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Dale, I am confused.  I saw your Video called MLM on the Internet Warning and I am confused.. Because  a friend of mine said you were promoting an online program at  , so which is it?



Network Marketing is about “Leadership Development”.  It always has been and always will be.  Your income is in direct proportion to the number of leaders you develop on your team.  Distributors come and go, “Developed” leaders stay!  In the Market Today, there are1) Network Marketing Opportunities 2) Affiliate Marketing Opportunities and  What I call Internet-Work Marketing plans. 3)Internet-Work Marketing is basically an affiliate program with network marketing compensation that is designed to be  promoted online.

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"Stop chasing skills and start building systems. Learn to outsource work to the highest performing/lowest price option. People with skills work for rich people with ideas" 
Jim Cockrum 

As many of you know, I have over 100 different websites in various niche markets and to date, I have not built one of them. I don't even know how to design a banner ad.  My technical skills are very limited.  I can do basic task, but nothing else, and my lack of knowledge in
this area is by design.  To not become self-educated in the techical aspects was a conscious decision on my part.

Yes many times over the years I have considered taking a course on html programming, or website design but I have reframed. My personal education time is better spent testing marketing and lead generation ideas than it… Continue reading »

“BACKDOOR” to internet marketing

Businesses across America need you
and what you know… and they are willing
to pay you big money.

Check out this video that explains it all:

You can be part of something VERY big
right now. You’ll help the economy, your
community and YES yourself.

By helping local businesses connect with
new customers using basic social media.

Social Media Managers are in HUGE
demand right now. You don’t need a
product or a website to rake it in.

Ryan Deiss, has teamed up with Kate Buck in
Austin, who’s a social media manager is making
a steady $10K a month right now PART-TIME.

Watch this short video to see how she does

Check out this video that explains it all:

See ya soon,

– Dale Calvert

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Before we get into this topic, which is not
really a MLM Training, but something to
think about, let me ask you another question.

What is the difference between investing
money and spending money?

When you invest you are expecting a return
correct? That might be in knowledge, experience,
or cash to your bank account.

I have always tried to live my life by 2 principals
I learned from Jim Rohn, years ago.

#1 Formal education will make you a living, if you
become “SELF EDUCATED” you can create a fortune.

#2 Spend 10% of your income on personal education.
Books, tapes, seminars. (That is why most wealthy
people have Libraries in their home)

When I got married in October I told my wife, I spend
money on 2 things: MEMORIES & EDUCATION.

Yes my computer is full of ebooks,… Continue reading »

There is no question that over my career I have lost
more money by not jumping on a particular business
model or opportunity than I have by taking action.

Don’t get me wrong, off of the top of my head I can recall losing
well over 1/2 a million dollars from various business ventures
that haven’t worked out.

It has been said that all new ideas go through 3 stages:

* Violently Opposed

* Ridicule

* Obvious to the Masses

By the time an opportunity or business model becomes
“Obvious to the Masses” the Big Money has already
been made.

We could all name dozens of opportunities over the
years that we let pass us by.

As this applies to the Internet I have two conflicting

Internet Marketing Strategies are constantly evolving
and have a very short “BIG MONEY”… Continue reading »

Twitter Fast lane Resource Guide

An amazing resource for those
already hip to the Twitter scene…or those who
are ready to start using Twitter today to get
more traffic, subscribers, and sales:

So what makes marketing your products and opportunity
on Twitter so very special?

It’s simply that the users are grouped into every
conceivable interest, which means they are easy to

And that means that – regardless of what you are
marketing online – you’ll be delighted to find a
large, highly focussed and passionate target market
for whatever product line you are offering.

And, as a shrewd marketer, you’ll know that targeting
a group of highly focussed enthusiasts is far more
profitable than a broad mass of more loosely
focussed folks.

If you are ready to become twitter educated, and
learn how to pull as many qualified… Continue reading »

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