If you’re like most of my readers, you’re a focused, determined person who truly cares about not only your own success, but also the success of your team members. You are committed to maximizing the growth of your team. You are just as determined to maximize the success of other key areas in your life. You want it all; a great business, wonderful relationships with your friends and family members, emotional maturity, spiritual growth, and thriving health. You strive to grow, get better, and reach your potential. You want to leave a lasting impact on your world.






But something keeps getting in the way: There is always a small nagging doubt in your mind. From time-to-time you find your self wondering, will the lifestyle and freedom I desire ever happen for me?  There just seems to be too much to do, so much to learn and too little time. Maybe you feel like this reader:

I feel overwhelmed. No matter what I’m doing. After three years working my business and spending hours attending seminars and on generic & company training webinars it is obvious to me, that most are just hoping I will someday join their mlm program. (and I have). The leaders in every company I have been with fuss, fight, and contradict each other on how to have success in the network marketing profession. I have never seen a business model with so much misdirection. I have made money, but I have not been able to duplicate effectively at all. What am I missing

Does This Sound Like You?

Be honest:

  • Do you feel like life is coming at you faster than you can manage it?

  • Do you doubt that the leaders in your company can really put you on the track to Success?

  • Do you feel you have fallen into some kind of social club instead of building a real business?

  • Do you fear the important things in your life  are falling through the cracks?

  • Do you worry that what you hoped would be a forward progress towards your dreams has become a glorified hamster wheel?


If so, you’re not alone. All of us have felt this way.


I Know How You Feel

I remember my first three years in network marketing and the frustration and doubt I experienced daily.  I will never forget the day that totally transformed my business and put me squarely on the road to success.  I even  know what it feels like to be in over your head—to have your success outpace your ability to manage it, while still attending to the things that matter most—family, health, faith, and personal growth.

For years, I too struggled to get off the treadmill. Too often, my success came at the expense of my health and my most valuable relationships.

As a former top team builder  and  network marketing company owner, and now as a successful entrepreneur in my second career, I have faced the reality that there’s always more to do than there is time. But I also realized the answer isn’t simply to get more done. The answer it to get the right things done.  This is the missing link for most of the people that enter the network marketing industry.  They never really stop and ask themselves, what am I really trying to build?   If you are in the network marketing industry just to make money, you are working the wrong business model.  In this profession, your real product is people.  If you build people, people will build the business.  To think you do not have a responsibility to those that join your team is a character flaw.

If you’re like me, that means making your relationship with God, your health, your marriage, relationships with your friends, your church, and your contribution to the lives of other people your top priorities.




Dale - Frogs

My Goal in Writing This Blog

Here is the absolute truth.  My focus and goals for this blog and Network Marketing Support Services totally changed in July of 2015. was started in the 1996/97 timeframe primarily to support my personal organization of over 60,000 distributors at the time.   To make a long story short, it was about this time when I saw what I call the paradigm shift of 97 happen within the network marketing business model.

As a whole, I felt leaders in the industry got totally away from the core values that the industry was founded upon:

 A personal development program with a compensation plan attached.

Distributors began recruiting each other, ignoring the fundamentals of team building and personal development, in an attempt to make money quicker,faster, and easier.

In 2000 I wrote an article for the largest publication in the industry for network marketing company owners and corporate offices. The name of the article was  Inspire Greatness or Appeal to the Mediocrity in People.    Shortly after that article was published I  decided to sell my interest in the company I was associated with, and retire from the network marketing industry.  At the time I felt like there were other business models, online and offline, I could learn and ultimately inspire and help people with.

As soon as that decision was made, my phone started ringing with people that had been part of our organization in the past inviting me to speak at their events and teach our systems and team building processes at live events, conference calls, etc.  This created an entirely new business that I had never intended on having.

For the past fifteen years I have had the opportunity to travel all over the world.  I  have corporate training contracts with some of the largest companies in our industry, and met tens of thousands of great people.   However my business focus has been on the development of businesses outside of the network marketing industry.  With that said, I can say without hesitation, that if our paths have ever crossed at a live event I had the opportunity to speak for, I hope you will agree that I always gave it 110%.  I have never left the stage thinking I short changed those in attendance. I know that lives are changed at events, and I have never taken the opportunity to speak to those that want to learn, lightly.





My wife and I own four different successful businesses and control multiple income generating websites  in different niches. We work together every day and have a small staff in our Georgetown, Kentucky office  and employ several outsourcers from around the world.

So for the past fifteen years we have operated Network Marketing Support Services, but it was something that just happened.  In July of 2015, I had another life altering experience.  I may share the entire story someday, but the bottom line is simply this.  I am here to teach network marketers the systems, skill sets, and mindsets to build a large duplicating organization of people.  That is my purpose, my calling, some people would say.  I know that there is no one on the planet that can give network marketing distributors the step-by-step guidance that I can.

I understand that statement can sound very arrogant.  Honestly it is very humbling, here is why.  I was given the opportunity when I started in the industry that 99.9999% of the people that enter this industry will never have.  Until July, I could have never said that, because I really never understood that.

My full-time job allowed me to listen to cassettes on a Sony Walkman.  I listened to over 7,500 hours of teachings from wisdom of the ages success principle thought leaders like Jim Rohn, Earl Nightingale, Og Mandino, Dr Norman Vincent Peale, Zig Ziglar, Earl Nightingale, and the list goes on and on.    I also had the opportunity to listen to hundreds of top leaders in companies like Shaklee, Amway, Mary Kay and Herbalife.    I don’t care who you are, when you listen to 7,500 hours of anything it is going to give you different perspectives, insights, and and awareness than most people will ever have the opportunity to gain.

In 1983 all the information came together for me in one magical moment, and my life has never been the same.  I believe my track record of systematically developing leaders in and outside of my organizations speaks for itself. Today’s network marketing training market is overrun with “self proclaimed gurus” trying to teach you how to that  which they have never done and others whose only purpose is to hope you know them, like them, and trust them and will decide to join their team in the near future.

At this point in my entrepreneurial journey,  my purpose through this blog and my podcasts, is to give you the clarity, courage, commitment and SYSTEMS  you need to succeed in your network marketing business and your life.  From practical tools to accomplish your dreams and goals, to strategies for personal growth and development, to my proven one-of-a-kind team building systems, my goal is to empower you to grown, learn, develop, & do what matters most in your life.

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