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It seems that October has always been a very significant month in my life.



Quick update.   This past Thursday October 25th I had a scheduled Heart Cath afer a couple of episodes of chest pain.  Long story short  I received 4 stents.  There were some minor complications, a lot of discomfort but I am home now recovering.  There was like a 80 – 90% blockage in two arteries and a 70 – 80% blockage in a third, so I am very lucky and thankful that Dawn scheduled an appointment and made me go to the cardioligist.

Sometimes, stubborness doesn't pay, but most of the time it does.

I apprecaite you guys, thank you for your support of our  business, and your thoughts and prayers.






I found the story below on Facebook, and I loved it.

Too many people enter the industry and try to do it
with the skill sets and mindsets they enter the industry


When you develop them, success is guaranteed!



"When you are green you grow, when your RIPE you Rot"


There are a large number of RIPE mlm "leaders" in our industry.

They have the title of  Crown Ambassador, Quadroople Diamond,
Master Ruby Pearl, or whatever and they get to tour around like
Elvis and try to explain how they did what they did, when in
reality they don't even know.


There is nothing worse than having a leadership title in a
network marketing company, but really not understanding how
you achieved it other than hard work & determination.

Network marketing is a very complex yet simple business.

The majority of people that I work with one-on-one are great
people, hard workers, who sincerely want to see their people
do well.

However they know that what they do and how they do it can
not really… Continue reading »

Ten years ago I can remember a conversation I had in Orlando, Florida with a marketing friend of mine.

The topic, when did it become ok to blatantly lie to people in your marketing and promotions?

Ten years later and it is worse than it has ever been. I had a conversation this week with a popular trainer who said Dale, if you don't promise people $10,000 a month in 30 days or less you can't even get their attention.

That is one of the reason you see all these mlm guru trainers promising people they will teach them how to sponsor 30 people in 30 days and other outlandish claims. Most people have to know that is not true, don’t they?

How can anybody make such a claim when they know nothing about the person, the company or the… Continue reading »



Network Marketing is one of the only business models, that requires more than just skill sets.  Most network marketing leaders will tell you that it is more important to learn the correct mindsets.

This is something network marketing professionals really need to take into consideration when developing their team.

The truth is without the correct mindsets, all the skill set training in world will not create success in network marketing. The fact that network marketing requires a specific set of minds sets is what makes the business so challenging for 97% of the population.  When you have the correct mindsets the pressure is gone, that fear of failure is removed, the day-to-day frustrations become fascinatnig instead of frustrating and you can progress forward. 

I wanted to quit the business every day my first three years.  Most of… Continue reading »

It is not that complicated.  People spend all their time
looking for the easy, magic, push button system.

Unfortunately there are people everywhere promising
they offer success systems for the lazy and unmotivated.

They know that is what people want to hear.  Just
look at the people lined up to buy lottery tickets!

I have no doubt it is easier to take advantage of the
ignorant than to tell people the truth, but I don't know
how some people sleep at night.

You cannot fight the way it is.  If you go against the
wisdom of the ages
any success you have will be
short term.

Successful people in all walks of life are simply willing
to do what most people aren't.

END OF STORY….. There Aint no Fu Fu Dust!



You are where you are in your… Continue reading »

It is coming soon.

I originally wrote the artilce below a couple of years ago.
I believe the points are more valid today, than when it
was first written.


To answer your question quickly, no, at least not all of it, but unfortunately most marketers are going to have to start wearing boots soon and summer is almost here!

Every network marketing distributor seems to be looking for the magic network marketing lead source that is going to supply them an ongoing stream of fresh mlm leads contacting them with credit card in hand begging you to join your opportunity. I even saw a website this week were some one was promising to teach you how to make that happen. Now that is BS!


Regardless of what many of the “Self Proclaimed” mlm gurus are trying… Continue reading »

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