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I guess when you think about it, for
years there have been those that
have tried to convince others
they can sit back on the couch
and address postcards, or surf the
internet and get rich!

Seriously this is probably the craziest
mlm product I have ever seen.

At least it is consumable.

Just proof that any Moron can
start a MLM Company. This is
going to be interesting to watch.

I wonder what the response
by the government is going to

I heard the Grateful Dead are
doing a concert at their 1st
company convention. LOL

I found this old article that was written by
Len Clemmons around 1996, Yes that is
14 years ago.


Why Are Internet Malls A Scam?

Everyone wants to cash in on the Internet explosion
and the rapid growth of e-commerce on the web.
Every week some 20 year old opens a new Internet
company with an IPO on Wall Street and becomes a
billionaire overnight.

And Internet Malls look like a great opportunity
for the average person to participate in this
new financial frontier.

At first it was simply Internet “Discount Shopping Clubs”,
such as “Top Secrets” where you could become a
member for only $198, plus have the opportunity to sell
club memberships to others, as well!

The fact is, the only reason anyone bought the
membership was so they could have the right
to sell it to… Continue reading »


It’s only a word.

But it carries with it so much pain
and so little concern so much frustration
and so little respect …

so much stress and so little
understanding that people spend their lives
running through their days

in the hope of avoiding the long arm
of this little word. To test our vision, you
must risk failure.

To temper your ego, you must attempt
the impossible.

To tell your story, you must
take your chance.

To see beyond the horizon, you must
spread your wings.

To be all you can be, you must
stretch, flex, try, and go beyond
your proven limits.

To bridge the silence, you must risk

To advance into the unknown, you must
risk the peril of all your previous beliefs and
emotions that feel so secure.

Failure is not negative. It… Continue reading »

Before we get into this topic, which is not
really a MLM Training, but something to
think about, let me ask you another question.

What is the difference between investing
money and spending money?

When you invest you are expecting a return
correct? That might be in knowledge, experience,
or cash to your bank account.

I have always tried to live my life by 2 principals
I learned from Jim Rohn, years ago.

#1 Formal education will make you a living, if you
become “SELF EDUCATED” you can create a fortune.

#2 Spend 10% of your income on personal education.
Books, tapes, seminars. (That is why most wealthy
people have Libraries in their home)

When I got married in October I told my wife, I spend
money on 2 things: MEMORIES & EDUCATION.

Yes my computer is full of ebooks,… Continue reading »


Cash Producing Activities (CPA’s) are mainly
things like:

– Generating leads to build Your Prospect List
– Getting prospects to play 2 so they can hear the
whole story
– Giving strong, directional, systematic leadership
to your new team members

1. Spending 3 Days designing the perfect
business card, with a great logo, flashy colours
and an expert design DOES NOT produce cash.

Handing out business cards DOES.
Espcially these (

2. Surfing the internet for the best ways to build
your online business DOES NOT produce cash.

Doing the activities that build traffic to your website

3. Learning every single product your company
offers DOES NOT produce cash.

Scheduling prospects to be on your weekly
webinar/conference call DOES.

4. Learning every part of your company’s compensation
plan DOES NOT produce cash.

Advertising your business and getting… Continue reading »

After my post a couple of days ago about marketers
who buy my name on GOOGLE……

The number has dropped from 9 to 2. How funny is

Too late though, if you look on your list you will see
a subscriber you have, guess
who that is?

Too late guys.

Only my buddy Deagan Smith (A good guy) and some
other dude is all that is left.

Listed in on a call tonight, and they had about 6 people
give there testimony during the pitch.

What are they doing?

All 6 Pay Per Click … now is that really “Cutting Edge”
traffic generation.

It is late, I am tired… but sooner or later ……. they
have to see the failure rate for those online is
the same as those who focused off line.

The truth they would have… Continue reading »

I bought the domain name a few years ago

I have put off doing anything with this until
recently. The problem is getting worse instead
of better.

Many network marketers who have been around
a while, have a ton of newbies using our name
in their advertising and promotions.

Personally I have never had a major problem with
this. In many ways I consider this good marketing.

So what’s the problem?

They are crossing the line and just plain lieing.

This is not personal, because it is not just me,
but I am going to start exposing these people
on a new website coming soon.

Here is a quick example:

Somebody bought my name: Dale Calvert
in their google adwords campaign. No problem,
several of my marketing friends do this.

The problem.

The ad said something like Don’t waste… Continue reading »

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