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Dale Calvert has finally realized a dream that began several years ago. With his perseverance and determination, he has made it to the top of the summit with New Image International, now serving as director of marketing. However, ambitious as he is, life wasn’t always easy for Calvert … until New Image entered the scene.

Calvert was intent on moving out of their small, 600 square foot home. At times, this transition seemed like a dream. He had his heart set on living in the gated community of Mallard Point, a subdivision in Kentucky, consisting of large, stately homes. “I would drive out there at night in my beat-up Chevette and pull up to the gate, even though I knew I couldn’t get in,” Calvert recalls. But that never stopped him from visualizing he and his family would one day be a part of the community.

A constant reminder they would someday olive there, was a large picture in his makeshift office of the beautiful homes he longed to be a part of. This was the driving motivation that has brought him success with New Image, enabling he and his family to move into their new 4,000 square foot lakeside home at Mallard Point. However, Calvert had a tough road to hoe before making his dream come true.

Prior to New Image, he worked for two other network-marketing companies. Additionally, he marketed a specialized health insurance product for persons who were self-employed. Times were often difficult. Just when the thought things were looking up, a financial reversal would occur. Even his credit cards had maxed out. “I even started looking back to when I once worked for IBM, wondering that if I had stayed there, I could have become a technician or department manager, but I couldn’t see spending 40 years building a dream for someone else,” Calvert said.

Calvert’s luck would change after New Image approached him to help implement a marketing plan for the company.  Dissatisfied with his current company, he thought he had nothing to lose.

Calvert’s wife, Stephanie, was at a loss for words when her husband initially told her he was leaving his then current company to join New Image. However, so strong are their beliefs in the company, neither has ever looked back. With Calvert’s marketing acumen, New Image associates are able to sell products directly to customers, which enables them to earn an income before sponsoring others. If an associate spends only a few hours each week sharing products with others, they are able to earn a few hundred dollars per month.

New Image was founded in January, 1994 by Ron Frederic, beginning with only 84 associates. At the end of the first year, sales reached $3.8 million. IN 1997, New Image held their third national conference with 5,000 associates in attendance. With Calvert’s help, sales had climbed to over $35 million.

“At some point, everyone’s mother, brother, sister, aunt and uncle want to lose weight,” Calvert stated. “I lost 16 pounds when I began taking New Image products, and when others saw what it did for me, they all wanted to buy the products.”

Calvert is also proud of the fact he played an integral part in implementing New Image’s training policy. “Most companies are not entirely focused on one method of teaching. This creates confusion with distributors. People don’t know who to follow. New Image has unified its organization, separating us from the masses,” Calvert said. He believes you should have one system and stick with it.

“We have been able to give others the freedom to do what they want, when they want. Building better lives for our associates and their families have always been a priority with New Image.” Calvert concluded.

Realizing still another dream, Calvert and his family, including three daughters, are building yet a large home consisting of 15,000 square feet on a 103 acre horse farm in central Kentucky. This is where he anticipates hosting many large company barbecues for the people that have enhanced his life to the fullest.

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