This was a very hot topic in the 80’s and I know network marketers that built massive organizations around this BENEFIT aloneAs an industry I think we take this massive benefit for granted. We mistakenly assume that everyone understands that building a business from home can convert some expenses you already have like water bill, electric bill, garbage pick-up, internet connection, training programs, maid service, lawn care service,  gasoline, car lease, vacations/business trips, kids allowance/wages, dining out/planning meeting , etc. etc. into legal tax deductions.


Operating a business from home allows individuals the opportunity to take advantage of many of the same tax deductions received by Fortune 500 companies.


Obviously I am not a CPA or Lawyer so blah blah blah, seek competent council (frankly it upsets me that we have let ignorance over come common sense that I am suppose to make this kind of statement).   We cannot ship something in a sandwich size plastic bag without a warning that says don’t put this bag on your Barbie doll size head or you may suffocate.   Geeeeezzz  Talk about saturation?   Look up the word attorney in your local yellow pages, yes they still print Yellow pages  No, I have no idea why.  Yes, 95% of the lawyers give the other 5% a bad name!  Yes, I meant to say it that way.


Ok, let me get back on topic ….  TAX DEDUCTIONS.


If you have been involved in the industry a year or two, you have experienced this.  You know exactly what I am trying to communicate, which is kind of the point!   As an industry are we taking this huge benefit for granted?   Over our lifetime, taxes will be the #1 largest expense we will have. We will pay more in taxes than we spend on our home, pay to educate or children, or for the vehicles we drive.  Here is my suggestion. Re-visit the overview presentation given when you let prospects hear the entire story about your company, products and comp plan.   It doesn’t matter if that is done online, live webinar, conference call, etc.   Are the double AA tax deductions (Converting money people are already going to spend)  to legal tax deductions covered?


If not, somebody needs to tweak the presentation. Some people will join your business,  just because they have the opportunity to drastically reduce the number one expense they will have over their  lifetime.  TAXES!  For no other reason, everyone who has a basic understanding of taxes, owns a business and has an office in their home, even if its a small TV tray that holds your laptop in the corner of your studio apartment.


I copied the email below from my friend Charlie Thackston who is involved with a wonderful Trace Mineral product called Magzuma.

As you read this remember,  Charlie is only talking about the mileage credit which is just one of hundreds of tax deductions network marketers enjoy.

The IRS allows 57.5 cents per mile when you drive your car on business. Go to: and in the search bar type in: 2015 business millage deduction. Pull up the bulletin.

Thank about this! Set up your MagZuma business and each time you drive your car to see someone or maybe you are at a shopping center buying groceries and you see someone and you say, “Are you interested in making any more money?” or “Do you know anyone who has a health problem?” or “Do you know anyone who has a money problem?” 99 times out of 100 they will say YES. Give them your business card and say, “Tell them to give me a call.”

According to the IRS, you are working your business. You are “TRYING” to make a profit. You are PROSPECTING for MagZuma wholesale customers and Business Builders.

Now keep a record of the millage you drove from your home to the grocery store. If it is 10 miles multiply that by 57.5 cents and you have a $5.75 business millage deduction. All you have to do is document your millage deduct it from your GROSS W-2 income. (Some of your GROSS income is really gross!)

If you deduct 10,000 miles at 57.5 cents per mile, your have a $5,750.00 deduction. If you are in the lowest “bracket” (15%) the government will give you $862.50 I think that will pay forthe $150 enrollment fee for the MagZuma business.

Folks, some of you are not THINKING!!! You need to be talking with everyone you know and meet about this MagZuma program.

A person told me the other day they just did not have $150 to enroll! I ask them if they drove their car 2,000 miles per year. They said, YES plus a lot more than 2,000 miles. I told them to multiply 57.5 cents X 2,000. They did and it was $1,150.00 I told them to multiply that by 15%. The answer was $175.50. I said, it only takes $150 to become a Business Builder in the MagZuma Wholesale Buyers Club and for every person you enroll the MagZuma Company immediately pays you $100. I said, if the government gave you the money, would you enroll?   They said, YES! I said, well if you drive your car 2,000 miles per year, the government will give you $175.50. Take $150 and enroll in MagZuma as a Business Builder and you keep $25.50 and spend it any way you want to.



One final thought.   In the old days, I remember keeping a small notebook above my visor and every time I went to a business related event, which was almost always, even if it was to pick up office supplies while my wife grocery shopped, I logged my miles.   Today it is 10X easier.  there are multiple apps in the market that allow you to log your business related miles.   Just do a quick search for  business miles and you will find multiple options.




PS   This is not a promotion or endorsement of any particular IPhone App or network marketing product company or product.   Here is what I believe,  Charlie’s email gives a deeper perspective on the mileage benefit deduction so I wanted to share it in hopes that you would find it valuable and remind you, to not  neglect to mention these benefits to  potential team members. I also wanted to communicated if your are not mentioning this in your webinars, opportunity conference calls, etc. maybe you should.   If the fact I mentioned a particular company or product offends you because a “downline member might read it”   please don’t send me an email, just unsubscribe from my email list.


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