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Someone sent me the email below and
I wanted to pass it on. It reminded me of
a time several years ago, when I was
traveling with network marketing veteran
Bill Pike from Dallas, Texas.

We did trainings in about 3 cities in 7 days.

When we traveled through various airports
Bill would make it a point when he saw a
military person to shake their hand and say
we appreciate your service.

Since that time I have been much more aware
when I see Military Service people in airports.

I make it a point if I am in their space, to throw
out my hand and say “We appreciate your service”.

From time to time, when setting beside Military
personal I have given them a $20 bill as we were
exiting the plain and said I would be honored… Continue reading »

2011 According to legal analysts, there is a law
being passed which could in theory make many
types of affiliate marketing a federal felony.
In theory, many types of marketing, which don’t
fall under the terms and conditions of sites and
social networks, could be prosecuted under the
Department of Justice, for as much as three years
in federal prison for each instance.

The issue here has to do with the Computer Fraud
and Abuse act of 1986, which was originally made to
prosecute and convict hackers, has been expanded
over the years to include almost any type of “unauthorized
access.” While this is currently just a misdemeanor, and
the DOJ ignores these cases unless they are in combination with
“real” crimes, that might be changing. Well, congress
is about to expand this law to make it a felony, and… Continue reading »

I just want to thank each one of you that
participated in our first ever Black Friday
Sale. It was a huge success. There were
a couple of Back Orders, but other than
that, everything has been shipped.

If you have questions, you can call our
office at 502-868-6199.

And Yes, we have had several questions
about this….. Our Christmas Gift Certificates
are also available again this year.

Details are here =>

If you are tired of socks, belts, and fruit cake,
simple give the above URL when people ask about
possible gifts.

This time of the year we also list our scratched or dented
programs on Ebay, the ID Name is MLM-Auctions if
you care to do a search. We have our new book
“7 Ways to Create Extra Cash for Christma” listed on
Ebay right now and… Continue reading »

For the last 10 years or so I have been teaching coaching
students exactly how to create leads for their business
with and

As a matter of fact this is our main point of emphasis in
our Funded Proposal Training Course at

The concept is simple.


There are numerous places you can do this online and offline,
but the most obvious is at discount book stores.

You then list your books and sell them. When you mail the
book you include a “Ride Along” flyer or letter that shares
with the book owner information about your opportunity,
product or service.

You can check out one of our Amazon stores where we
sell physical products here:

I know what you are thinking, why do we have 2 Amazon… Continue reading »

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