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   Everyone has heard of ROI but you need to consider ROI-T

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Quick Message from Dale



I hope you have had a great week.   It looks like summer  weather has finally made it. We have had a beautiful week here in Atlanta. I hope you and yours have had a great week.

This is my 4th summer in Georgia, and yes I have become a Braves fan.  If they go against my beloved Cincinnati Reds, I am pulling for the Reds, but other than that …… Go Braves!  No I am not doing the Tomahawk chop yet.  I said all of that to say this Evan Gattis.   This Braves player has a  inspiring story that is worth readying.  A couple of years ago he was out of baseball and working as a Janitor in Dallas. 

Evan Gattis ID



So far this season in April & May he has been voted the most valuable rookie in baseball and he has already hit 13 or 14 home runs.  He is having a great season and the legend of Evan Gattis is growing and worth knowing about.  You can read more here.

The big buzz in the marketing world this week is the Brown Box PDF.   It is a thought provoking read, and if you have not read it yet, you can download it here.




I would recommend you download it and read it this weekend.   Many of you have heard me speak about creating leads where the customers already are, this PDF speaks to that from a business model standpoint.  I enjoyed it, and thought is was a very thought provoking read. 

I am considering changing this newsletter format to a weekly audio, that you could listen to online.   It is just a thought, I have not made a decision yet and your input would be appreciated.    Doing this Friday newsletter does not come natural for me.  I have never considered myself a writer and would much rather speak.  It is easy for me to communicate by talking.   Many times when reading we put emphasis on the wrong words which ultimately change the meaning of a sentence.  Anyway it  is just something I am considering.

Have a great week!

Dedicated to Your Success!



Our Readers Write


I appreciate those of you that take the time to email me and contact our office.  I received this email this week from Sharon and I appreciate it.

Dear Mr. Calvert,

I have been involved in the network marketing industry off and on for 7 years.   I just wanted to let you know that I have now been a member of the MLM Training Club for six months.  For the first time, I feel like I am on track, I am on a proven path  improving my skill sets and my results are getting better every month.  I can't say Thank You enough.


Sharon Bruce




Art Williams

"I'm not telling you it's going to be easy – I'm telling you it is going to be worth it"

–Art Williams


Featured Article:



Everyone has heard of ROI  but you need to consider ROI-T

We have all heard the term ROI (Return on Investment) however in today’s world with so many opportunities available for entrepreneur minded people we need to consider what I call ROI-T which stand for Return on Investment of Time. For all of us our time, is the most valuable asset we have.  I consciously try to make the most of everyday with my business activities, the time I have with family.  I schedule almost every minute of every day, and I don't take 1 minute for granted.

At this point in my life I look at every opportunity through ROI-T glasses.  All business models come down to the upside potential based upon the time, effort, and learning curve the business model requires.

When looking at opportunities and business models from this standpoint I agree 100% with two Jim Rohn quotes that some may feel are conflicting.

“Time Mangement is the Best Kept Secret of the Rich”


“You never ask how much I am earning, only what I am becoming”

The majority of our readers are involved in network marketing.  In my opinion, the learning curve for network marketing is longer than any other business model.  It is the simplest most complex business model I have ever experienced.   I can remember doing a training with my leaders years ago called, “The Higher You Progress in the Leadership Ranks the More of a Psychologist You Have to Become”   Most network marketers think they are in the sales and convincing business and that is why they find it so frustrating.   The truth is amateur network marketers try to convince, professionals sort!

The product in network marketing is people.   It is not wellness products, weight loss products, or any other physical product, it is people and people are complex.  Ultimately your income in network marketing is going depend upon the number of leaders you develop, not on the number of people you sponsor.

Network marketing can be frustrating because there is a lag time in everything you do.   The truth is in the beginning you do a lot of work you never get paid for, but if you persist, later on you will get paid for a lot of work you never do, as represented in the drawing below.

Look at all the time you put into your business the first year in relationship to the money that you make. Truthfully it takes three years, if you have great mentorship to get to the point where you income is congruent with your investment of time, but from your third year on when you build it right your income will continue to grow even if you put less and less time into your business.

     1         2         3          4        5



Understanding and internalizing the realities like these, make the frustrations of network marketing much easier to deal with.   In our MLM Training Club program we share many concepts and  ideas like this with our members in hopes of making their path quicker and faster.  We try to not just teach the how to methods but also the mindsets that mlm leaders must develop and share with their teams.

As you probably know Dawn and I are involved in multiple businesses including website and domain flipping, Ebay & Amazon sales,  book publishing and more.  Our main focus and desire is to help good people break the 9-5 grind.   Many people feel I should be a network marketing ambassador because our training, consulting and seminar company is our bread and butter.  However I understand that network marketing is not for everyone.   Many people are not able to work business models that have such delayed gratification like network marketing.  That is why we offer training and support and speak freely about other business models.

 However just remember according to Og Mandison in his book “The University of Success”  the Law of Compensation says “The longer the wait, the greater the reward”.  

I love the network marketing business model because it will challenge you to grow as a person like no other business.   I have said many times the 3 greatest benefit of network marketing:

1)      1) The friendships and relationships you develop

2)      2) The personal growth that success in the industry requires

3)      3) The lifestyle the income can provide

To become successful in network marketing you have to stay focused on the non monetary benefits, especially in the beginning of your career.  Find good mentorship, and never ask yourself what am I  making, only what am I becoming. 

If you try to build a network marketing team with the skill sets and mindsets you enter the industry with the odds are against you.   If you do have some level of success I can promise you it will be short lived because your natural skill sets will not be able to be duplicated by 97% of your team members.   Systems are duplicatable, personality is not.     Could you draw the above drawing out on a piece of paper and explain this concept to a team member over coffee?  Sure you could.  Could they?  Of course, that is what I mean by building your business on duplicatable principles.

Develop yourself first and the income will flow to you.  Your income is definitely in relationship to the value you provide to the market that you serve.  So don’t mislead people about how ROI works in network marketing.  The truth is in the beginning you will do a lot of work you never get paid for, but later on you will get paid for work you never do.


Video of the Week
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How to find Superstars for your MLM downline




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