From time to time, I surf a few MLM Forums
to see what the “Chatter” is.

Every time I do, I reminded how predictable
this industry is.

You can read someone’s post and get a
snap shot of where they are and what they

Eventually, every network marketer must
have the “Leadership Development Mind
Shift” and start to understand that it is
not about them, it is about what can be
duplicated by their team.

Anyway BELOW Was a Recent Post and
my reply:

Here are 2 major reasons that keep people from rising
to the top in their company.

1)They are not effective communicators. Think about
all the people who seem to constantly sponsor people
in your business effortlessly. They learned the
communication skills to build large networks of people
which allows them to have the ability to INFLUENCE
these people in their network. Once you have the ability
to influence people within your network, it’s really easy
to get people to follow you and to see you as a leader.

This is the first skill that everyone that’s successful in
network marketing has. They are an effective

2)The second reason that people fail in network
marketing is because they never learned the skills
to market. You have to learn how to generate leads
to introduce your business to on a daily, consistent
basis. Once you go through your warm list of friends
and family, it is essential to know how to find other
people that could be interested in joining your business.

If you can’t learn how to market, your business
will never be able to grow to it’s full potential.

Now is a good time to look at where you’re at in your
business. If you’re not at where you want to be yet, l
ook at these two traits that successful network marketers

Chances are that you are lacking in one or both of these
traits. There’s nothing wrong with that, but be honest
with yourself and swallow your pride. Look at these two
skills that anyone can learn if they have the desire and ask
yourself “What Can I Do To Get Better At These Two Skills?

Write it down and create some action steps for you to
take to improve in these areas. Before you know it, you
will have improved enough at being better at these two
core traits and you will see your business explode. I hope
this helps some people improve their businesses to new


Interesting post, and comments and very true.

You have described perfectly most of the so
called “Successful” distributors in network marketing.

But what is success?

It you are making $10,000 monthly does that mean
you are a success? I don’t think so.

$10 K monthly earners are a dime a dozen in network
marketing. 95% of them don’t really know how they
got there, other than having a natural instinct to create

They tell people what they want to hear and
make them feel good about themselves. The result
is they have an organization full of “followers”. This
is great if you are a political candidate, but not if
you are a network marketing leader who truly is trying
to help people.

Your post hit the nail on the head, and this is
how most 10K a month earners created their

I have always felt that in network marketing
your real product is people and you are in the
leadership development business.

Your job is to develop leaders, not followers.
Leaders can only be developed with systems,
not personality.

I have told our clients a thousand times,
stop reading book on vitamins, herbs, and
toxic make up and starting reading books

True leaders develop leaders with systems
that those leaders duplicate to create more
leaders. This philosophy was the foundation
that allowed me to develop an organization
with over 200 six figure earners.

This leadership development with duplicatable
systems mindset will ultimately develop million
dollar earning leaders. I transcript of the
conference call I did with some of my leaders
on this subject can be downloaded at pinnacle
mlm leadership .com. (I don’t know if I am
suppose to put a link to a free transcript or not).

Regardless, leaders who are only interested
in developing followers are a real soar spot
with me. Many of them have a must be
worshiped complex.

When people contact me for coaching and
immediately start telling me how successful
they have been, I always ask the same

Tell me about the people on YOUR TEAM
earning six figures. Normally there is SILENCE.
Then I say, tell me about the people who are
on track to make that kind of income. 90%
tell me about their new person who has been
with them 90 days but has “a lot of potential”.

The truth is they have thought that about
almost every person they have sponsored
over the past few years. All those people
did not receive the systematic direction
they needed so they are no longer in
the game.

They are what I call social club members,
who hang out on the sidelines. Yes,
they are probably on every company call,
but truth is they are no longer doing the
consistent activity necessary to build a
business. Sad, very sad, and even worse,

I blame the “Leader” who is making
10K a month.

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