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Most people who have “15 Years of Network Marketing Experience” really  have one bad year, repeated 15 times!   DON’T BE THAT GUY or GAL!

Five years ago I was the corporate trainer for a company called My Premier Business.  Unfortunately they went out of business, but thankfully we met a lot of great people.  During one of my training webinars for them, I covered an idea called MPB Mastery, which could have just as easily been called MLM Mastery.

I wanted to share this information with the readers of this blog, because I had the opportunity to be exposed to it, 10 years earlier and I missed it.  I don’t want you guys to miss this, so here is a replay from that closed corporate training webinar I did several years ago.

How to… Continue reading »


UK 2015

As most of you know, I have been sending emails during March Madness and offering some special discounts.  I receved this email from one of our subscribers and found it interesting.  I understand that many people who listen to the talking heads in the media have this perception.  However perception has nothing to do with reality.


Sorry i don’t call a school that recruits players to play one year a college basketball team. Just a minor league team for the pros.


This email reminded me that as human beings, we see things not as they are, but as we are.

Here are the facts.

#1 This team has 16 players.  Only 4 freshmen that could possibly leave for the NBA after one year.  A couple of them will probably go… Continue reading »

Last night’s game will go down as one of the most memorable in the storied history of University of Kentucky Basketball. Thanks for all the tweats and messages making sure my heart was able to take it :). Both teams approached this game the way we should approach life, they gave it all they had, and left it all on the court!

38 – 0, only two more left!

Yesterday I had the opportunity to conduct multiple 10 minute coaching calls with clients, friends, and customers from all over the World. For those of you that tried to get through and couldn’t I apologize, for those of you that did, please take the information we talked about to heart and implement it.

At the end of the coaching sessions, my biggest AH HA moment was there are a lot of… Continue reading »

Henry Ford said it best.

“If YOU THINK you can, or YOU THINK you
can’t, your RIGHT!

My dad, brother and I attended the Boys
Kentucky State Tournament at Rupp Arena
again this year, I think it was our 12th straight
year. If you have ever seen the movie Hoosiers
that is what it was like.



Our local team, Scott County did not make it
this year. So our philosophy is we root for the
smallest school and any school that is not from
Louisville. Owensboro won the championship. The last
time they won the boys state tournament was in
1980, and the current coach was actually a player
on that team.

Nobody picked Owensboro to win it all, but you
can tell, from the first time they walked on the
court, THEY BELIEVED they were going to win.

“As… Continue reading »

I am so excited, I am just going to give you my “One More Night with the Frogs” How to overcome procrastination training. FREE! We sell this DVD for $29.00 every week from our office, but I going to give you access to the online versions free! You have heard me say time, is the most valuable asset we have. The world is full of good people that are going to get serious “Just as soon as they have time”. How many times have you heard that? Share this video with those people and anyone who needs to get better at focusing on what is important in their life and their business.


This video will provide a different perspective on procrastination that will make you think twice before saying “I”ll do it TOMORROW”. I not offering you a discount, it… Continue reading »


Kentucky wins again  91 – 67  Let’s Celebrate!



You know I bleed Blue!

Dawn and I just finished watching Kentucky beat a very scrappy Auburn team 91 -67 in the SEC tournament.  If you are an Auburn fan you should be proud of their SEC tournament run, they left it all on the court.

Anyway I told Dawn, I need to do another celebration deal for our subscribers.  After yesterday’s game we offered our new MLM Profit CD  & it sold out on Amazon!  (Thanks)

So on short notice, here is what I have come up with.  If you guys take advantage of this, I will plan on doing 7 more deals after KY wins each game on the way to their perfect 40 – 0 season, sound like fun?… Continue reading »


My granddaughter Chapel loves Shark Tank, she is 7.  When I go back to Kentucky we talk about all the different Shark Tank episodes.  She reminds me so much of me sometime it is scary, I feel like I can almost read her mind.  I think TV shows like Shark Tank and The Profit are part of the world wide entrepreneurial buzz going on.  I am excited about the valuable lessons kids can learn from these positive shows.


I have not met an entrepreneur minded person who doesn’t love Shark Tank.  I often ask myself what kind of positive impact the show would have had on me if I could have watched Shark Tank when I was a kid instead of Gilligan’s Island.

All any of us can do is live, learn, &  NEVER… Continue reading »

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