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Those of us who have been in marketing for awhile know
Don Lapre.

Don has been doing infomercials for many years. He was
recently charged with several crimes. His latest promotion
has been “The Greatest Vitamin”

Like many of you, I ordered Don’s “Make Money with Tiny
Classified Ads Course” several years ago. I think it was
$40 or so, and the information was solid.

I obviously don’t know the details or the specifics.

However, I did check out some “scam” websites from
the article and read a ton of quotes like the one below:

In general most Scam website are for people that made
bad decisions to vent or blame someone other themself
for their lack of success.


Don Lapre’s Making Money The Greatest Vitamin in the World
(GVINTW) This Snake Ripped Me Off For $4500 Right… Continue reading »

If you have been reading this blog, you know that
I DO NOT believe in closing people into your business!

This business is about finding the RIGHT PERSON at
the RIGHT TIME in their life!

However, when we ask the right questions, people are
forced to engage their brain to answer.

The person who asks the questions is in control of the

My friend Kelly Sherrell shared these 74 Questions
with me, and I think adding a few of these to your
in front of the room presentation will go along way
to help people recognize opportunity when they
see it.

74 Powerful and Impactful Questions
to Make People Want to Happily say “Yes!!!”

1. Can you get excited about……………..?
2. Do you see the value of………………..?
3. Do you see the benefit of…………….. ?
4. Can you see… Continue reading »

You do not want 70% of the population on your team!

I know that may sound ridiculous, but it is true.

Yes, “even a blind hog finds an acorn every now and then”
and the only reason to sponsor anyone is to figure out
who they know that can go to the top in your opportunity.

Did you hear that?

Most people you attempt to recruit will ultimately be more
trouble than they are worth!

Why do you want an organization full of Ningkapoops?

It might be my imagination, but it seems to me the
industry has slanted towards the tail wagging the dog.

“Leaders” seem to be willing to cator to the whims
of people in hopes of keeping them on autoship for
one more month.

We are in the leadership development business!

Leaders must stand up and tell… Continue reading »

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