People have told me for years that I have the guts to say what everyone is thinking, but won’t say.

That may be true, and it sure hasn’t made me any friends. It got me thown out of the MLM Good Ole Boys and Girls Club years ago. LOL Honestly, the only focus I have ever had is sharing the truth with honest, hard working people and try to prevent them from falling prey to the preditory practices and misinformation that has been propigated throughout this profession the last twenty years.

So I challenge you to read this entire article. Everything is true, but so many are so brainwashed, they can’t see the facts that are right in front of them. If this article gives one person a paridgmn shift that propels them to the success they deserve it will worth all the backlash I am sure to get.

In 2022 do you want to watch a network marketer pee their pants?

Ask them these 4 questions.

#1 How long have you been involved in network marketing?

#2 How many customers or team members have you enrolled in the last 90 days?

#3 How many new customers or team members where added to your organization in the past 90 days?

#4 How much money did you make last month?

As I have said many times I have watched the greatest opportunity on the planet for average people to make above average income, replace their full time income, create financial independence and even legacy wealth slip from a state of MOMENTUM to SPECULATION then DISIPITATION TO FULL BLOW DELUSION over the past twenty years. Network Marketing is no longer a business it is a giant social club of delusional people, and the said part is the profession allowed that to happen, it is our own fault.

We have gotten 100% away from the personal development, “Build People and People will Build the Business Philosphy” and allowed self proclaimed gurus to tell us what we wanted to hear, so they could sell us whatever they wanted to sell us at PITCH FEST disquised as seminars.

They have convinced the masses that the secret is to develop social media followers instead of FUTURE LEADERS on our teams!

The best attitude in the world is no better than the worst attitude when it comes to making money if you are promoting to a burnt out market. There is no relationship between being good and getting paid.I consider myself a caring and conscientious individual… even when I was a stressed out, frustated factory worker. It wasn’t until I learned to apply real Wisdom of the Ages philosophies and proven team building skills that I ever started making any money.
Because there is a strong connection between being a good marketer and getting paid. You can be the most hard working, caring, honest, amazing person in the world. But if you can’t learn how to persuade others to buy what you sell, or you are trying to sell your products or opportunity to a burnt out market that DOESN’T CARE, you’ll remain broke. So why not make a pivot?

Real entreprenuers pivot, network marketers don’t. and when they do it is to another company inside the profession. The problem is not your company, the challenge is the market has been burnt out!

The #1 job of the Entrepreneur is to get paid. In the very beginning, the thing that will fuel your Entrepreneurial vehicle is PROFITS! So, you need to go out and get that money. This comes from the ability to influence and sell people, and to be a good marketer (which is storytelling).If you’re more influential, you’re going to persuade more people. If you tell a better story, you’re going to enroll more people, as long as you are authentic and tell the truth!

The fact that you are taking the time read this article tells me the real challenge is probably not your work ethic, skill sets or mindsets. It is simply the fact that you are promoting your products or opportunity to a market that doesn’t care. In the late nineties many of watched this profession shift into a speculation stage. Suddenly replacing your current full time income working 3-5 years part-time was no longer good enough. We allowed a ton of terrible business practices to penetrate this market that make no practical business sense. Philosophies like “You must have a blog if you want to be percieved to be a network marketing profession” and many many more that I talk about in detail here.


I Love the Network Marketing Business Model, So How am I suppose to Make Money with MLM Today?

I could tell you, but the truth is you really don’t want to hear it. If you could open your heart and mind enough to hear it and really examine the facts with an open mind you would think you have found heaven on earth?

What do you love about the network marekting business model? What if it was possible to expand your comfort zone just enought to prove a new concept to yourself and then maintain everything you love about network marketing, but put yourself on a clear path to financial independence?

For me I have always believed the Top 3 Benefits of Network Marketing are.

1) The personal development. One of my favorite Jim Rohn quotes is “Everyone should have a goal to become a millionaire, NOT FOR THE MONEY, but for the person you will have to become in the process”
Network marekting is the greatest personal development program in the world with a compensation plan attached if you are lucky enough to land with the right opportunity at the right time, and the right team culture. If not you are destined to a life of aggrevation, and frustration, and eventually delusion.

2) Friendships. The best friends you will develop in your life will be in the network marketing profession. Unfortunately that alaso can lead to delusion. Nothing worse than being around a bunche of people that are talking the talk but nobody is progressing and moving forward. Look at the current friends you have in your company, and if we asked them the 4 questions we started this article with, would they be peeing their pants? Then you are with the wrong cultue, and you a probably part of the giant social club the profession has become.

3) The Passive Income As I said earlier in the past network marketing was the number one opportunity in the world to help average people with above average desire. 1) Replace their full-time income starting as a side gig 2) Over time develope financial independence and even 3) Legacy Wealth. So what happened? We allowed self-proclaimed gurus to KILL THE GOOSE THAT WAS LAYING THE GOLDEN EGGS. We liked the way someone looked, talked, smelled, or told stories and we never asked. Who is this person? What is their track record? Why should I be listening to them? More importantly how many people have they PERSONALLY SPONSORED that had zero marketing or team building success, and help them create what I want? The last twenty years the industry has been mentored by people that have never personally taught anyone to do what they are trying to accomplish. Do you know the real story and track record of the mlm gurus you listen to? I do, and I wish I didn’t. For 20 years at has been the blind leading the blind!

I know you probably aren’t ready for this yet, because you are still holding on to the fact that Success Magazine said Network Marketing Creates Millionaires as featured on the cover we shared in the beginning of this article. My friend, that was in 1995, and it was beyond true at that time in history, 27 years ago! Truthfull that article was the start of the Speculation Stage when everyone had a home computer and self-proclaimed gurus could give us all the shortcuts we had been missing, as Ron Henley and myself talk in detail about here. A CRITICAL MESSAGE TO NETWORK MARKETING PROS.


Because of smart contracts on the blockchain, digital currency, and decentralized finance, there is an opportunity that exist today, that wasn’t even possible just a couple of years ago. A new era of wealth generation is here and 99% of the people reading this article have no idea it exist.

They think they understand, but they don’t. Because 100% of the experienced marketers I know that have taken the time to really get the facts have all joined us. Yes I said anyone who has taken the time to really get the facts. The truth is, a small number of you have taken the time to watch the videos and webinars I have referenced in this article to this point. But that is a very small number.

Most network marketing leaders today have all the answers and a dwindelling downline and paycheck. I hate to say that, but it just the truth, and if you have been around awhile and have any awarenss YOU KNOW THAT IS TRUE!

So I am not going to try to pitch you. Here is really all you need to know, and hear this statement like you most trusted network marketing leader is sharing this with you.

Four months ago, I entered a Beta Test Program with a new division of IHub Global, called IHub Meta. In the last 4 months we have had hundreds of people start with us with zero investment or fees and zero autoship and earn hundreds some thousands of dollars in profits. I currently have over 20 people on my personal team who had no previous success track record in network marketing who will earn $100,000+ their first six months with this program. WITHOUT SPONSORING ONE TEAM MEMBER, OR SELLING A PRODUCT TO ANYONE and with ZERO INVESTMENT ! (The product is given away to mom and pop business owners)

My personal goal is to help 500 people on our team earn six figures and 10 become millionaires over the next 5 years, and from what we have experienced to this point, I see no reason why that won’t happen.

What if, what I have just shared with you is true? Shouldn’t it be investigated?

One last question. Are you tired of peeing in your pants? Then get the facts for yourself!
Check out the link below and hear some of the stories from our team members that were simply sick and tired of being sick and tired, and decided to plug into an opportunity and team culture where they could
maximize their income generating potential.


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