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MLM Training – Do You Want To Feel Good
Or Do You Want The Truth About MLM

Scott Miller

The truth is such an elusive concept in MLM. The proliferation of MLM Gurus that make a fortune telling people how to build a downline, that have never, ever, actually built a six figure income is staggering.

You want the truth? You can’t handle the truth! Although that’s a famous line from the movie “A Few Good Men” it applies to so many people who start an MLM business. When it comes to MLM training most people will tell you what you want to hear instead of telling you what you need to hear.
The real truth about MLM.

Success in MLM, network marketing or a home-based business isn’t going to happen fast enough. Doesn’t that concept apply to every aspect… Continue reading »

Here is the Evolution in MLM Prospecting I have witnessed over the past 25+ Years.


When I started in the industry there were less than 10 active network marketing companies.  With the evolution of PC’s, UPS for shipping etc, etc.  it is estimated that their are over 2,000 MLM Companies operating worldwide with 200 new ones starting and 200 going out of business every month.

Everyone was taught the same basic system back then.

Buy a spiral notebook and right down the name of everyone you know, (a minimum of 500 people) and share the business and products with them.  Either a 1 on 1 presentation or hotel meeting.


Newspaper Ads, Bulletin Board Flyers, Door Hangers, Drop Cards, Direct Mail, etc. etc.  (All methods which are still work… Continue reading »

I spent a couple of days working in the Minneapolis Minnesota area this week at the home office of a new start up company.

Flying home I am sitting in a small unique waiting area at the Charlotte airport. Unique, because all the seats were facing the same direction.  I was in the back and had a great view. There were  17 people sitting in the waiting area.  I counted 9 of the 17 who were on laptops in the waiting area, not counting me!

I saw 2 that were on Ebay, and most seemed to be shopping. My goodness how the world has changed in a short period of time!  People that at one time were afraid to give their credit card info online are now buying all kinds of things weekly from the Internet.… Continue reading »

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