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Some of you will remember seeing this video I did a few

years ago, when our friend Andy Green got called up from

Triple A to the major leagues.  We did this video the first

year we started publishing the MLM Minute Training.


Andy Green was announced as the new manager of the

San Diego Padres. Success doesn’t JUST HAPPEN, it

Happens just. Successful people are willing to do for a

short period of time, what most people aren’t so they can

do for the rest of their life what most people can’t.


Andy Green

I love to see good people progress, move forward and do well. Andy was raised by a single mom and his grandmother. He had every excuse to not do well in life, but he believed and persisted!

He is a smart kid,… Continue reading »






I honestly couldn’t believe what I was reading. This is an actual email that a network marketing company (I will not mention the name) emailed to their distributors today.  As I have said for years Cater to Mediocrity or Inspire Greatness, that is the question?




No Conference Call Tonight or Next Week

I have heard from some of our most loyal conference call attendees who asked that we postpone our next two conference calls due to the World Series. They say they and their friends want to watch the games and that they don’t like to listen to the recorded calls. We know the first game is tonight. When I look at the schedules it appears there’s a good chance a game may be played next week on… Continue reading »

The fact that at this point in history, every network marketing leader is not teaching everyone on their team to use drop cards everyday is kind of mind blowing for me.

For me there is no prospecting tool that makes more sense than drop cards.  I believe if you will take the time to read this entire article you will come to the same logical conclusion.

All of the full-time leaders we personally coach have their teams using drop cards effectively and many other local lead generation methods as we discuss in this free webinar training on how to become a network marketing lead generation black belt.  

Don’t watch the replay now, but make a mental note, if you are looking for ways to create leads for your business this training is mandatory.  Here is the… Continue reading »

I am not sure where I first heard this phrase, The Last 10% of your Effort provides 90% of your RESULTS, and honestly I don’t think there is any scientific evidence to back up that statement.  I don’t consider that quote a common sense widely accepted “wisdom of the ages” success principle, however it does provoke thought.

There is no question that giving it everything you have everyday, ultimately creates success.  In today’s world we are bombarded with people who try to tell us how lazy they are and how wealthy they have become with a secret formula nobody else has, but you can have it for only $47.00.  Do we really believe that? There is even some guy out there calling himself the Lazy Networker who I have seen a few times in passing who is… Continue reading »

The10K Road








The truth is $10,000 a month earners in network marketing are a dime-a-dozen. The sad part is most of the people that at some point achieved this type of income, are NO LONGER INVOLVED in the profession today. The network marketing business model has LOST a lot of good people, especially over the past 15 years.

Many of those people are DONE, they will never be involved in this great business model again. Believe it or not, “I understand Why”. In this video we will explain how some people work so hard to develop a full-time income only to ultimately throw in the towel, and how to MAKE SURE that doesn’t happen to you.

If you become a great student and persist, I believe within you is the ability to become a great… Continue reading »

work1I just wanted to take a minute and say as you have probably noticed, Network Marketing Support Services Inc.  is going through some major changes.   This website, weekly No Fluff Training Webinars, 3 Podcast, and the list goes on and on.  Many of our websites are currently offline, some will return, some will not.

We are keeping this website, online, but please understand, one day a link may work, and the next day the page could totally disappear.  We hope to have all the major adjustments to this website completed by the end of October.  If you want to stay in the loop within everything we are doing, including our podcasts, webinars, live events, etc. then make sure you are a subscriber to our NO Fluff newsletter list with your current email and… Continue reading »

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