The key word in the title is “WORKING”. Most network
marketing organizations are filled with what I call
“Social Club Members”. They like hanging out with
the crowd, but have never really, CONSISTENTLY
worked their business.

This stage is predictable. It usually happens after
a distributor has been working for 2-3 years. They
have a group of 50-100 distributors or more, but very
few are producing.

These people have worked hard, but usually
feel over come with the question:

“Is it ever going to happen for ME?”

I recently read a Facebook post by a well known
network marketer who made the statement, “In
network marketing you get paid exactly what you
are worth”

I respectfully DISAGREE. That is simply not true. You
must understand the reality of the Time & Money
Chart that we have shared on various mlm training

In the BEGINNING you do a lot of work YOU DON’T GET
PAID FOR, but Later on You get paid for a lot of work you
don’t do. THAT IS THE TRUTH!

Let me share an email I received last week.


Mr. Calvert,

I just wanted to let you know that your Frustrated &
Anxious Training on CD along with your Power of a
Dream DVD, stopped me from making the worst decision
of my life and quitting my business.

I had worked hard for 31 months and felt I had little to
show for my efforts. I was ready to quit. I had a talk
with my upline and told them of my intentions.

They made me promise to watch 1 DVD and listen to
1 audio CD before I quit. They sent me your Frustrated
and Anxious CD from your Pure Motivation set and your
Power of a Dream DVD.

I decided to give it one more year, to make 4 “90-Day Runs”
as you teach in another CD from the set. My 3rd 90 day run
I recruited a lady, that wanted it bad. I start her right
because my upline has incorporated your Start Right program
throughout his entire team.

To make a long story short, her organization is growing and
more important duplicating. I have also recruited a young
man (he came from a $100 Bill Drop Card) that is also doing
a fantastic job and building quite a team.

You are so right, after you finally find your 1st person that is
willing to work and be teachable, EVERYTHING DOES CHANGE!
I am truly excited about my business, and please let everyone
know that the Frustrated and Anxious training is worth 100X
the investment in the entire Pure Motivation Set.

I look forward to meeting you personally someday.

Nancy Withrowe


Ladies and gentleman, you have heard me
say it 1,000 times, but we all do follow the
same path to success in network marketing.

I also like to call the Frustrated and Anxious stage
the “How Bad do you REALLY Want it Stage?”
Persistence, is probably one of the most
overlooked factors of success.

Understand, that if you persist you succeed!



This ends at the end of August, and is not
something I am going to promote, it is only for
those that read this blog post.

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10 CD Pure Motivation MLM Training Program.

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Every competent upline, should have this set,
because I promise you, there will be people on
your team that need to hear at least one of these
training CD’s throughout your career.

In fact, you probably have people right now
that need to hear the Frustrated and Anxious
CD or one of the other 9 trainings in this set.

You don’t have to do anything special to receive
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