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In today’s marketing world there are a few companies, products, & “leaders” that need to be called out!   Over the past 90 days or so I have heard the phrase “We don’t talk bad about other network marketing companies” more than I have in the last 35 years.  When did that mentality become politically correct in MLM?  Every time I hear someone make that statement I think what they are really thinking is “I don’t want anyone to talk about us”.

As a basic life principal I believe you don’t throw dirt because ultimately all you end up doing is losing ground.   People who really know me will tell you I have very little tolerance for ignorance, but I go above and beyond when it comes to being able to see the good in people and their potential. I believe we live- learn, forgive-forget and move forward!

Do you remember a couple of years ago when everyone and their brother was trying to tell marketers you must have a blog, to have a chance of being successful in business?   I am still amazed at how easily The Empower Network Crew convinced the masses of something that totally IS NOT TRUE. Every time someone asked me about that program I told them to RUN & sent them to this article.  EMPOWER NETWORK TRUE REVIEW.

I have told many friends, customers, and clients that in my opinion the biggest waste of a marketers time is a blog.   Listen, I understand that there is a time and place for everything and I can make a case for blogging and the value of blogging for a SMALL NUMBER OF MARKETERS.  To suggest that someone who just entered the home business market or has been hanging around the market for fifteen years and never accomplished anything, should start a blog is a 100% waste of EVERYONE’S time.

There is nothing that aggravates good people more than someone mouthing off in front of video camera, or behind their keyboard trying to give advice on how to do something they have never done.

It is like the entire attraction marketing premise is based upon fraud, lies, deceit, and a fake it till you make it mentality as I talked about in the book The 7 Lies of Attraction marketing.   I have always believed, DO IT, THEN TALK ABOUT IT!


It kinda reminds me of what was happening with the Drop Ship Domination Illusion  a year or so ago.  A lot the same people from Empower trying to convince the masses that buying a product on AMAZON & Selling it on Ebay is a great business model.   They then have the nerve to sit back while thousands of people waste hundreds of hours of their precious time trying to implement a business model that is 100% flawed.  How many items do you think the “top leaders” in DDS were listing every day?   I heard one of the top income earners on a “LEADERS” conference call bragging about the fact she had never listed an item on eBay!  Yes, she was earning 10K plus a month but it was all made from recruiting those who didn’t know any better.


There was a time I gave these people the benefit of the doubt and just though it was ignorance but have come to realize there are some people in the home business industry whose only focus is to extract as much money from people as possible.  It is hard to say how many of those people I have watched come and go over the past 35 years!

I believe in eBay and Amazon FBA as legitimate business models for some people.  So for about a month my phone was ringing off the hook and my email box was full of people promoting Drop Ship Domination.  When I decided to check it out for a family member, to say I was appalled, would be an understatement.  I wrote an article that was very DIRECT, I titled it DSD – Drop Ship Domination is a Scam!  I did my part to try to help people, and that is really all any of us can do.

I believe we should all be proactive and don’t get sucked into the “We Don’t Talk Bad about Other Network Marketing Companies” propaganda.  Yes, I understand when good people, and good companies fall on bad times, the sharks start circling.  Fundamentally I don’t not agree with this tactic.   I think you should become so good at what you do and create so much success within your team, that they seek you out and find you.   That is really the concept behind a new closed Mastermind group we started called The Network Marketing Leadership Development Academy.  Yes it has started, it may be months before we accept applications again, and when we do it will not be with the current terms.  All future applicants will only come from members of the MLM Training Club and dues will rise significantly.  I hope down the road we
can make this a non-profit organization for deserving people,  but that is years in the future.  We still have have a tremendous amount of work to do.

Please don’t misunderstand what I am trying to communicate. No, I don’t think trying to recruit someone by telling them what a lousy program they are in is ever a good idea.  Let’s face it 95% of network marketing companies have good people trying to provide good products and opportunities for people.  I buy as many products as I can from network marketing companies, just to support the industry and good people.

Let me share another thought with you.  Could it be that someone who says “We Don’t Talk Bad About Other Network Marketing Companies” is really an indication of their lack of leadership?  Can you imagine President John F. Kennedy saying, we don’t talk bad about Cuba?

Right is right, wrong is wrong and it appears the world is trying to make us all grey.  I understand that is just a sign of the times,  however the home based industry has always been willing to not follow the crowd.

The TRUTH is many “leaders”, gurus & opportunities DESERVE TO BE TALKED BAD ABOUT, positively and negatively.

It is our obligation to speak up!  Every time a new person enters the industry and is not provided the proper direction and training, or joins an obvious scam many of them will be tainted to the point that they may never try again, this hurts the industry more than someone revealing that a Scam is a Scam.  Yes, there are bloggers and other ignorant people that proclaim all network marketing and direct sales companies are a scam.  Some know better, some don’t, and some simply tried, failed miserably and have to find someone else to blame.

If you are building a business that sacrifices the masses so a few can make money, you are in the wrong business.   If with proper skill set and mindset training, average Joe can’t have a reasonable expectation of profit in a reasonable amount of time, you are in the wrong program.

When network marketers see obvious SCAMS like DDS or Empower Network whose only objective is to extract as much money as possible from the uniformed masses and we don’t speak up about it ……SHAME ON US!

If you agree with this, do the industry a favor and  please share this article.


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