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I have some exciting news for you.
If you have invested in my new course
21 Ways to Create Online MLM Leads

course you know how fond I am of
article marketing.

I love this technique and have used it
successfully for years!
You have also seen proof on the DVD that I have
received thousands of hits to my websites from
this one method alone.
The only challenge is it takes awhile to submit
your articles to each directory.
I have tried article submitting software in the past
but it was always very complicated and only
½ automated.

The main problem is none of the
software submitted to which
is the #1 Article directory online.
So frankly what good is it, if you aren’t submitting
to the most popular directory (according to Google)
Now here is… Continue reading »

If you want to really stay in the loop you can follow me
almost hour by hour on a daily basis on Twitter:

You will know where I am speaking, what new projects I
am working on andliterally everything I do on a daily basis
to develop a million dollar marketing,coaching, and seminar

3 Easy Steps

1) Go to and sign up for a FREE account

2) Check out my personal twitter page at

3) Click on the Follow Me button

I understand that where their is smoke their is normally fire.
I just a couple of days a few weeks ago I received multiple
emails from marketers I respect all talking about something
new called “Twitter”.

After reading the article below, by my marketing friend
Willie Crawford, I decided to TAKE THE TIME & BECOME a

If you are in Network Marketing, this is one of the best tools
I have seen for being able to “Lead by Example” I am going
to let you think about that one.

But it starts with you getting your own FREE Twitter account
and then have your team do the same thing!

This is worth getting involved with, and it is free!


How To Market Your Products
and Services On Twitter

Willie Crawford


How To Market Your Products
and Services… Continue reading »

Our Readers Write


I want to get into the information marketing business to create
another income stream, in addition to my MLM Income.

Any suggestions?




The websites below should help you.

I am reminded of my friend the late Cory Rudl who said Find a pool of
hungry fish and feed them ( )

The websites below are the ones I use to research for hot topics and

My only other suggestion would be to find a niche that you also

What are your hobbies?

What do you enjoy?  If you can find a niche you enjoy with
hungry fish, then you should do well.

One more comment on diversification. I believe we should
all strive to create multiple streams of income.  However, I… Continue reading »

I hope you guys have a good weekend.  I will be working on several projects,
but right now my printer is humming, I just purchased a home study course
called $10,000 in a weekend and will be going through it during breaks this

It was highly recommended by a friend of mine.


Have a great weekend.


Wow, what a day, you can’t even imagine, well maybe you can.

The bottom line is the webinar is over, the website is up and appears
to be working fine, and the orders are coming in.

I am very excited about this course and the marketers I know that
will benefit from it!

If you happened to miss the launch, you can check out the site at:

I love the comments below from Judy, especially what she
says about “having a dream” as most of you know I was
pulling for the Celtics because their point guard R. Rondo
played for the University of Kentucky!


I just bought your 21 leads program…and noticed you’re a Celtics fan.

Was that a game last night or what? If you ever wanted to teach a downline about having a dream, persevering, getting the job done…and so many other important lessons…just show them minutes 11 to 43 of last night’s game.


And they took down the LAKERS!

It just doesn’t get better than that. We’ll light that cigar for you, Red…

Judy Major

(P.S. By the way, I look forward to implementing some of those 21…thanks. This is MY year!)

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