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“Formal Living Makes you a living if you become
Self Educated you can create a Fortune”
Jim Rohn


I try to schedule time every day for “Self Education”

I normally take one topic at a time, like Pinterest
, Facebook Marketing, Twitter, YouTube,
Amazon Kindle, or whatever and read and study as
much as I possibly can on that 1 topic.  Then
IMPLEMENTATE what I learn, tweak and move forward.

“Knowledge without action leads to self-delusion”

I have heard it said that we are all 5 books away from
becoming an expert on any subject.

So my question to you is what are you going to be
learning over the Memorial Day holiday?  Most network
marketers have full-time jobs, but receive  a little more
time off during the… Continue reading »

This past Monday I sent out an email to our subscirber's and wrote the blog post you see below regarding the marketing power of Pinterest.

I was absolutely shocked at the number of our subscribers who "had never heard of pinterest", "know nothing about Pinterest" or "Don't understand Pinterest".

The response reminded me of the responses I received 4 years ago, when I let our subscribers know they needed to take some time and become self educated on how to use Twitter.  If you want a laugh, check out the video below:

Click Here to watch Video
Dale Calvert Twitter Introduction

Remember the video was done 4 years ago.  Over the past 4 years Twitter has become as much a part of the American culture as Facebook.  You can hardly listen to a sports program or any other TV show for that… Continue reading »

If you are not in the Pinterest Loop, Now is the Time!


*Just Launched* Pinterest Posting Software
This will Pin Your Interest Now-Tested

Dawn & I Have Been Testing This over the weekend, ok mostly
Dawn, but it is Simply Superb

*Just Launched* This will Pin Your Interest Now-Tested

Some of you may have noticed that  Dawn & I have got
involved in Pinterest in a big way this past weekend.



Because people love pictures and you can
make your pictures go viral very fast at
Pinterest and create a lot of traffic to any
website you choose.

How many people in [imwb_cgt_cityName],[imwb_cgt_regionName]
do you think have a Pinterest account?

Well… let me take that back a moment.

If you have the right software, you can
make your pictures go viral very fast.

This just launched and… Continue reading »

Time management has been called "The best kept secret of the Rich"  by Jim Rohn. 

When you are prospecting you are looking for busy people that know how to get things done.  Lets's face it some people simply have  too much time on their hands and these people usually don't make very good team members. So if someone has a lot of time, that should be a be clue.  Look for business people that want some more time in their life.    Most people that have extra time, or extra money,  very few have both and ultimately that is what this business model offers people.


I made a video almost 3 years ago on this subject and I will include it in this post.   There is no question that more opportunity exists today than at any time in history, but only for those that have the ability to INDENTIFY THE RIGHT BUSINESS MODEL, FOCUS, & COMMIT.


Master the business model, create success and then move
to the next business model you want to master. The problem
with adults, is they are impatient, and never "master" any
marketing method or business model before moving on the
the next and the next and well you get the idea.

Every Saturday morning and Tuesday night you have network marketing attending live trainings or online webinars on topics like "How to Keep your Team Motivated" and half the people in attendance haven't even sponsored their momma… Continue reading »

Here is the 10 second  message.

If you know an entrepreneur that needs
some encouragement the video posted here
may help them. (It’s Free)




If you have a couple of minutes,
let me explain.

Every Tuesday night I do a training webinar for
our company. (

Last night Dawn and I had tickets
to the Braves/Reds game.

So I pulled up an old video I did several years
ago called “The Power of a Dream” and put it
online so people could view that instead of the


NO BIG DEAL, right?

This morning I have nearly a dozen emails from
people asking if they could forward the link to
a family member or friend who needed to hear
the message.

My plans were to take the video offline… Continue reading »

Programming Your Mind for Success


There is no question that over the past 30 years the most
important training we have introduced  is our Programming
You Mind for Success
package.  We have hundreds of
testimonies from people around the world who have
literally changed their life following this 15 minute a day

On of the keys that components of this package when we
first introduced it to our team, was a subliminal audio
customized for our particular opportunity.

For many subliminal programming seems a little "out on
a limb", weird or stange.   However when you really
talk the time to study the concept and you understand
how our brains work, you understand the concept is
100% scientifically valid.

The book that was a big ah ha for me on this subject it is
called Subliminal Subduction and gives… Continue reading »

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