: 80 Hours worked per week now:60+ because he loves what he does.


Favorite business magizines: Upline, Working At Home, Success, Six-Figure Income.


Favorite business books and authors: He enjoys all of John Maxwell's books such as "Developing the Leaders Around You," "Raising a Giant" by Bob Crisp; & The Bible.


Relaxes by: Traveling with his family & friends, especially to the Caribbean, Cancun & Hawaii.


Keeps in shape by: He takes massive supplements, treadmill, basketball.


Favorite part of business: He feels that network marketing gives the chance to live a life of significance because of the impact you can make on another person's life. His motivation is the opportunity to see his people walk across the stage, having reached the top position in the company.


Least favorite part of business: Dealing with ignorant self-centered people who think the world owes them something.


Companies admired: Amway, Shaklee & Mary Kay, each having been doing business for over 25 years.


Favorite quotes: "Without continuous personal development you are now all that you will ever become,

"Hell starts when the person you are, meets the person you could have.become"

"Success in this industry is not in finding the right person, but in becoming the right person." (Dr. Forrest Shaklee)

"He who wishes to be great, let him be the servant of many." (The Bible)






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