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Let me be as clear as possible.  If any network marketing leader, guru, rock star, upline, downline, or anyone else is trying to convince you, you should start a blog ……….. THEY ARE MORE INTERESTED IN SELLING YOU SOMETHING than providing you proper direction to build your team! 

If this is unsettling to you, I hope you will read every word of this article with a 1/2 way open mind. For most network marketing distributors to achieve their real potential with this business model, they must Wake UP!  The market is full of wolf’s in sheep’s clothing telling you exactly what you want to hear, so they can sell you what they want to sell you.

I guess it was Empower Network that convinced the masses a few years back… Continue reading »

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In today’s marketing world there are a few companies, products, & “leaders” that need to be called out!   Over the past 90 days or so I have heard the phrase “We don’t talk bad about other network marketing companies” more than I have in the last 35 years.  When did that mentality become politically correct in MLM?  Every time I hear someone make that statement I think what they are really thinking is “I don’t want anyone to talk about us”.

As a basic life principal I believe you don’t throw dirt because ultimately all you end up doing is losing ground.   People who really know me will tell you I have very little tolerance for ignorance, but I go above and beyond when it comes… Continue reading »

There are so many ideas and philosophies that are considered best business practices in network marketing today, that make no sense in the real world.

I am just shocked at how as a profession, we let this happen.  Remember a few years ago when all the self-proclaimed network marketing gurus where telling the masses they needed to have a blog and needed to be blogging every day if they want “to be perceived to be a network marketing professional”  

What a load of crap that was as I discussed in detail in this video.

Article here -> Why Blogging is a Waste of Time for 99% of Network Marketers

Another accepted “best business practice” in network marketing is basically at no time should you ever speak to anyone you ever met in any network marketing company about an opportunity… Continue reading »

My position on trying to build your Network Marketing business
focusing 100% on offline or online techniques is very well

The old school new school war was created by attraction marketers
so they could sell unsuspecting network marketing newbies what
they wanted to sell them.

I have documented this in multiple articles on this blog over the


Network Marketing Disruption

Is there a difference between becoming a Top Producer in your company and a
Top Leader? Most say no, of course not. They are wrong, let’s prove it. That is
why the majority of six-figure earners ultimately fail and leave the profession.


Why Searching for Network Marketing Tips, MLM Nuggets, and Tricks
will Delay Your Success by Years 

Why Blogging is a waste of time for 99% of Network Marketers… Continue reading »

Who is your Network Marketing Mentor, where are they taking you?

The last couple of years on our MLM Success Podcast and Network Marketing Webinar Trainings I have talked more about finding a network marketing mentor than I have my entire entrepreneurial journey.

If you stay with me, and read every word of this article, I believe I can share some ideas on mentorship in general, and finding a network marketing mentor that can serve your well on your journey.

Mentorship is a subject that I know is not talked about enough and one that I wish I had shared more about through the years. If you listen to my content you know that I always try to give credit where credit is due. I quote so many personal development speakers because I learned how to get their… Continue reading »

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“If you are a serious, career minded network marketing distributor,  this is the one page on this website that  will give you access to more FREE, valuable no fluff, MLM business building information than $10,000 worth of any network marketing training programs available in the market.  Please don’t breeze over this page”  Tina Reagan


Why 3 Network Marketing Podcasts?

If you are a learner, an information seeker, a podcast listener, a deep thinker… let me try to communicate why the information I cover in these 3 Network Marketing podcast will be different than the normal training you are exposed to.  I feel it is important that you know, I don’t need… Continue reading »

Last night’s game will go down as one of the most memorable in the storied history of University of Kentucky Basketball. Thanks for all the tweats and messages making sure my heart was able to take it :). Both teams approached this game the way we should approach life, they gave it all they had, and left it all on the court!

38 – 0, only two more left!

Yesterday I had the opportunity to conduct multiple 10 minute coaching calls with clients, friends, and customers from all over the World. For those of you that tried to get through and couldn’t I apologize, for those of you that did, please take the information we talked about to heart and implement it.

At the end of the coaching sessions, my biggest AH HA moment was there are a lot of… Continue reading »

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