Before I share with you thoughts about increasing your child’s Emotional Intelligence, I nee to speak to adult entrepreneur’s. There is really no way to sugar coat this, and I don’t want to come across insensitive. I just talked to a friend who has lost his mother-in-law and mother to the coronavirus.

Our heart, thoughts, and prayers go out to his family and everyone who is dealing with loved ones who are fighting this.

However, we all have a choice, to let it paralyses us, or inspire us. When you look back on this time 5 years from now, you will be experiencing the decisions you make during this time.

So for all adults that call themselves entrepreneurs, this is my true belief, and I can’t sugar coat it.

Ok, now that is out of the way, let’s get to the topic at hand.

How to Increase your child’s EQ during this time of Quarantine

Honestly,   I don’t know enough about this subject to be talking too much about it. What I want to share is a personal theory I have, based upon personal life experiences.

The study of EQ is a relatively new science that in my opinion has intimidated  many high IQ professors.  However over the last couple of yeare EQ has become a real buzz topic in entrepreneurial circles.

There has been a lot of research being shared over the past couple of years on the EQ (Emotional Intelligence)  I have been paying a lot of attention to it, and find the subject fascinating.  

My middle daughter, Channing, who is a counselor gave me the first book on the topic that I ever read. She introduced it to me telling me I would love it, and she tells me I was the first psychologist she ever had. 🙂

We all understand IQ score, but What really is EQ ?

EQ basically has to do with the skills in perceiving, understanding, and managing emotions and feelings. (According to Webster)

It is understanding how we think, how aware of self-talk we are in ourselves and others, the ability to look behind the curtain as I like to say.

So the next obvious question is, are our level of EQ something that we are born with, in our DNA or it is something that is developed, or not developed over time based upon our environment, authority figures, etc.?

Here is what I sincerely believe, regardless of where it comes from, the more EQ you have, the easier it is to navigate through life, especially if you are on an entrepreneurial journey.  The higher your EQ the clearer you see situations and what is really going on.  The harder it is to have the wool pulled over your eyes, and the easier it is to recognize wolfs in sheeps clothing.

The Fu Fu Dust become clear as a bell ringing.

Here is my theory

Magic as a hobby, helps kids and even adults develop higher levels of EQ.  Especially if they are already born with a healthy dose.

Honestly I have been shocked how many of my entrepreneur friends, performed as magicians when they were younger. Dan Kennedy,   Michael Penland, Marlon Sanders, Ron Henley, just to name a few.

So I have said all of that to say this.  If you are looking for activities to fill your children’s time during this time of quarantine, consider magic.

As most of the people who listen to our podcast, and read this blog know, I was a semi-professional magician throughout my teenage years, before I found network marketing.

Looking back I realize how valuable that has been for me.  It has helped me see behind the curtain in a way that most don’t.  So some of it I am sure is DNA, but I believe a lot of it was because I picked up magic as a hobby when I was six years old.

So if the children in your life are getting board with coloring books, puzzles, and games.  Why not let them learn magic they can perform?   There is a great free video that will help your kids learn magic here.

I think it will be something fun for them to do, educational, and may start them on a journey that will give them a high level of EQ.



This too shall pass

Dale Calvert

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