Dale is not your normal ME TOO network marketing teacher and trainer!


80% of what network marketing consultants, coaches, and teachers, teach is the same.  Truth is truth and wisdom is wisdom. Our customers and clients tell us it the other 20% that separate’s Dale from any network marketing teacher, or trainer you have ever heard

His track record speaks for itself.  He has been helping network marketing leaders develop unified systems for their teams since retiring from building in 2000. 


His leadership development team building systems and wisdom of the ages success principle mindset training’s, have been implemented by top distributor organizations around the world.

The inside joke in network marketing, which you have probably heard is “Those that can’t do always teach”.  When the followers stop following the “leader” becomes a generic trainer. 🙂   While that may be true in many cases, it is certainly not the case with Dale Calvert.  During Dale’s twenty years of building teams he was a top producer in all three companies he was with.  More importantly, he developed multiple leaders on his teams.   Today Dale’s systems and programs are being duplicated by some of the top producers in various companies around the world.

Dale has never failed in a network marketing.  He is quick to say that his first three years with Shaklee (his first company) he wanted to quit daily, but after he had what he calls “The Leadership Development Paridgmn Shift” he became the youngest Sales Coordinator in the history of a  company that at the time was 25 years old. 


There is an old saying in network marketing that “documentation beats conversation”  Many people claim to have made money with network marketing and claim they can teach you how.  The reality is most successful network marketers build teams with the skill sets, mindsets, and credibility they ENTER the industry with.

Only systems can be duplicated …….. personalities  cannot be.   We all have special gifts, talents and abilities, but learning how to maximize those talents within systems that can be learned, implemented, and duplicated by anyone who decides to master them……..really is the Secret to network marketing success.

Dale believes, you don’t find leaders in network marketing, you develop your own home grown leaders and promote from within.


Dale can help you how maximize your personal leadership potential and become reach your maximum potential in the network marketing profession.



SCOTT MILLER “The Former MLM Loser”

“When I met Dale Calvert I had been involved with the network marketing profession 10 years. By the grace of God I had made it to the top position in my company and was earning over $200,000 a year. Like many MLM “Leaders” most of my team loved me, but financially they weren’t doing that well”.

I learned more from Dale Calvert in 90 days about leading a team of people than most people will learn in their lifetime. He understands how to systematically build a team, and can teach it better than any network marketer that has ever walked on the earth. HIS RESULTS ARE


Dale Calvert has been involved in the Network marketing industry since the age of 20. Dale not only talks the talk, he walks the walk. Dale and his leadership team developed an organization of over 60,000 distributors and $120 Million $$$ in wholesale product sales in less than four years.


Dale is know throughout the industry for his unified, duplicatable training systems and programs, including “Confessions of a Network Marketing Millionaire” & “The Power of a Dream”.  His basic philosophy is “If you build people, people will build the business”.





Dale built teams for 20 years before semi-retiring to pursue other business interest in 2000.  During his twenty year career he was a distributor for three companies.  He started with the Shaklee Corporation where he struggled his first three years.  It all came together for him at the end of the 3rd year after he developed the first, unified, duplicatable training system for his team.

His fourth year he became the youngest sales coordinator in the companies history and was a winner of the most prestigious award Altus bird. His proudest Shaklee moment was in 1985 when 2 of the Top 5 new supervisors in the company were front line to him.  “It was at that moment that I totally understood,  we are in the Leadership Development Business and if you build people, people will build the business“.

In 1986 Dale sold his Shaklee business and got involved in the health insurance industry becoming the “Rookie of the Year” in the Great Lakes Area was promoted into management and took Kentucky from the #48th state in production, to #3 his first year in management. (Again, build people, and people will build the business)

In 1990 Dale re-entered the network marketing industry with NSA (National Safety Associates).   After being out of the industry for four years, he made over $10,000 his first month and went to the top of the compensation plan in 18 months.  He became a member of the Presidents Advisory Council in 1993 which was reserved for the top 1% of income earners in the company.

In 1994 Dale resigned from NSA when corporate decided to focus on their new Juice Plus product.  At the time he resigned one of the Vice Presidents of NSA said, Dale Calvert’s organization was the only one in the company growing, that is why we had to change directions.  (Build people and people will build the business)

Dale was the first distributor to join New Image International in 1994 after working with ownership to put together their new distributor training program and distributor kit.  Over the next four years Dale and NII went on a legendary run and were ranked as one of the Top 5 companies in network marketing in 1996 & 1997 and Dale’s systems developed over 200 six figure earners on his personal team and positively impacted the financial lives of thousands of people in the United States and Canada.

At age 39 after making millions of dollars in the network marketing industry Dale decide to semi-retire and peruse other business interest. He was flooded with request from people requesting he share his business building systems at live events, webinars, conference calls, etc. This created a new business Dale had never planned on.


Since 2000 Dale has built and sold multiple business and has continued his personal education learning new business models. Currently Dale is NOT a distributor with any network marketing company. He is the CEO of Network Marketing Support Services Inc, a training, consulting, coaching, and seminar company for the network marketing profession. Dales Success Story has been featured in every industry publications.

He also has shared with the MLM world his special insight into the industry in countless number of articles which he has written. He has written over ten books for home business entrepreneurs. When asked what his greatest accomplishment has been in his career, he didn’t mention his homes, cars, or the other benefits and financial rewards which he has earned. his answer was:

 Dale says …”I  naturally see people better than they are, and in so doing a few become that which I believe them to be” I believe most people die, never reaching their greatness, never tapping the God given skills and talents which they have been given.

I believe that if people develop themselves first, the income and lifestyle this industry offers will flow to them. This industry has allowed me the opportunity to help many people grow, learn, develop and become better than they were before I met them. Being able to play a small part in the success of others is my greatest accomplishment”

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Thanks for checking out this page. It is always wise to ask yourself, who is this person and why should I be listening to  them?

” In July of 2015 I decided for the first time in my life to develop a Network Marketing coaching, training and seminar company. Yes I have been operating Network Marketing Support Services for over fifteen years at the time of this writing, but that was never my desire or goal, it was something that just kind of happened.

My message has not changed since 1983.  If you build people, people will build the business.  

As I have grown older it has become beyond obvious to me how foreign the concept of building people has become within this profession.  That is sad.  Network Marketing is the greatest personal development program in the world with a compensation plan attached.   When you really look around the profession today, it is very obvious, that most of the “leaders” got their by developing a following. 

It is not necessarily there fault, some much has to do with the social media world we live in, and the culture or environment in which they learned the business.  The sad part is that many network marketing leaders will achieve about 1/10th of what they could achieve simply because they were taught philosophies and methods that they may be able to do personally, but that will never duplicate through their organizations.


People have to develop the right mindsets and skill sets to develop a duplicating team of people.  Yes it really is that simple.  If this makes sense  to you, I would like to encourage you to subscribe to our email list and I will let you know the next time we conduct one of our NO FLUFF MLM Training Webinars for the all network marketers.

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PS  I wrote the article below in 2000.  We work with leaders around the world in multiple companies. The majority of them, love the profession and watching the dreams of their team achieved.  Many of us believe the message in this article is more needed in the market place now more than ever before. If you attend to agree we sincerely hope you will take some time today and get plugged into our podcasts, social media, newsletter etc.   I look forward to meeting your personally in the near future.

















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    Hey Dale! How’s it going???? Just came across the site by accident and figured I would leave you a note.

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