Wow, you are here.  How did you get here? What events in your life have brought you to this time and place?

Congratulations, not only have you taken the time to lsearch the internet for proven network marketing training, but you are also reading through this website and have stumbled upon this article. Believe it or not, the fact that you are reading these words tells me a lot about you.

You reading these words tells me you have a desire, and you are probably willing to take responsibility for your progress with your network marketing business opportunity. That is exciting for me because I know I can help you get on the right path.

Before we continue, let me warn you. You are probably thinking, “Warn me about what, Dale?”  In this article, I am going to take away all the excuses that most people who get involved in the network marketing business model tell themselves.

  • I don’t have enough time
  • I don’t have enough money for marketing and promotion
  • I don’t have a good sponsor or upline leader.
  • I don’t know anything about sales
  • I  have never managed people
  • I don’t know how to start

And the list goes on and on.

There are two facts you have to accept before we continue.  

Fact One:  YOU can build a large, profitable  Business.  It doesn’t take any formal education or God given talent to build a team.  It does, however, take the willingness and ability to learn, which you are demonstrating right now, simply because you are reading this article.

You have the ability to develop every skill set and mindset necessary to build a successful business.  It doesn’t matter where you live in the world, your background or your experience is not a factor. You can develop the skills and attitudes you need and YOU CAN CREATE CUSTOMERS and BUILD a TEAM!  I can’t lie to you, you give youself a great advantage if you happen to be with a company at a time and place where THE FOUR STARS HAVE LINED UP.   If you are unsure what I mean when I say that, this is a poular training we have posted on YouTube, you can watch it here, and worth seeing.


Fact Two:  The right attitude is important. As automobile pioneer, Henry Ford said, “If you think you can, or you think you can’t, you are right.” The network marketing business model is more challenging than many business models for various reasons.  One of them being the right mindsets are mandatory for long term success.

To be successful in the restaurant business, you simply need a good location, great food, and the right environment that attracts people. Your personal attitude and mindset may not be as important when operating a restaurant. Does that make sense?

The good news is the network marketing business model is also the most rewarding business model in the world for 3 reasons.

  1. The personal growth and development journey the industry requires that you go on for long-term growth and prosperity. You may not believe this, but if you get plugged in and stay plugged into the my world, you are going to experience so much personal growth and development you won’t even recognize yourself in one year. I promise you that.
  1. The true friendships you will develop. Ultimately your success is based upon the number of people you are able to impact positively with your product/service and opportunity.  Some of the best friends you will ever have will be developed because of your involvement with the network marketing business model.
  1. The freedom and lifestyle the residual income can provide for you.  Many business models offer you time freedom. Some offer financial freedom, but the problem is you don’t have the time to enjoy the income.  The network marketing business model offers the number one “time and the money to enjoy it” business model in the world.

You may be thinking who is this guy, and why should I be reading a word he is writing?  Congratulations that is smart, very smart, so let me answer that question for you.

My name is Dale Calvert.  I was raised in a very small town called Stamping Ground, Kentucky.  The population was 400, and there was not even a stop light in our small town. You can learn more about me than you would ever want to know here:

When I found the network marketing business model I was twenty years old.  I told myself all the excuses that most people tell themselves.  But like you, I had a choice.  I could make excuses, or accept responsibility and understand that every skill set and mindset required to build a large duplicating team had been identified and proven by others with no special God-given talents or Ivy League education. Accepting and believing the fact that if they have done it, then you can do it, is the number one obstacle most people have.

It didn’t happen for me overnight.  My first three years were very frustrating, but I continued to learn from those who had already done it, and implement what I was learning.

Some people are willing to learn, but they are not willing to implement what they learn. Knowledge without action leads to self-delusion.”

Finally, after listening to audio training all day every day, and reading the books from some of the greatest success principle minds in the worlds, things started to come together for me as they will you.

I started to understand; my focus was on building a solid customer base and leaders on my team. I started to understand that personality is not duplicatable, but systems are.  Our leadership development system was born after three years of frustration. 

Five years after I started my part-time business I was able to leave my job in corporate America. My 9th year I made $92,000 and my tenth year my income jumped to $252,000.00.  For the record, it took me longer to develop a six-figure income than anyone I have ever met in the industry.

However, in my 11th year, my income jumped to 1.1 million dollars and by my 13th year to 3.1 million dollars. I earned over 10 million dollars my last 5 years in network marketing.  At age 39, I sold all my business interests and retired to pursue other business models.

At that time, my phone started ringing with invitations for me to consult with network marketing companies and speak at various events around the world.

I had the privilege to start work some of top CEO’s & field leaders in the profession. My wife Dawn and I, and a small staff of ten people operate Calvert Marketing Group which consist of 4 businesses in 4 different niches. Network Marketing Support Services, Inc. is one of those businesses.

In July of 2015, after having a couple of heart attacks I decided to devote the majority of my business time to Network Marketing Support Services. Currently I accept up to two live speaking events a month, produce two network marketing podcast a week, and do on average of one 100% content open training webinars a month.

It is important to me that you know I have been involved with at some level with the profession for over 35 years.  More importantly, I want you to know that the information and guidance I provide is based upon a long history of success and working with tens of thousands of distributors from various companies around the world.

I believe the network marketing business model is about wealth creation.  How would it feel to know at the end of your life you have developed a business that will continue to provide ongoing residual income for your family for generation after generation?  

Please don’t mistake that statement as marketing hype. It is real. After this time and moment in your life, you will never be able to tell your family that you never had the opportunity to create wealth because you have found the business model that can create that for you.  It is quite possible that in all reality, the opportunity found you. I don’t believe in coincidences.  I believe you are here now, reading these words for a reason.

The main idea I want to communicate is, that yes, the network marketing business model can change your life and create a lifestyle that most people can’t even imagine.

Is it going to happen in a few weeks or a few months? No, absolutely not, but if you persist and are willing to learn and implement what you learn, I do believe it will happen for you.

There are six foundational skill sets and mindsets needed to develop a large duplicating organization of team members, all with committed lifetime customers.

Each of these skill sets and mindsets are explained for you in detail here.

  1. Know Why

What do you want to accomplish over the next twelve months? Twelve months from now when you look back on your journey with what would it need to look like for you to consider it a success?  The answer to that question is personal, and will be different for every person reading this article.  I don’t know why you have gotten involved with your company but I do know, it is critical that YOU know.

2. Launch Your Business.  The most challenging part of building a network marketing organization is launching your business. Your business is like an airplane; it takes the majority of the energy to get it launched and off the ground.

3. Master Customer Acquisition and Referral System

4. Master a two-step new team member Recruiting process that gives potential team members the opportunity to hear the entire story

5. Implement a member retention program

6. Create as many leads as you can on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, and run them through the 5 systems above.

I understand that most people think it has to be more complicated than those six steps, but honestly, that is all it takes to develop a large, duplicating organization. I believe there is a sequential flow to becoming a master team builder.  I have always said you can’t teach advanced calculus to someone who has not learned basic multiplication first.

There aint no magic fufu dust or secret, it just comes down to focus, determination and a willingness to learn sequentially.  If sequential learning makes sense to you, we hope you will check out THE MLM TRAINING CLUB.

You have to find a pinnacle leader, and then commit and get plugged in. Your company and upline probably provides live online and offline events.  We provide all the training you will ever need at and this is a great place to start. At the time of this writing, you can find recorded webinars that cover the six steps and how you can personally implement them in your business.

Myself, and the entire staff at network marketing support services are dedicated to providing you with all the support and guidance you will ever need to make every dream you have come true.

If I haven’t had the opportunity to personally meet you, I look forward to shaking your hand in the near future.  For now, I just want you to never doubt your ability to create generational wealth with this business model.  It is not get rich quick, but if you commit, I believe it is a create wealth for sure business model.


PS  If you are one of the tens of thousands of people that join a network marketing company every week around the world, and you are trying to wrap your mind around why this is not sales the podcast here may help you, and you can listen online. 


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