I heard all my life as a kid…

“If first you don’t succeed, try, try again!”

Don’t let a first-time failure stop further attempts.
For example, I know it’s hard at first to shift gears
without stalling but if at first you don’t succeed . . .
This seemingly ancient adage was first recorded in 1840.

If first your don’t succeed, try, try again.

Zig Ziglar said...

“The only difference between a Big Shot and a Little
Shot is a Little Shot is a Big Shot that Kept Shooting!”

I have always felt that if other average people, with
average intelligence can do it, then so can I.

There is not a week that goes by when I don’t wonder
to myself, how some people  missed the memo?

I am a very un-opinionated person. ( I have no idea if
un-opinionated is a word, but hopefully you understand
what I am trying to say). There is nothing that grinds
my nerves more than hearing somebody babble about
any topic that they have absolutely no background,
experience or idea what they are talking about.

That is why I rarely visit MLM training forums
or listen to talk radio.

It has been said, “It is better to be thought of
as ignorant, than to open ones mouth and
remove all doubt.”

However, if I KNOW something is True and
has withstood the test of time, who am I to doubt
it? I am not smart enough to doubt it so I
choose to embrace it, internalize it, and never
doubt it. What about you?

My entire marketing career, I have tried to stand
on what I call, “The Wisdom of the Ages” and
fight for what I know is true.

I don’t always like THE WAY IT IS, but I have
learned to not fight it, and to work with the
natural laws of success. Does that make sense?

It is a constant battle to control my self-talk and
thoughts, but according to ever self-help book
ever written, that is what we all must do if we
expect to develop a Success mindset.

“As you Believe, so shall it be done unto you”
Mathew 9 :29

It bothers me that 70% of the population will
die with their Music Still in them. It really
upsets me.

As Helen Keller said, “Hell starts
when the person you are meets the person you
could have become.”

That statement is chilling to me.

But you know what, that is the way it
is, I am not going to change that, and to try to
fight it, is a waste of time, energy and thought.
The only person’s actions I can control are my

We live in a world where everything is somebody
else’s fault. Accidents don’t happen in today’s
sue happy world where 99% of the lawyers give
they other 1% a bad name.

We have become a world full of pitiful , thumb
suckers, what I call Victims. The marketing world
is full of them, people that have the attitude if
first I don’t succeed, fix the blame quick.

It is sad. But what is even worse is people that
design their entire marketing message around these

I have come to the conclusion that Rich marketers
tell the 70% what they want to hear and the rest
of us do everything we can to tell people the truth.

Think about that statement.

How many marketing message do you see and hear
every week that follow the same script.

I tried everything, bought everything and
nothing worked

Then I stumbled upon this secret software
or recruiting secret that the rich internet
marketing gurus, or your upline doesn’t
want you to know about

I only have a limited number of these magic
widgets available, but if you act now you will
never have to worry about money again.

You can laugh at everyone who told you it
wouldn’t work and you couldn’t make it, so
send me you $37 now, I am the only honest
marketer in the world!

We have all seen this story or variations of it over
and over from Ann “Throw Away Your Warm
Market List” Sieg. to the Rich Internet Marketing
Jerk. Gurus, telling people, you are a Victim, and it
is not your fault, it is everybody else’s. They have
done it to you!

(To all you Ann Sieg followers, don’t email
me, I don’t care. I am sure she is a fine lady, this
is not personal, I pulled her name out of the air,
but I could have just as easily named another
Attraction marketing guru that makes money
from telling people what they want to hear)

Is this ever going to end, or is it just a reflection of
the world we live in?

How can people ever expect to develop success
in any area of their life if they are not will to accept

When did the Wisdom of the Ages become
Rocket Science?

TRUTH… You are where you are in your life
because of what has gone into your mind, the ONLY
WAY to change where you are is to change what
goes into your mind.

I can see how this becomes difficult for people when
every time they open their email box or visit a
website they have someone telling them it is not
their fault, it is your old school upline or whatever.

Hey we all wish there was some secret software or
recruiting system out there that we could spend
$37.00 for and never have to think about money

But the guy sounded so sincere, It was like he
understood all the things I have tried that didin’t
work, etc. etc. I hear it all!


He is telling you what YOU WANT to HEAR, not what you NEED to hear!


Here is some wisdom of the ages for you .

“Never mistake sincerity with truth,
because some people are sincerely wrong!”
Jim Rohn

As leaders we have to tell people the TRUTH!
We have to understand and hold on to the
WISDOM of THE AGES and never doubt.

You will never build a team with people who
have victim mentalities. So you can either tell
them the truth and guide them out of that
mentality or you can try to constantly pump them
up and pray they stay on auto-ship one more month.

Network marketing is about “Developing Leaders”
and that can only be done, with people who are
willing to take responsibility, grow learn, and

I did a training about this several years ago
called “Forever A Victim, I Don’t Think So”

You can watch it online here, and feel free to
share this with anyone on your team who could

Full Address:


I hope this makes you think if it did, please pass this along.’

This is a foundational concept that should be the foundation
of all network marketing training.



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