Pigs don’t know Pigs Stink was a classic training done by an Amway Diamond years ago. I don’t remember the guys name, but you ever run across it at a yard sale or on eBay, buy it. I have it here somewhere in my collection. Anyway whoever the Diamond was, as props to him for the title of this article. I have a story tell tell and I have it provides value for network marketers who want to develop a large social media presence.

It was probably 10 years ago.   I was hired by a company that was less than a year old to develop the training system for the field after I was the key note speaker at their first two national conventions.

I connected with the people in the field. They had attracted a great group of future leaders with huge upside potential who were hungry and wanted to work on their personal mindsets and skill sets.  So I felt it was a great fit and a company worth spending time with.

Things were awesome, our training webinars were packed, the feedback from the field was as good as I had ever experienced, and I was excited.

During the first six months, the #1 money earner, we will call him Dan was very stand offish towards me.  Even though his organization was plugged in to our weekly calls and in the market creating customers, team members, producing results and moving forward.

Then the phone call game from the owner, we will call him Scott.   During that conversation I learned that Dan was the “Master Distributor” for the company.  That may be the first time I ever heard that term.  “Master Distributor”.

When they launched the business six months before Scott hired me, he had brought Dan on.  The first three months Dan got his people, they got their people, they  got a few and of course the few had nobody to get, and after 3 months of growth, sales volume peeked.  The next 3 months, it dropped every month and that is when Scott called me.   I have seen this scenario play out so many times, it is frightening.

My opinion of Dan was he was a good guy who simply got caught up in the wrong network marketing business building philosophy. & culture. He was  a main stream attraction marketing guy with strong internet and marketing skills and taught attraction marketing, blogging, and social media promotion.   (Which never works for network marketing newbies  as I talk about here in the Network Marketing Blogging Hoax article.

I am always fascinated by those that teach what they know won’t work for 99% of the people on their team.   Ego and ignorance are a strange combination.)

You would think that at some point they would ask themselves, how can I stack the odds for success in my team members favor, but I guess for them it is just much easier to focus on developing followers.

Anyway the conversation went something like this.   Dale, when we brought you on as a trainer and consultant, you stopped the bleeding immediately and I appreciate that.  We have had month over month growth, and everybody knows it is because of your weekly webinars with the field.  All of numbers are growing, but we have a problem.

I am thinking problem? The bleeding has stopped, month over month growth… Problem? REALLY?

Scott continued ………Dan called me and said it is you or him. That if we don’t end our relationship with you, he is taking his team and going somewhere else.

My immediate response was awesome, you will be much better off in the long run.

That was an honest, in my mind, common sense answer, but something Scott had not prepared for.  He didn’t miss a breath, it was like he was reading from a script.

He continued, Dan and I go way back, we have been friends for a long time, and I can’t let him leave so I am going to pay you for the remaining six months of our contract, but your services are no longer needed, and I have sent out an email letting the field know and your weekly webinars are cancelled.

My response.  Scott did you not here what I just said?  Scott leaving is the best thing that can happen for your company over the long term.  He is 100% driven by ego, but you have a lot of great people that will be the leaders of the future, if we stay on the path we have been on.  The home grown leaders are being developed and I know you can see that, the numbers don’t lie.

He ignored what I said all together, he said I am sorry Dale, I sending you a paypal payment now to fulfill our contract, and he hung up.  That was the last time I ever spoke to him.

A year later Dan left and started his own network marketing company.  Last I heard he recently launched his 3rd company, the other two both lasted less than a year.

When Dan left, Scott sent me an email asking if I would call him about coming back on board.  I simply replied, my time is the most valuable asset I have and my goal is to spend it with people and companies I can trust and really make a difference for.   No amount of money would bring me back on board.  I sincerely wish you well, but our business relationship is done.

18 months later they were out of business.

It wasn’t about the money for me, it never has been. I understand that 99% of the people reading this think that is BS, but its really not, ask the closest people to me in my life.   

He paid me the remaining six months of our contract, he fulfilled his obligations, personally we are fine.  I wish him and his family nothing but the best, and I sincerely mean that.  I think one of my super powers is the ability to totally departmentalize business and personal stuff and focus.

I have shared that story with you to say this.  I should have known better, there were clues that I ignored. The entire time I was consulting and training for the company it seemed that daily I would get a message on Facebook that Scott has invited you to play Candy Crush, or some Facebook game.

This was a daily occurrence.   I would think are you friggin kidden me?

This guy is suppose to be the CEO of the next billion dollar network marketing companies  (Those where his words, not mine …………come to think of it they all say that ? )   and he is wasting hours of day playing online games and the WORST PART IS ………………….

Every distributor in his company who he is part of his facebook friends list, knows it!  This is what Pigs don’t know Pigs stink means.   People think they can do and say anything they want.   We are in a culture where lies and false claims are spewed daily and we call it good marketing. We can talk about how hard we are working, and going for it, but faking to you make it is not a good business plan, if you are attempting to be a credible entrepreneur.

Years ago I heard someone say;

“It is Better to be Thought of as an IDIOT than to open one’s mouth and Remove ALL Doubt”

Today we could say, it is better to be though of as an idiot than to make a social media post that removes all doubt.   Understand I am not talking about those who push political opinions, or their special interest organizations that we DISAGREE WITH.   In fact, I respect and appreciate those who have a passion for something and are willing to communicate it, even if their belief and passion is the opposite of my personal believes.

However, some people are just ignorant.  None are more ignorant than those that think they are funny and they aren’t.  Do you really want to join a company where the CEO spouts about being the next billion-dollar company every time he opens his mouth, and you know he spends hours daily wasting time playing online games?  He may as well be spending that time watching cat videos!

There is a time for entertainment.  But it is not daily in the middle of the work day, if you have real goals you are working for.  “Time is the most valuable asset we have and Time Management is the Best Kept Secret of the Rich”

So here is my most recent experience, in fact it happened yesterday. 

This is one of the promotions we ran this week  for one of our businesses DNA Entrepreneur’s.   We were targeting Shark Tank Viewers who own small businesses.

If they clicked through, this is what the promotion actually said:

Personal DNA Nutrition

March 25 at 4:19 PM · 

If you are an entrepreneur, or someone who is career frustrated and has leadership and management abilities, I am going to share with you an opportunity that I believe has the most upside potential of any in the world, at this time and place in history.

I understand that is a bold statement, but when we really stop and think about it, at anytime in history there always has to be ONE business that offer more upside potential and growth more than any other, doesn’t there?

I heard a preacher say one time “If we all had a crystal ball where we could look into the future, we could all get rich”. I thought to myself, no, no we wouldn’t, not if we don’t take advantage of what we see. As I write this article, I feel like I have a crystal ball and I feel by the time you finish this article, and evaluation info, you will feel the same way.

For this time and place in history I believe that the opportunity offered by 1U is that opportunity. So I hope you will stay with me as I explain to you exactly why.

If you happen to be someone that is asking themselves, “Where will I be in five years if I continue doing what I am doing today?” If you have decided now is the time to make a change, I believe this article will provide you the answer you are looking for. You can read the entire article now, here:

Personal DNA Nutrition

Health & Wellness Website

Learn More


I feel the Facebook ad is clear, concise, not offensive in any way and explains exactly who we are looking for and want to work with.  Again, I targeted Shark Tank viewers who are also small business owners.

I tried to create enough curiosity, facts, and qualifiers that if they did have an interest that they would click through and view the entire article.

The picture was taken from a Shark Tank set, that I felt Shark Tank viewers would recognize and the lady watch promoting her in home health test kits.

I guess if you are a raging atheist, that fact that I mentioned preach and a church could possibly be offensive, but other than that, what am I missing.   If you don’t like something, keep on scrolling.


I have no idea who Lisa Hall is other than the fact that Facebook has here profiled as a small business owner who watches Shark Tank.   Can you imagine someone taking the time to post below my ad this mess? (Pun Intended 🙂 )

I sincerely didn’t know if I should laugh or cry?  I guess I interrupted here cat videos.   99% of the time I don’t even see these responses much less respond to them.  But I was not real happy about having such a crude response to be the first thing people see, after investing in a massive 7 day Facebook campaign. 

I could have had Facebook remove it, but frankly it was not worth the time, and it has provided me content for this article.  All I did was post the response below:

Of course I haven’t heard from Ms. Hall and I won’t, but I will send her a private message with a link to this blog post after it is posted.

It could be ignorance, someone not understanding that Facebook picked her to see the add, I certainly didn’t post directly to her wall. If you can read she saw the world advertisement. 

Maybe she was having a bad day, I don’t know, but I find this fascinating.

If she is a small business owner, would you want to do business with Lisa Hall?

Even if you saw this response while flipping through you news feed?

That is the point I am really trying to make.  If you are going to talk the talk, make sure you walk the walk.  The internet is going to expose you, and there are a few of us out here that have the guts to call you out when it does.

Will you make mistakes?  Of course, everyone makes mistakes, but if you are going to be involved in business you better always have the best interest of the market you serve top of mind.

Keep your personal attacks to a minimum. I am all for throwing scum bags under the bus, but with entrepreneurs are in the market place trying to provide value either support them, or leave them alone.

Communicate with conviction, no matter what, and make sure your walk is congruent with your talk.

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