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Is confidence the most important determining factor of Success?


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I hope you have had a wonderful week.  Dawn & I enjoyed a couple of beautiful pool days here in Atlanta, but I have spent more time on the phone, talking with affiliates, customers, clients than I have in months.   We have rolled out a new lead capture program for an affiliate program that we promote and the response has been overwhelming.  

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If you had asked me this question this time last week, I would have said BURNING DESIRE is the most import determining factor for success, but I heard a preacher this week talk about the importance of confidence and it has really made me stop and think.  There is no question that confidence is very important, and perhaps more important than burning burning desire, what do you think?


Confidence is not topic I have never spent a lot of time on in this newsletter because it is hard for many of us to distinguish the difference between confidence and ego.   


“Ego is a weird disease that makes everyone sick except the person with it
Zig Ziglar


It has been my observation over the years that those that don’t have much confidence, consider those that do as egotistical.  I have never considered myself as a confident person in most areas.  There are a lot of topics that I know nothing about, but I do know what I know and I understand how I gained the knowledge, it has come from learning and implementation.  I have always believed that if other people with average intelligence have been able to learn how to do it, then I can.  What about you?

There is nothing that creates success, like success.   So when you first start out in any businesses endeavor you have to have the basic confidence that you can.  So how do you build your confidence if you need to?  The short answer is SELF TALK.  The only way to increase your confidence is by developing new sub-conscious mind programming and that comes from affirmation.


Books like

The 7 Day Mental Diet

What to Say When You Talk to Yourself

Psycho Cybernetics

are a great place to start!


We all must perform in accordance with our subconscious programming.  That is just the way it is.  Now more than anytime in history I see more and more people looking outside of themselves for success, and it always has been and always will be an inside job.


The new shiny object syndrome is alive, well and spreading.  So look where you are, look at your strong points and maximize them, look at your weak points and minimize them and move forward.  If confidence is important and you need more of it, then you have to do whatever you can do to increase your confidence in yourself and your ability to become better!


Stop looking for the magic fu fu dust that is going to create financial independence for you, and work harder on yourself than you do in your business.  One more observation I have discovered over the years is many entrepreneur minded people have “the confidence that always accompanies ignorance”.  They don’t know what they don’t know, and they don’t know what can and can’t be done.  They just do it, they move forward like a bull in a china closet.


I have consulted with multiple MLM company owners over the years that fit this mode.  They were successful in one business endeavor and decided to start a mlm company. (It looks so simple)   They all have the “If I built it they will come” mentality and we all know that is not always the case.  Many times these people want to ask the questions, but they really don’t want to know the truth, they really want to be told what they want to hear.  Unfortunately there are many “mlm consultants” in the market place that are willing to tell them what they want to hear for a paycheck.


I have said in the past that six figure mlm earners really don’t know how they did what they did, they just did it.  The have guts of steel and a work ethic that is not commonly found.   They all have a confidence and belief in themselves.   So confidence is very important, but there is a fine balance.   When you confidence comes from a LEARNED skill set it is different than than an ego centered confidence, make sense?

Like money, confidence makes you more of what you already are.   Good people, learners, create a confidence that can ultimately inspire others, so don’t be afraid to developing self confidence because you feel others will view you as egotistical.













This is the continuation of the article I wrote in the May 3rd issue on List Building.   Click HERE IF YOU MISSED IT.

I was planning on completing that article in the May 10th issue, but haven’t gotten around to it until now.  I said:

Next week we will talk about why you don’t have to be a guru to build list, and how the average newbie marketer can start building a list now, and provide real value to their subscribers.


I know people are sick of getting emails and watching videos from mlm consultants, mlm coaches and countless other people that are trying to teach them how to do that which they have never done.  It is just part of the attraction marketing propaganda that has flooded the market over the last several years.  Because of this, and the fact that SPAM is a 4 Letter word, many good people have become hesitant to build list.  I cannot tell you how many good people I have talked to who have the attitude, “When I make it big, I will start building a list”.


As I tried to communicate in the first part of this article, this is the wrong attitude.  It goes directly against marketing 101.  No, I am not trying to tell you to fake it till you make it, or be something your not.  However, we all run across inspiring videos, great articles and marketing methods that can provide value to those in the home business niche.
I work with several people that have only been in the market a few years who are building list and providing value to their list members.  They see themselves are a reporter.  a home business enthusiast that shares interesting articles, videos, etc with other enthusiast.  They are not trying to position themselves as a guru, coach, or consultant, just a person who is on the path of success sharing interesting and valuable information with others that are on the same path?


Could you do that?  Of course you could.   You can find interesting material to share with people on websites like There are thousands of articles you can use there, you just need to follow the simple guidelines which basically means you give credit to the author.  All of the articles we publish in this newsletter can be distributed to your subscribers, all we ask is that at the end you include the statement:

“Reprinted with permission from Dale Calvert producer of the #1 MLM Training: Confessions of a Network Marketing Millionaire available at


I want to encourage you to overcome whatever is preventing you from building a list and sharing quality information with that list!  Building a list has always been the foundation on which good marketing businesses have been built, since the early days of direct mail, or selling night crawlers for that matter.  You can not afford to waste another minute neglecting this basic skill set.


Here is an email I received earlier this week.


Dale, I have been involved in marketing for over twenty years. Like most people I have heard countless number of trainings about the importance of list building.  From postal mailing list to email list and cell phone text list, I have heard it all.  A couple of years ago, I realized that what worked well a few years ago wasn’t producing the kind of returns it once did and I had to expand my marketing and get better, that is when I found you.  

Your ideas on lead generation have helped me tremendously, I have all of your courses, but the reason I wanted to take the time in finally email you was to let you know your MLM List Building Workshop training is blowing my mind.

I have only been a member for two months, but it has already paid for itself in commissions I have earned many times over.  Thanks for staying on the front end of new marketing methods and sharing them with your customers like me.  Tell all those baby boomers like me, they have to swallow their pride and start working smarter!    Let me know when you are coming within driving distance of Hartford, Conneticut, I would love to meet you in person some day.

John H.  Vargus


I think Mr. Vargus hit the nail on the head with the statement  “I had to expand my marketing and get better” There are so many talented people in the network marketing industry who have been left behind because they simply haven’t kept with the latest marketing trends and methods.   I will go as far as to say this is the majority of the baby boomers.  The market place has changed, a down shift in the economy has always created an influx of new distributors into their organization (but not this time).  The days of running a few newspaper ads and throwing enough mud on the wall to see what sticks are over.  When they do try to figure out all of this social media, internet marketing stuff, they don’t have a clue who to listen to or who to trust.


These people are still talented.  They still have an enormous amount of experience and wisdom, but we all have to understand the more numbers you get through on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, the quicker you will get where you want to go.  That fundamental principle will never change and in today’s marketing world, list building and the internet, must be part of that scenario.  So if you have been avoiding list building, make the decision to get started today!







A few weeks ago, I did a Whirlpool  “The Process of Change” webinar for our customers and clients.  Many of you were on the live webinar and others have seen the recording that is online here.  I have received several emails from people who have told me that was exactly what they needed to have their own personal break through and move forward in their personal life and their business.





Anyway, this week I found the original recording of this training that I did way back in 1994.  I had forgot but it is part of my 10 CD Pure Motivation training program.


Pure Motivation


So for those of you that are in the middle of working through the whirlpool in various area, I thought this recording may give you the motivation, over whack in the head, to get you over the hump you need.






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