After 35+ years in this industry I have come to the conclusion that there are two distinct type of network marketing gurus in the market today.  If you are looking for a network marketing coach, a great upline sponsor, I hope you find these insights beneficial. I call this the tale of two network marketing gurus.

If you are a newbie looking for a network marketing guru to join your team or promote your product, YOU ARE WASTING YOUR TIME, it isn’t going to happen.  This article is worth you reading:  The Land of 10,000 Un-Recruited Heavy Hitters.  If you are involved in another business model and need guidance or help, CLICK HERE.


The Story of Two Network Marketing Gurus


I understand that I repel those who treat their business more like a social gathering than a real business.  I have said many times, if all you ever want is a part-time gig I believe there are better options than network marketing. I understand many network marketing gurus disagree with that statement,but I think they miss the ALL YOU EVER WANT part of that statement.

So since you are reading this, I would sincerely appreciate your thoughts and feedback on this subject.

I believe the power of network marketing is it gives average people with above average desire the opportunity to generate wealth.

So here is my question.

When we don’t take the time to really get it (Internalize) that which is important,  does it makes it harder in the future to recognize and internalize that which is REALLY IMPORTANT?

That is my question for you.

Not just in our business, but life?  Don’t we see this in politics, and really all aspects of life?  Some people are so self reliant and close minded they can see through a key hole with both eyes. It is though they don’t have the ability to really Internalize WISDOM OF THE AGES SUCCESS PRINCIPLES because they think they already have all the answers.

I know that “knowledge without action leads to self delusion.”   The network marketing profession is full of knowledgeable people that have never really conquered fear of failure and fear of rejection that hang around this industry in a state of false pride and delusion.  I know that, I think we all see that we see that every time we log into one of our social media accounts.  If they have any success at all the are quickly promoted to network marketing gurus status, and that is when things can get way out of control.

At some time we have all read the parable of the talents.  The dude that buried his one talent had it taken away. Those that use their talents have more added.  What about our positive, insightful thoughts?




Believe it or not, when I was younger I  sang like a song bird.  Today, I couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket.   Zig Ziglar talked about what would happen to the use of our arm if we tied it to the side of our body for a month and didn’t use it? I think it was Zig, it may have been Dr. Wayne Dyer.

Anyway, my point being is weekly I communicate with many network marketing newbies, future leaders, those will leadership titles, real leaders and company owners.  A wide range of people.


Many seem to be happy for me to tell them the same thing over and over.  It is almost like they ARE NOT ABLE to say THIS IS IMPORTANT, and I need to make it part of my daily operation and natural thought process by internalizing this concept through repetition.


It is like people would rather waste more and more time on Foo Foo dust, than internalize that which is really important.  There are really only 7 Key areas of life. With the right focus and internalization of what is important can’t we all continue to move forward in all areas of life?


Success is living your live working towards worthy goals.

If that is what is going on, they also seem to become more hard headed and unable to hear logic and wisdom as time goes on.  Just take one night and switch your TV back and forth from CNN to FOX and you will see exactly what I am talking about.   They are talking about the exact same story but seem to struggle to come to logical conclusions because they are more concerned about political agendas.

It seems people have become more consumed with personal agenda’s, and
being entertained than focusing on the things in life that really move the needle forward.


Personal feelings about the current administration, keep these talking heads from applying logic and wisdom to any given situation.  The number of times someone has been proven wrong seems to not matter in today’s fake news and mlm guru world.

It is sad to think when we don’t take the time to really get it (Internalize) that which is important that it possibly makes it harder in the future to recognize the difference between truth and fluff.

I understand that we don’t know what we don’t know.  That is one reason why I am always inviting people to call me out on anything I share on this website or in our podcasts that doesn’t make logical sense, and founded in wisdom of the ages principals.

However it is all around us.   Common sense seems to be becoming less and less common.  It is becoming harder for people to think.  They seem to have decision constipation. 

They can’t buy anything they truly need unless 20 random people on social media give it 5 stars. In some cases, they ended up investing money in things they don’t wan’t for the same reason, social media stars. Really?


I know that  “Knowledge without action leads to self delusion”  (See guru 2 below)

My question is.  Is it possible that when we are exposed to logic, reason, and wisdom and don’t take the time to “capture those thoughts and internalize them” that in the future they become harder to recognize?



Recently I had a listener of our podcasts send me an audio clip of a very popular network marketing guru where he was basically bragging about the fact that he never listen to Jim Rohn or many motivational speakers when he was building his team.   The question they asked me was is this as horrifying to you as it is me?

Of course but,  I wasn’t surprised but that made it no less horrifying.




The same day I received another email from someone talking about another very popular trainer telling me  “He sure knows how to talk the talk, & he wants all of us to think he walked the walked. However those that know his track record understand all he ever did was climb in other people’s back pocket”

At least NETWORK MARKETING GURU TWO listened and internalized wisdom.  The fact he was never able to implement that wisdom in the market place and move forward on his own is another issue.  My perception of him from the beginning was he was a pocket jumper, and over the years his track record has proven that to be the case.

I had a company owner tell me this week.  The conscientious is he was an ok builder, but he is a great trainer.  My response was simply, I don’t agree with the conscientious.  He climbed in the back pocket of __________ and he has become a great seminar promoter.  The ability to promote seminars, has nothing to do with the ability to teach someone how to sequentially build a team.



He never took the time to internalize wisdom.  Anyone who has taken the time to internalize wisdom of the ages principles can listen to this guy for 10 minutes and it becomes immediately obvious that he never has. 

Maybe he was the #1 earner of a pyramid scheme he calls a network marketing company before becoming a full time consultant and trainer.  The truth is his money comes from telling people what they want to hear, so he can sell them what he wants to sell them.  He has spent very little time on mindset, his focus is marketing, and for people to maximize their upside potential with this profession skill set and mindset is more important than marketing.

The obvious question for you to ask before deciding what network marketing guru, upline, or coach you should hire or follow is, Name one person that you personally recruited and helped get to full time income status.   

You can talk about all the gurus you hang out with now, but who did you personally recruit and help get them to that level, isn’t that the real question?  Especially if you are getting advice on how to rank up in your MLM company?

He is all about selling what he wants to sell.

I believe that the network marketing profession has been sold so much Foo Foo dust since 2000 that many are not able to recognize the difference between spiel and wisdom as I talk about in detail in the free training course here:







Honestly,  even though I have been actively involved in this profession all my adult life, I had no idea how far off course everything had become until I decided to engage emotionally back in August of 2015 when we started our podcasts.

Later tonight I am conducting an interview on our podcast with Will Zanders, who recently became the top earner in his company.  It will be one, you don’t want to miss. 

He is a MLM Training Club & 27% Success Club member that I know has taken the time to make wisdom of the age’s principles part of who he is.

I know the majority of the people reading this article are doing the same thing.  You, like Will are doing all you can to avoid the Foo Foo dust and implement proven wisdom of the ages mindsets and duplicable systems into your organizations.
The number of people in this profession that who are internalizing wisdom daily and making it part of their personal thought process, and then overcoming there fears and systematizing the growth of their team is growing.  


I believe that over time Wisdom, Knowledge, and Truth prevail.


I applaud all of you who have caught the vision of returning this profession to its roots on which it was founded upon.  If we continue to take responsibility &  build people, people will build the business.


I respect your thoughts and opinions, so what do you think?


Is it possible when we don’t take the time to really internalize and focus on that which is important,  do you feel it makes it harder in the future to recognize and internalize that which is REALLY IMPORTANT?

If you are in the process of looking for a network marketing guru, network marketing coach or great sponsor, I hope this article will help you, STOP, don’t be sold, and look behind the curtain.  The number one question you can ask a network marketing guru is:


“Tell me about someone you have personally sponsored, and helped get to a full time income?”  Then check out their references. 


Am I saying that if a self-proclaimed MLM gurus cannot answer that question, you shouldn’t be listening to them, that depends.  They may still be actively building and on their way, in that case I would ask, who is your mentor.  The answer to that question will give you deep insights about who they are and the philosophies that have bought into,  make sense?

If they are a full-time trainer and or consultant then they should be able to give you multiple of examples. If you have questions or comments you can post them below, or click here and I will respond personally to you.




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