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Wow, you are here.  How did you get here? What events in your life have brought you to this time and place?

Congratulations, not only have you taken the time to lsearch the internet for proven network marketing training, but you are also reading through this website and have stumbled upon this article. Believe it or not, the fact that you are reading these words tells me a lot about you.

You reading these words tells me you have a desire, and you are probably willing to take responsibility for your progress with your network marketing business opportunity. That is exciting for me because I know I can help you get on the right path.

Before we continue, let me warn you. You are probably thinking, “Warn me about what, Dale?”  In this article, I am… Continue reading »






After you watch this recorded webinar you will know more about building a MLM Team than 99% of the distributors in the worldClick To Tweet



When I ask myself what is the most valuable information I can share with serious network marketers at this moment, this was my answer.  I expect for this webinar to fill up quickly.

MY PROMISE TO YOU is after you attend this webinar on Thursday evening, you will understand more about how to develop a Large Duplicating Network Marketing TEAM than 99% of the people involved in the industry.  That is a sad statement, but true.

Prove it to yourself, I won’t waste your time.

Obviously this webinar is over, but here is the replay:

Jim Rohn said “Time Management is the Best Kept Secret of the Rich”

Thank you to all of you that attended this live event and the kinds words I have received.  I believe that time management (managing projects is critical for full and part-time network marketers)  I personally believe that every business model requires a different time management mindset as I talk about in this training.

I hope you find this information valuable, and as always I welcome constructive feedback on the content.

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What will make the most positive impact on your Success in 2013?
"If you continue to do what you have always done, you will continue to accomplish what you have always accomplished"  Think back to 5 years ago?  What has really changed in your business over the past 5 years?  For most network marketers, the truth is "not a lot".  
We perform to the level that we have developed our skill sets and mindsets.  Think about this.  Who is the number one money earner in your company?  Now, if you had that persons skill sets and mind sets you would have their results!  
The only way to progress in 2013 is to develop new, more productive skill sets and mindsets.  Most network marketers get caught in the trap of trying to find… Continue reading »

If you are a regualr reader of this blog, you know I am constantly
testing new lead generation and business models.  You also
know that one of my favorite business models for the past year
and a half has been Kindle books.

A friend of mine is getting ready to launch a kindle book
live online.   He is making some outrageous claims, but
I am going to watch and you should to.

He's had over 50,000 of his Kindle eBooks downloaded in
the last 30 days or so and has built a kindle publishing
business from scratch.

Here's exactly how he did it:


So far he's put thousands of people on niche mailing lists,
and has readers begging formore.

This FREE report explains why this works and why you should jump
into this head first.


Go… Continue reading »

If you use webinars to promote your business or plan
to in the future ………. pay close attention.


Like many of you, I have been using for many years.  Webinars are one of the most effective ways to communicate with clients, customers or potential business partners.

Below is my current fee structure for Go To Webinars.

I have been using them for years, so I am grandfathered in at the $99.00 a month rate for a room that holds 1,000 people.   Most of the webinars I do are closed training webinars for specific clients who want me to share with their team How to Create Leads for their business.

Normally we have 200 – 400 attendees, sometimes more, sometimes less.

Lately I have been hearing a buzz with my marketing friends about GVO's new Web Conferencing System.  Honestly, I was… Continue reading »

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