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The video below this post is one of the best training videos I have ever seen on YouTube and I hope you enjoy it. It is not a “MLM Training” but the message should be heard by every network marketing distributor.

I wanted to share this with you because yesterday I was talking with a new MLM Training Club customer on the phone and they asked me, “Dale if you had one sentence of wisdom for newbie network marketers, what would it be?”

You can learn how to do the business if you find a Pinnacle leader and you want it bad enough. I have said it many times, most people are too comfortable to succeed. However if you have strong reasons that are driving you, and the right teachers and mentors we have the ability to learn and profit from any business model.

Most people who get involved with network marketing opportunities have entrepreneurial A D D and understandably so. We live in a world where new techniques and opportunities are in our email boxes daily. However a network marketing opportunity will never make you successful, YOUR personally developed skill sets and mind sets are ultimately what creates your success.

When I entered the network marketing industry I had to make it. I had no choice but to focus on learning the proper skill sets and mindsets. Thankfully I got involved way before email, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, video games and all the other distractions of life that we have to deal with today.

When you step back and really look at it, there are only a few major skill sets you have to master to become a successful network marketing professional.


How many people have been involved in the network marketing industry, 2,5, 10 years or longer and never MASTERED these foundational skill sets? How many companies in the corporate world would allow you to hang around, without mastering the basic skill sets to operate within that business model? Network marketing for many people turns from a business to a social club for many people, because they never consciously decide to get better. It is not that they can’t develop the proper skill sets and mindsets, it is until people CONSCIOUSLY DECIDE to do it, it is not going to happen just from hanging out at corporate calls and events.

I am the first to say that “Network Marketing is not for everyone!”. However if you are going to be involved in the industry and your goal is to develop some kind of financial security at some point we have to accept the fact that 97% of the population can not do it with the skill sets and mindsets they enter the industry and they have to consciously work on developing new skills and attitudes as I talk about in the MLM Masses program. The mistake most make is look for a new company and before they know it they are jumping from opportunity to opportunity looking for the right company instead of looking at the person in the mirror and deciding to become the right person!

Yes there is something to be said for trends and being in the right company at the right time, however 97% of the population is still not going to have any major success without MASTERING new skill sets and mindsets!

The video below is one of the best I have ever seen on the subject of mastery. There is no aspect of the network marketing business that I cannot help you with. We offer courses on everything from Overcoming the Fear of the Phone, to Getting New Team Members Started Right at http://www.DaleCalvert.com. However, all the training in the world does you know could if your ultimate goal is not MASTERY!

I hope this video will help you!

I am sure you have team members that need to see this presentation and hear this message, feel free to share this post with them.

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